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Three Against The Scarlet Trident (Supers!)

The Scarlet Trident

The Scarlet Trident is a criminal organization operating throughout North America. Its ultimate goals, as well as its operational structure, are not understood at present. What is known is that its operatives are almost always equipped with significantly advanced tech. Beam weapons, body armor, stealth suits, even exoskeletons that enhance the wearer’s strength to Super levels have been noted.

Mooks & Henchmen

Scarlet Trident Strike Force 4D
[Qualities: Life Support]

Scarlet Trident Infiltration Team 3D
[Qualities: Invisibility (Sight, Sound)]

Scarlet Trident Brick Breaker
Henchman 4D [Qualities: Super Strength, Super Leap]

Three Heroes Who Have Tangled With The Trident

Certain patterns emerge when analyzing Scarlet Trident operations. To date they have held to committing their crimes with a “things come in threes” pattern. This behavior is almost so obvious as to be trite (as such, it may be deliberately designed to be misleading). There are facets of their actions, though, that are more puzzling. Consider the three most recent Scarlet Trident crimes: each was clearly targeted in areas protected by three decidedly different Supers: Essence, ECHO, and Exile. While these three heroes share certain similarities in their pseudonyms they are otherwise as different as they can be.

Essence is a magical/supernatural heroine who has remained focused on the middle-class suburbs. ECHO is a technological construct operating almost exclusively in the business district and downtown. And Exile a martial artist whose actions have remained confined to the urban slums.

In each incident, a low-scale robbery was undertaken by a deliberately underpowered Scarlet Trident strike force. All three crimes were easily foiled, though no prisoners were captured. The obvious conclusion is that the Scarlet Trident is testing these Supers. But for what purpose?


Real Name: Alessandra D’Abo
Origin: Magical

Composure 3D Fortitude 1D Reaction 2D Will 4D


Enemy (Scarlet Trident)

Athleticism 2D, Awareness 2D, Occultism 2D, Presence 3D

Teleportation 2D, Imbue 1D, Insubstantiality 2D, Wizardry 3D (Complication: Smartphone Grimoire)

Competency Pool 0D


Real Name: Electroacoustic Construct, Humanoid 0
Origin: Hi-Tech

Composure 3D Fortitude 3D Reaction 3D Will 1D


Bad Luck, Enemy (Scarlet Trident)

Awareness 3D, Presence 2D, Technology 3D

Energy Control (Sound) 4D, Energy Form (Sound) 2D, Flight (Complication: Only in Energy Form) 2D, Size Control (Complication: Only in Energy Form) 2D

Competency Pool 0D


Real Name: Nathan Willis
Origin: Special Training

Composure 1D Fortitude 4D Reaction 4D Will 3D

I Brought This Along

Enemy (Scarlet Trident), Intolerance (Criminals)

Athleticism 3D, Awareness 2D, Investigation 2D, Intrusion 3D, Presence 2D, Streetwise 2D

Armor 2D (Complication: Device – Costume), Super Aptitude (Fighting) 4D

Competency Pool 0D

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Vintage Magic World: Trial By Wilderness

Wherein your humble scribe presents a quartet of adventurers for the vintage version of Magic World (you know, the one that was part of the old Worlds of Wonder boxed set). Why? Because boredom is my enemy. An enemy that can be vanquished only by imagining heroes to vanquish it.

“Hold a moment, gents. Allow old Dasq to catch his breath,” the fat rogue bellowed as the hill turned ever more steep as they ascended. “Carrying all of these wilderness provisions is a bit more than I’m used to.”

“Come now, villain,” the merchant replied, his accent nearly impenetrable to his companions. “You were carrying twice the weight easily when the city guard apprehended you.”

“Yea, b’at were gemsnsilver, wernit?” muttered Wheezing Mohan, the mercenary known in Broken Shield as much for his allergies as for his sword arm.

