Three Against The Scarlet Trident (Supers!)

The Scarlet Trident

The Scarlet Trident is a criminal organization operating throughout North America. Its ultimate goals, as well as its operational structure, are not understood at present. What is known is that its operatives are almost always equipped with significantly advanced tech. Beam weapons, body armor, stealth suits, even exoskeletons that enhance the wearer’s strength to Super levels have been noted.

Mooks & Henchmen

Scarlet Trident Strike Force 4D
[Qualities: Life Support]

Scarlet Trident Infiltration Team 3D
[Qualities: Invisibility (Sight, Sound)]

Scarlet Trident Brick Breaker
Henchman 4D [Qualities: Super Strength, Super Leap]

Three Heroes Who Have Tangled With The Trident

Certain patterns emerge when analyzing Scarlet Trident operations. To date they have held to committing their crimes with a “things come in threes” pattern. This behavior is almost so obvious as to be trite (as such, it may be deliberately designed to be misleading). There are facets of their actions, though, that are more puzzling. Consider the three most recent Scarlet Trident crimes: each was clearly targeted in areas protected by three decidedly different Supers: Essence, ECHO, and Exile. While these three heroes share certain similarities in their pseudonyms they are otherwise as different as they can be.

Essence is a magical/supernatural heroine who has remained focused on the middle-class suburbs. ECHO is a technological construct operating almost exclusively in the business district and downtown. And Exile a martial artist whose actions have remained confined to the urban slums.

In each incident, a low-scale robbery was undertaken by a deliberately underpowered Scarlet Trident strike force. All three crimes were easily foiled, though no prisoners were captured. The obvious conclusion is that the Scarlet Trident is testing these Supers. But for what purpose?


Real Name: Alessandra D’Abo
Origin: Magical

Composure 3D Fortitude 1D Reaction 2D Will 4D


Enemy (Scarlet Trident)

Athleticism 2D, Awareness 2D, Occultism 2D, Presence 3D

Teleportation 2D, Imbue 1D, Insubstantiality 2D, Wizardry 3D (Complication: Smartphone Grimoire)

Competency Pool 0D


Real Name: Electroacoustic Construct, Humanoid 0
Origin: Hi-Tech

Composure 3D Fortitude 3D Reaction 3D Will 1D


Bad Luck, Enemy (Scarlet Trident)

Awareness 3D, Presence 2D, Technology 3D

Energy Control (Sound) 4D, Energy Form (Sound) 2D, Flight (Complication: Only in Energy Form) 2D, Size Control (Complication: Only in Energy Form) 2D

Competency Pool 0D


Real Name: Nathan Willis
Origin: Special Training

Composure 1D Fortitude 4D Reaction 4D Will 3D

I Brought This Along

Enemy (Scarlet Trident), Intolerance (Criminals)

Athleticism 3D, Awareness 2D, Investigation 2D, Intrusion 3D, Presence 2D, Streetwise 2D

Armor 2D (Complication: Device – Costume), Super Aptitude (Fighting) 4D

Competency Pool 0D

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2 thoughts on “Three Against The Scarlet Trident (Supers!)

  1. G-Man

    Now this is awesome. Is this using the expanded Supers! rules or the original? I’m a little rusty with the system.
    Maybe the Trident is trying to make some kind of composite super-villain, by combining the powers of these three disparate heroes. That’d be my guess.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      This was all done up with Supers! RED (the revised/expanded version), which I cannot recommend highly enough. It’s the BoL of superheroes, G – which isn’t actually surprising, I suppose 🙂 The work that’s been done to further Simon’s original system is outstanding, and I hope that the Mythic BoL proves to be as solid an evolution.

      Composite super villain, you say? That’s a nasty piece of work if they pull it off!

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