Supers! RED – Randomly Generated Big Bad

Wherein your humble scribe presents a randomly generated super villain to serve as the nemesis for The Four, the randomly generated superhero group he knocked out recently for the freshly-released Supers! Revised Edition. This nifty evolution of Simon Washbourne’s Supers! includes a random generator in its Appendix 3, so that’s what I used. Minor editing of the character after generation occurred, but when I say minor I mean minor. This 40D baddie (!) is pretty much exactly as I rolled him.

Born in the fires of the Z’kara Nebula. Steeled in battle against the pan-dimensional nightmare hordes of Aaraath Nyx. Consort to the Obsidian Empress. Overlord of an entire galaxy. These describe the Admiral Kraxx before the bloody Tarnaen rebellion. Now, cast out of his own universe and into ours, transmuted into a being of eminently mutable characteristics by the energies directed against him, Krax the Imprisoned resides in exile on planet Earth. And he does not like it.

Kraxx would likely have a couple of other disadvantages (or at least power complications) if I were going to use him in an actual game, just so he had some kind of Achilles Heel that could be exploited. Enemies, power loss (a la Kryptonite), weaknesses. That sort of thing. But I’ll leave the possibilities to the readers’ imaginations for now.

Kraxx the Imprisoned

Real Name: Admiral Breskan Kraxx, The Annihilator. Exiled Despot of Tarnae. Defilier of the Nine Thousand Empires. Exalted commander of the Althemean Fleet. Conquest incarnate. Power given form. And incredibly frustrated that these pathetic people of Earth just… keep… fighting!
Origin: Non-human

Composure 4 Fortitude 5 Reaction 4 Will 4

Omni Translator, Is that your best shot?

Strange Looking (Major/2D/Completely Alien), Rage (Minor/When disrespected or disobeyed)

Military 5, Fighting 3, Intrusion 2, Performance 3, Presence 4

Mimic Energy 4, Mimic Substance 4, Teleportation 2, Wizardry 3

Competency Pool 0

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    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Thanks, Walt! And you’re right about the random tables stuff. It reminds me a bit of the old Classic Traveller char gen, which was practically a mini game of its own. It’s an awfully fun way to kill a little time.

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