“True enough, true enough,” Dasq nodded in agreement as he lowered his bulk onto a boulder that seemed to groan beneath the weight. “Though why you all had to get involved in that… situation… I do not know. If you’d all just allowed me to escape we wouldn’t be on this damnable quest in the first place. A curse upon the King’s magistrate!”

The wizard, who had not uttered a syllable since they left the city turned swiftly and hissed, “We got involved in the situation as you put it, my fat friend, because the treasures you were fleeing with were ours. Though I concur with your cursing of the charlatan who claims knowledgeable service of the King. This custom of trial by wilderness is both ineffectual and an affront.”

“Wernall in agreem’t onnat,” replied Mohan. And then he sneezed three times. “Trollas. Three sneezes means trollas, mebims. Besget yarms ready.”

Guy d’Marseinné (Scholar) 120 Crowns
STR 9 CON 12 SIZ 15 INT 13 POW 14 DEX 11 APP 11 HP 12 DB +1d6
Weapons: Short Sword 30% (1d6+1), Dagger 25% (1d4+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 00%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 40%, Listen 45%, Literacy 65%, Lore 40%, Mechanical Arts 40%, Mercantile Arts 65%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 40%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Vale Loer (Wizard) 390 Crowns
STR 10 CON 6 SIZ 12 INT 15 POW 16 DEX 13 APP 10 HP 6 DB none
Weapons: Staff 45%, Dagger 45%, Sword 45%
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 10%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 50%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%, Control 45%, Illusion 45%, Lift 45%, Speak To Mind 45%

Fat Dasq (Rogue) 220 Crowns
STR 5 CON 13 SIZ 18 INT 12 POW 9 DEX 15 APP 13 HP 18 DB none
Weapons: Short Sword 55% (1d6+1), Dagger 55% (1d4+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 75%, Fine Manipulation 75%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 55%, Linguist 00%, Listen 55%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 55%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 55%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Wheezing Mohan (Warrior) 105 Crowns
STR 13 CON 9 SIZ 13 INT 14 POW 8 DEX 15 APP 11 HP 9 DB none
Weapons: Broad Sword 70% (1d8+1), Mace 65% (1d6+2), Shield 70%
Armor: Ring Mail (4), Leather (2), Shield (12)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 65%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 75%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

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Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (Beta) Characters: A Warrior & A Wizard

Wherein your humble scribe rolls up a couple of characters for the Beta version of the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rules. Because it’s more fun than worrying about the release of D&D 5e, the OSR controversy du jour, or the sad plight of the bees.

“What about these books, wizard?” Zegg asked as he and his companion looted the library that until recently belonged to their freshly-slain foe.

“No. No. No,” the Elven Enchanter muttered as he looked through the stack of skin-bound volumes proffered by his blood-spattered compatriot. “Those are just pale recreations of the text I seek.”

“And what of this tablet? It constantly overwrites itself with words of wisdom from other mages from around the city. Surely it will guide you to what you desire?”

“No, Zegg, it will not. These words run in circles like children at play. They are diverting enough, but they lead nowhere.”

“Well then, Reshek, can we at least partake of this jar of honey? It smells sweet and looks delicious!”

“You may taste of it, my friend,” the wizard replied. “But grow you not too fond of its contents. Precious little of that golden substance remains on our world. Better still, refrain from opening that container and we can sell it for a fortune in the markets of Zaar.”

