Downloads occasionally produces gaming stuff you might want to have a copy of rather than just referencing across countless disparate blog posts. We also sometimes host things for other creators, because we’re cool like that. So this is the page where you can download those kinds of things. Enjoy!

Strange Stones Original Material

G-Man’s Dark Fantasy/Lovecraftian Barbarians of Lemuria Trilogy

Regular Strange Stones reader G-Man has made three very nice adventures for BoL that we’re delighted to make available here:

The Unstoppable G-Man’s Hyborian BoL/BRP Adventures

Yet More Adventures For BoL From G-Man

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20 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Gregarious Monk

    I’ve been following G-Man’s BoL adventures progress through the pulp canon, awesome stuff! Thanks to the three of you for giving us these excellent adventures.

    I’m going to be running a series of BoL one-shots for my group this fall and G-Man’s adventures are at the top of the stack.

    Thanks again,

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  3. vorpal_Cortex

    I just picked up BoL and like it a lot. I then found G-Man’s adventures here. Awesome! Does G-man have anything else. I don’t want to miss a thing!!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Unfortunately, this is all G-Man has provided us with so far. But I’ve heard rumors that more might be in development. If that turns out to be true, Strange Stones will gladly host them!

      Welcome to BoL, Vorpal Cortex! It’s a great game and I hope you get much enjoyment from it. Cheers!

  4. Narmer

    I need to comment again on what a weath of resources this site is. Being in a Star Wars frame of mind I was thinking about Mini-Six and a simplified d6 Star Wars. And, as usual, I ended up here because of the amount of work you’ve produced. So…Thank you.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      You are most welcome, amigo. I’m glad to know that someone is getting some value out of all of this stuff!

  5. YourSwordisMine

    Nice character sheet.

    But can you make one that is saveable please? I know it can be done… Just so few people actually do it… Would be awesome.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Both the Labyrinth Lord & Mutant Future sheets are form-fillable and should be saveable, amigo. If you just have Acrobat Reader you might be out of luck (and there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to work around that), but the full version of Acrobat, as well as Preview on a Mac, should let you save the sheets with filled info just fine.


  6. bester

    i´m a spanish blogger , Dm and roleplayer.
    I´ve downloaded “ghost of acheron”. I think it´s a great adventure.
    I would like to translate into spanish and adapt it to FATE system
    ¿do i have your permission?
    thanks in advance

  7. Dimaension X

    Great ideas – I’ve just begun to re-enter the RPG world after about 25 years, and am big fan of rules-lite systems. BoL really does it for me. I might borrow your Tlactoztlan setting to create some adventures, or run some using Mythic GME so I can play along. Are there any Random Adv Generators created for BoL out there?

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Welcome back to geekland, amigo! It’s a fun place to be even if it’s only a occasional visit 🙂

      BoL is definitely a great system and I’ve had some good solid fun with it. Please do use Tlactoztlan for anything and everything your heart desires. It’s been feeling lonely and could use the company.

      I don’t know of any random adventure generators specifically for BoL, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone had put a more generic “swords & sorcery” adventure generator together somewhere. You might take a look at the random island generator found in the Mazes & Minotaurs stuff for a start.

      Keep us all posted on what kind of geeky madness you get up to, Dimaension X. The RPG scene needs more rock to go with all the rolling.

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          Right on, DX. Enjoy all the M&M stuff. It’s quite tasty and well done. I hope the island generation stuff does the trick for you.

  8. lesser_evil

    Great material G-man, some of the stuff you’ve written is truly superb. Fortress Oblivion seems just the adventure I was looking for to introduce my group to Bolton. Thanks a million I will make sure to pitch in some of your paid products in DrivethruRpg as soon, the stuff deserves it’s fair reward.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Check it out now, Zachary. There was a silly behind-the-scenes WordPress plugin issue. But it’s been fixed now. Thanks for letting me know there was a problem!


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