Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (Beta) Characters: A Warrior & A Wizard

Wherein your humble scribe rolls up a couple of characters for the Beta version of the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rules. Because it’s more fun than worrying about the release of D&D 5e, the OSR controversy du jour, or the sad plight of the bees.

“What about these books, wizard?” Zegg asked as he and his companion looted the library that until recently belonged to their freshly-slain foe.

“No. No. No,” the Elven Enchanter muttered as he looked through the stack of skin-bound volumes proffered by his blood-spattered compatriot. “Those are just pale recreations of the text I seek.”

“And what of this tablet? It constantly overwrites itself with words of wisdom from other mages from around the city. Surely it will guide you to what you desire?”

“No, Zegg, it will not. These words run in circles like children at play. They are diverting enough, but they lead nowhere.”

“Well then, Reshek, can we at least partake of this jar of honey? It smells sweet and looks delicious!”

“You may taste of it, my friend,” the wizard replied. “But grow you not too fond of its contents. Precious little of that golden substance remains on our world. Better still, refrain from opening that container and we can sell it for a fortune in the markets of Zaar.”

Zegg the Slayer / Human / Warrior 2 / 6′ 2″ 210 lbs
STR 26* CON 13 DEX 14 SPD 12 INT 7 WIZ 11 LK 4 CHR 10
Combat Adds +16 Wt Possible 2600
Talents Swordplay (+3), Arson (+3)
14gp Scimitar (4d6+2d6+16), Dagger (2d6+2+2d6+16), Target Shield (8)

Reshek the Enchanter / Elf / Wizard 2 / 5′ 9″ 160 lbs
STR 9 CON 5 DEX 19 SPD 7 INT 20 WIZ 21 LK 9 CHR 11
Combat Adds +2 Wt Possible 900
Talents Gambling (+3), Confectionary Arts (+3)
25gp, Sax (2d6+4+2), Bronze Ring (Focus), Light Leather Armor (3)

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4 thoughts on “Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (Beta) Characters: A Warrior & A Wizard

  1. Rob Barrett

    There’s the essence of sword & sorcery right there: “Swordplay (+3), Arson (+3)”

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      When I saw “Arson” in the list of example talents I just knew I had to use it. It’s perfect, like a Traveller character with Demolitions-5 and no other skills 🙂

  2. Pere Ubu

    With that LUCK of 4, he’d better be careful with the arson thing.

    I assume the second set of d6s in the weapon listing is the character’s level added to the weapon? So Zegg’s scimitar would be getting a total of 6d6+16 – not shabby at all.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Pere Ubu!

      It might be that the Luck of 4 is Karma paying him back for the arson thing 🙂

      And you are indeed correct. Warriors in the Beta for dT&T get to add their level in d6s to their combat totals. So it’s 6d6+16 with the scimitar or 4d6+18 with the dagger (also not too shabby).

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