Zegg the Slayer / Human / Warrior 2 / 6′ 2″ 210 lbs
STR 26* CON 13 DEX 14 SPD 12 INT 7 WIZ 11 LK 4 CHR 10
Combat Adds +16 Wt Possible 2600
Talents Swordplay (+3), Arson (+3)
14gp Scimitar (4d6+2d6+16), Dagger (2d6+2+2d6+16), Target Shield (8)

Reshek the Enchanter / Elf / Wizard 2 / 5′ 9″ 160 lbs
STR 9 CON 5 DEX 19 SPD 7 INT 20 WIZ 21 LK 9 CHR 11
Combat Adds +2 Wt Possible 900
Talents Gambling (+3), Confectionary Arts (+3)
25gp, Sax (2d6+4+2), Bronze Ring (Focus), Light Leather Armor (3)

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Supers! RED – Lower Powered Supers

Wherein your humble scribe presents a trio of lower-powered (15D) characters for the recently released Supers! Revised Edition. Unlike the previous Supers RED characters I’ve posted, this batch wasn’t completely randomly-generated. I did start with the random generator, but I made more (and more substantial) edits than I was previously allowing myself.

In every city, in the shadows of the most powerful Supers, you’ll find individuals who make the most of their own, lesser, extraordinary abilities. Some are heroes, just on a lower scale. Some may be vigilantes, fighting evil and injustice from the shadows. Yet others may be up to no good, aided by their own unique powers.

Paramedic Nick Stewart – a veteran of recent military conflicts ‐ is developing a suit of powered armor specifically for use in crisis situations. As he refines his designs, he put this invention to use as the hero known as M.E.D.I.C.

Criminals who venture into the wrong parts of a certain area of town may find themselves face-to-face with something out of their own nightmares. At least, that’s the rumor that keeps getting passed around the neighborhood. It all started a few years back when Mr. Z opened up his photography studio…

Irving Wroblewski is unique. Except that he’s not. You see, in all of the infinite universes, and in every possible dimension, you will find an Irving Wroblewski. But our Irving Wroblewski is the ur-Irving. And this Irving Prime has figured out how to reach across the dimensions and call his counterparts to his aid. If only he would use this ability for something other than petty crime.

M.E.D.I.C. (Medical Emergency and Disaster Intervention Carapace)

Real Name: Nick Stewart
Origin: High Tech

Composure 2 Fortitude 2 Reaction 2 Will 2

I Brought This Along

Secret (ID)

Aircraft 2, Medical 2, Military 2, Technology 2

Flight 2 (Complication: Device, +1D), Healing 2 (Complication: Device, +1D), Life Support 1 (Complication: Device, +1D), Super Strength 2 (Complication: Device, +1D)

Competency Pool 0D

Mr. Z

Real Name: Maurizio Zetti
Origin: Magical

Composure 2 Fortitude 2 Reaction 2 Will 3


Secret (ID)

Art & Craft 2, Occultism 3

Mental Blast 2, Mental Paralysis 2, Mental Shield 1, Vampirism 2 (Will)

Competency Pool 0D

Irving Prime

Real Name: Irving Wroblewski
Origin: Special Training

Composure 2 Fortitude 2 Reaction 2 Will 2

Dumb Luck

Bad Luck

Academia 2, Fighting 2, Presence 2

Dimensional Travel 4, Duplicate Self 4 (Boost: Telepathic Link, -1D)

Competency Pool 0D

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Supers! RED – Randomly Generated Big Bad

Wherein your humble scribe presents a randomly generated super villain to serve as the nemesis for The Four, the randomly generated superhero group he knocked out recently for the freshly-released Supers! Revised Edition. This nifty evolution of Simon Washbourne’s Supers! includes a random generator in its Appendix 3, so that’s what I used. Minor editing of the character after generation occurred, but when I say minor I mean minor. This 40D baddie (!) is pretty much exactly as I rolled him.

Born in the fires of the Z’kara Nebula. Steeled in battle against the pan-dimensional nightmare hordes of Aaraath Nyx. Consort to the Obsidian Empress. Overlord of an entire galaxy. These describe the Admiral Kraxx before the bloody Tarnaen rebellion. Now, cast out of his own universe and into ours, transmuted into a being of eminently mutable characteristics by the energies directed against him, Krax the Imprisoned resides in exile on planet Earth. And he does not like it.

Kraxx would likely have a couple of other disadvantages (or at least power complications) if I were going to use him in an actual game, just so he had some kind of Achilles Heel that could be exploited. Enemies, power loss (a la Kryptonite), weaknesses. That sort of thing. But I’ll leave the possibilities to the readers’ imaginations for now.

Kraxx the Imprisoned

Real Name: Admiral Breskan Kraxx, The Annihilator. Exiled Despot of Tarnae. Defilier of the Nine Thousand Empires. Exalted commander of the Althemean Fleet. Conquest incarnate. Power given form. And incredibly frustrated that these pathetic people of Earth just… keep… fighting!
Origin: Non-human

Composure 4 Fortitude 5 Reaction 4 Will 4

Omni Translator, Is that your best shot?

Strange Looking (Major/2D/Completely Alien), Rage (Minor/When disrespected or disobeyed)

Military 5, Fighting 3, Intrusion 2, Performance 3, Presence 4

Mimic Energy 4, Mimic Substance 4, Teleportation 2, Wizardry 3

Competency Pool 0

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Supers! RED – Randomly Generated Superheroes

Wherein your humble scribe presents a fantastical quartet of randomly generated superheroes for the recently released Supers! Revised Edition. This nifty evolution of Simon Washbourne’s Supers! includes a random generator in its Appendix 3, so that’s what I used. Minor editing of the characters after generation occurred, but when I say minor I mean minor. These four are pretty much exactly as I rolled them.

And there came a day unlike any other. A random day. And on that day four mighty heroes joined forces to defend the world from those who would prey upon it. Quickstudy, whose powers were unlocked by a mystical tome she discovered while researching her graduate thesis. Sunburst, a beautiful mutant as radiant as the sun. El Oso, a man cursed to live life as a bear, who serves good in the hope of having this curse lifted one day. And The Weatherman, whose amazing scientific gadgets allow him complete control over the atmosphere.

Beware, evildoers. You face… The Four!


Real Name: Cynthia Bradley
Origin: Artifact

Composure 3 Fortitude 2 Reaction 4 Will 2

Is that your best shot?

Dependent (Husband)

Academia 2,Slight of Hand 2

Mimic Aptitude 3, Mimic Power 3, Super Speed 2

Competency Pool 3D


Real Name: Michelle Washington
Origin: Mutant

Composure 3 Fortitude 3 Reaction 3 Will 2

Celebrity (1D), Charismatic (1D)

Social Hindrance (Disreputable/1D/Minor)

Aircraft 2, Streetwise 2

Damage Aura 2 (Light, Only in Energy Form), Energy Control (Light) 4, Energy Form (Light) 3, Flight 2 (Only in Energy Form), Life Support 1 (Only in Energy Form)

Competency Pool 1D

El Oso

Real Name: Roberto Salvador
Origin: Magical

Composure 3 Fortitude 4 Reaction 1 Will 2

Size (Big/1D/Grizzly-Sized)

Addiction (Tobacco)

Arts & Crafts 3 (Pottery 4), Awareness 2, Shooting 2

Armor 3, Imbue 1, Super Strength 4

Competency Pool 1D

The Weatherman

Real Name: James Frost
Origin: High Tech

Composure 3 Fortitude 2 Reaction 3 Will 3

Wealthy (Well Off/1D)

Secret (Secret ID)

Academia 2, Technology 3

Ensnare 2, Flight 3, Weather Control 4 (Boost: Area Effect)

Competency Pool 1D

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Personalities of the Winter Marches I

Wherein your humble scribe presents a handful of NPCs of assorted levels for OD&D (&c.). These folks might eventually appear in a sandbox hexcrawl thang he might or might not undertake in the near or distant future. Maybe. They were all created with 3d6 for stats, more often than not in order. Oh, and with some help from the d30 Sandbox Companion, which is pretty neat.

Beguiling Inarr

Beguiling Inarr is an incredibly charming young man who resides in the village of Mirington-upon-Wyestoke. He’s so charming that even most of the people whom he’s been stealing from for the majority of his 17 years are willing to put up with him. He’s indolent and a wastrel, but clever and handsome. And he’s just sickly enough that pity takes over when his charm runs out. He stole his Elven Boots off of an adventurer who passed through town last season and is careful not to be seen with them if at all possible, since the town united in his defense against the former owner of the footwear, running her company out of town on a rail when they tried to hold Inarr responsible.

Beguiling Inarr / Human Thief 2 C
STR 10 INT 13 WIS 12 DEX 14 CON 6 CHR 17
HP 6 AC 7 Gold 100
Short Sword, 3 Darts, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools, Elven Boots

Father Oldahl of Hohn

Oldahl Braeskin spent three years serving as a footman in the Pale Heir’s Glorious Army of Northern Reclamation before joining the Order of St. Basil. During his final campaign he watched helplessly while most of his regiment was slaughtered by the ghouls of the Kraen Moors, himself a victim of the foul creatures’ paralyzing touch. A passing cleric chanced upon the battle and channeled the Saints’ divine light to destroy the fell undead things, saving Oldahl and a scant handful of other soldiers. In the confusion and desolation that followed the battle, Oldahl deserted the army and sought out the Parast Monastery, where he dedicated his life to the service of St. Basil and his followers. Father Oldahl now stands as both mayor and vicar of the town of Hohn, not far from the very moors where his own religious conversion occurred. Clad in mail blessed by the High Priest himself, Father Oldahl stands ready to protect his flock from any foul things that might creep in from the darkness.

Father Oldahl of Hohn / Human Cleric 4 L
STR 13 INT 10 WIS 15 DEX 9 CON 13 CHR 12
HP 15 AC 4 Gold 80
Mace, Chain Mail +1, Shield, Holy Symbol
Cleric Spells: (1) Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil; (2) Bless

Kaelor Ves

The Thaumaturgist known as Kaelor Ves is, as are most wizards, quite secretive about his background. The scholars at the Great University note that the only significant mention of Kaelor Ves is found in the Tomes of Binding in the year 641, when he was noted to have been a member of the Company of the Iron Shadow, a band of adventurers famous for having defeated the white wyrm that had terrorized the areas east of Halcaen Drast. The empire’s expansion was facilitated by the destruction of the dragon, and Kaelor Ves was invited to dine with the First Minister to discuss the possibility of serving as a member of the Emperor’s personal Council Arcane. The dinner never occurred, though, due to the assassination of Emperor Hadrin VI by General Tsoras in the spring of 642 and the subsequent disbanding of the Council.

Kaelor Ves / Human Magic-User 5 C
STR 9 INT 14 WIS 13 DEX 16 CON 11 CHR 14
HP 8 AC 9 Gold 130
Dagger, Darts, Spell Book, Ring of Feather Fall, Wand of Magic Missiles
Magic-User Spells: (1) Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Light, Charm Person; (2) Invisibility, Locate Object; (3) Wizard Eye

Angskelda Longtooth

Known to have served alongside General Tsoras in their youth, the warrior Angskelda Longtooth is reputed to have broken ties with the Steel Emperor sometime before the coup that installed him in the Lion Throne. She has been known to wander the Winter Marches in the company of various unsavory characters who are considered a threat to the stability of the Empire. Unlike those assorted individuals, she does not carry a death mark upon her head. Indeed, it is common knowledge that the Steel Emperor wishes her to be captured alive if she is to be captured at all. The latest rumors regarding Angskelda Longtooth suggest that she is now in possession of one of the five fire blades.

Angskelda Longtooth / Human Fighter 6 L
STR 15 INT 8 WIS 12 DEX 10 CON 7 CHR 10
HP 40 AC 6 Gold 100
Sword +2 (Flaming), Long Bow, Leather Armor, Shield, Potion of Invisibility

Hroth Rhoenthaal

Hailing from neighboring Akania, the name Hroth Rhoenthaal is well-known to the people of the Empire. His deeds are the stuff of legend, and many are the bards who sing epic stories of his exploits in service of Emperors old and new. In each tale, the hearty warrior declines whatever great reward might be due him in favor of returning to the battle, war, or wilds, whichever is most appropriate to the tale at hand. Those who have fought alongside the famous hero note that his lustrous black beard now shows streaks of grey, but his handling of the Axe and Shield of Daelmath remains undiminished by time. While those who have fought against him tell no tales at all.

Hroth Rhoenthaal / Human Fighter 7 N
STR 16 INT 12 WIS 5 DEX 12 CON 15 CHR 7
HP 47 AC 4 Gold 100
Battle Axe +1, Crossbow, Chain Mail, Shield +1, Ring of Fire Resistance

Veysa Orn, The Weeping Queen

Believed to be the only survivor of the Steel Emperor’s purge of the Council Arcane, Veysa Orn has not been seen in nearly 10 years. Little is known of her life since the purge, but those who have seen her say that she wears the signet ring of Emperor Hadrin VI, whose consort she was before his assassination.

Veysa Orn, The Weeping Queen / Human Magic-User 8 N
STR 12 INT 17 WIS 8 DEX 15 CON 10 CHR 15
HP 18 AC 9 Gold 80
Staff +1, Dagger, Spellbook, Ring of Protection +1, Ring of Telekinesis, Potion of Control Person
Magic-User Spells: (1) Shield, Magic Missile, Sleep, Read Magic; (2) Detect Evil, Continual Light, Mirror Image; (3) Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Rope Trick; (4) Monster Summoning II, Wall of Ice

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Vintage Magic World: Vorskel Lusk’s Big Problem

Vintage Magic World

Wherein your humble scribe presents an adventuring party for the original Magic World (from the Worlds of Wonder boxed set). As I’ve said before, this is BRP at its most basic, stripped down (well, pre-built up, really) and ready to rock.

My name is Vorskel Lusk, and I have a problem. It seems someone has stolen my master’s grimoires and Etzylix Murrsh is in no condition to go after the thieves himself. So it’s up to me to recover the spellbooks before the Arcane Fever that has gripped Etzylix progresses to the point where I have to find an entirely new master to continue my studies. My girlfriend Asha Kal is always game for an adventure, but I’m afraid we’re going to need a little more help to take on the Necromancer Syndicate. Maybe that big guy who works down at the quarry is available? Etzylix owes him some money, I think. And maybe that fast-talking merchant over in the Bazaar could lend a hand? Etzylix was always a good customer of his. Now I just have figure out how to untie these ropes and get out of this mausoleum before that Wraith Bomb goes off…

Vorskel Lusk (Sorcerer) 16 Crowns
STR 12 CON 16 SIZ 11 INT 12 POW 14 DEX 8 APP 10 HP 16 DB none
Weapons: Sword 36% (1d8+1), Staff 36% (1d8), Dagger 36% (1d4+1)
Armor: Leather (2)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 50%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 40%, Throw 45%, Invisibility 40%, Illusion 45%, Light/Dark 40%, Blast 40%

Asha Kal (Rogue) 155 Crowns
STR 8 CON 9 SIZ 9 INT 13 POW 9 DEX 18 APP 11 HP 9 DB none
Weapons: Shortsword 65% (1d6+1), 3 Daggers 60% (1d4+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 60%, Cut Purse 90%, Fine Manipulation 90%, First Aid 45%, Hide 60%, Jump 60%, Linguist 00%, Listen 60%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 60%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 60%, Swim 90%, Throw 50%

Hradken the Quarryman (Warrior) 68 Crowns
STR 13 CON 12 SIZ 18 INT 13 POW 8 DEX 14 APP 8 HP 12 DB +1d6
Weapons: Hammer 65% (1d8+2), Bow 70% (1d6+1), Shield 65%
Armor: Ring Mail (4), Shield (12)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 65%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 70%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 70%, Throw 45%

Ayer Deloe (Sage) 262 Crowns
STR 9 CON 12 SIZ 15 INT 17 POW 9 DEX 11 APP 12 HP 12 DB +1d6
Weapons: Mace 30% (1d6+2), Dagger 25% (1d4+1), Shield 30%
Armor: Leather (2), Shield (12)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 51%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist (Barghrun, Kallestine, Ryellic) 51%, Listen 45%, Literacy 85%, Lore 51%, Mechanical Arts 51%, Mercantile Arts 85%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 51%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 55%, Throw 45%

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TFT: New Heroes

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of brand new, 32 point characters for The Fantasy Trip. These cats have been done up straight, by-the-book, without the corruption of countless years’ worth of house rules and such that my old gang used to use. It just seemed like the way to go today.

Setting out from the city of Teszport on the western shores of Aeol, this mixed band of heroes & wizards are just beginning their careers. Someday, perhaps, they’ll be movers and shakers, the subjects of epic poems like the ones Cyr Ryn recites about the Revenant, the One-Armed Priest, the Red Lady, and his personal favorite, the Great Bard of Nash. Or maybe they’ll all be dead before they even make it to the Labyrinth of Stejak. That’s the beauty of the fantastic trip that is the life of an adventurer: you never know what’s coming next.

Cyr Ryn / Human / Hero
ST 13 DX 10 (8) IQ 9 MA 10
Talents: Sword, Shield, Thrown Weapons, Horsemanship, Sex Appeal, Bard
Equipment: Bastard Sword (2+1/3-2), 2 Daggers (1-1), Cloth Armor (1), Large Shield (2), Labyrinth Kit

Liera Mor / Human / Hero
ST 11 DX 11 (10) IQ 10 MA 10
Talents: Sword, Shield, Climbing, Physicker, Alertness, Thief
Equipment: Shortsword (2-1), Dagger (1-1), Cloth Armor (1), Small Shield (1), Physicker’s Chest, Labyrinth Kit, Lantern

Iäis Per / Human / Wizard
ST 9 DX 11 (10) IQ 12 MA 10
Talents: Literacy
Spells: Staff, Drop Weapon, Summon Wolf, Fire, Trip, Far Vision, Rope, Trailtwister, Staff to Snake, Fireball, 3-Hex Fire
Equipment: Staff (1), Cloth Armor (1), Labyrinth Kit

Malorian of Karkal/ Elf / Hero
ST 9 DX 11 (10) IQ 12 MA 12
Talents: Sword, Bow, Literacy, Human Speak
Spells: Invisibility, Sleep
Equipment: Rapier (1), Dagger (1-1), Small Bow (1-1), Cloth Armor (1), Labyrinth Kit

Issrilskel the Luxomancer/ Dwarf / Wizard
ST 11 DX 10 (9) IQ 11 MA 10
Talents: Literacy, Human Speak
Spells: Staff, Blur, Light, Darkness, Dark Vision, Dazzle, Shadow, Reveal/Conceal, Illusion
Equipment: Staff (1), Cloth Armor (1), Labyrinth Kit

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DCC Party: A Merda Job For Patrão Ferrão

Wherein your humble scribe presents a (probably doomed) party of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG characters and the monsters that will most likely leaving nothing left but memories of the poor schlubs.

Smoke hung thickly in the humid air of the back office. It was always humid this time of year in Porto Alego. Maximiano Ferrão hated the humidity almost as much as he hated the city itself. But business was business and though he could generally trust Anacleto to keep things running properly, sometimes the patrão had to handle things personally. And since it had been a while since Maximiano had come down from his estate, today was one of those days.

“Is there any other business that needs my attention?” he asked of his tenente. “I’d like to be back up front before that fat macaco from the guard comes sniffing around for his payoff. I want to speak with him personally this time.”

“There’s just one thing, patrão,” Anacleto Alves rasped. “It seems we’ve got a bug problem at the… warehouse… on the east pier.”

“A bug problem, Anacleto? What do you mean a bug problem? Maximiano Ferrão’s goods are not known for their bugs.”

“These aren’t, ah, normal insects, patrão. They’re big. Really big. And they… well, it sounds like they talk.”

Merda! It’s that bruxo maldito again. Why haven’t the boys dealt with him yet? He’s bad for business, Cleto. Very bad for business.”

“The last group we sent to his condenável tower came back in a box, patrão. A very small box.”

Droga! I’m sick of this filho da puta! Get in touch with the sacerdotes over at the church and get them on this. Clearly we need a little bit of help dealing with this. If they don’t jump at the chance to crucify a bruxo tell them we’ll make a nice donation. They could use a new bell. The old one sounds so tired.”

“Consider it done, patrão. Consider it done.”

“Good, now let me get out of this maldito humidity…”

“Ah, about the warehouse, patrão?”

“Oh, that. Send that little bicha Tiago. I don’t like how he hangs around my daughter, so it won’t matter if he doesn’t come back. Give him a couple of âncoras and let him hire some thugs who aren’t part of the family. We can’t afford to lose any more leales right now.”

Claro, patrão.”

Tiago Duarte / Smuggler / Thief 1 / Lawful
STR 10 AGI 15 STA 7 PER 10 INT 13 LUK 9
Birth Augur: Guardian Angel (+0 Escape Traps)
HP 8 AC 11 CP 29 GP 3
Short Sword (1d6), Sling (1d4), 30 Stones, Waterproof Sack, Small Sack

Nash / Caravan Guard / Thief 1 / Neutral
STR 11 AGI 10 STA 10 PER 8 INT 12 LUK 17
Birth Augur: Four-Leafed Clover (+2 Find Secret Doors)
HP 6 AC 11 CP 26 GP 4
Short Sword (1d6), Dagger (1d4), Padded Armor, 1 yd Linen, 10′ Chain

Ponty / Jester / Warrior 1 / Chaotic
STR 14 AGI 13 STA 10 PER 14 INT 6 LUK 13
Birth Augur: Born Under The Loom (+1 Skill Checks)
HP 13 AC 13 CP 30 GP 3
Longsword (1d8), Leather Armor, Dart (1d4), Silk Clothes, Lantern

Leocádia Ferrão / Astrologer / Wizard 1 / Neutral
STR 5 AGI 12 STA 4 PER 11 INT 14 LUK 13
Birth Augur: Seventh Son (+1 Spell Checks)
HP 3 AC 10 CP 26 GP 17
Dagger, Spyglass, Large Sack
Spells: Color Spray (Gibbering Allies), Magic Shield (Demonic Voice), Ropework (Chain Casting), Sleep (Breath of Life), Ventriloquism (None)


Though they appear insectile, like 4′ tall humanoid locusts or grasshoppers, Hornhoppers are actually demonic creatures from the nether hells, summoned to this world by foul magic. They are covered in chitin marked with coruscating bands of colors and have thick, antler-like structures atop their heads.

Hornhoppers are motivated by hunger and will generally attack the least-armored (i.e., easiest to take a bite out of) individual in a party first. In addition to their bites, they occasionally wield small curved daggers and are capable of a dangerous impaling jump attack with their antlers. Hornhoppers devour flesh, bone, sinew, hair, and anything else organic that is part of a kill, leaving nothing behind.

Hornhopper: Init +3; Atk bite +3 melee (dmg 1d3) or jump/antlers +1 (dmg 1d7) or dagger +0 melee (dmg 1d4); AC 13; HD 2d12; MV 20′ walk or wall-crawl, jump 30′; Act 2d20; SP Ravenous (cannot “recover the body” of any party members left behind as long as one or more Hornhoppers survive); SV Fort +1, Ref +4, Will -3; AL C.

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