Demon Lords

These are the Demon Lords noted in the Tablets of Adad Untash. Players probably shouldn’t try to take these individuals on, honestly. But you know how players are…

  • Demon Emperor Ashur-eb Asa
    The ruler of the Demons of Adad Untash
    AL C(E), MV 180′, AC -5, HD 24 (141 HP), #AT 2, DG 2d12/3d8, SV F24, ML 12

  • Demon Queen Shalma Shalmallah
    The Demon Emperor’s despised wife
    AL C(E), MV 60′, AC -3, HD 22 (96 HP), #AT 3, DG 1d4/1d4/1d12 + disease, SV F22, ML 10

  • Demon Queen Jebel Jebelah
    The Demon Emperor’s scheming concubine
    AL C(E), MV 120′, AC -4, HD 23 (103 HP), #AT 5, DG 3d4 each + effect, SV F23, ML 12

  • Demon Prince Tusag-eb Alm
    The Demon Emperor’s favored son
    AL C(E), MV 150′, AC -4, HD 24 (128 HP), #AT 2, DG 2d10/2d10, SV F24, ML 12

  • Demon Prince Ehur-eb Alm
    The Demon Emperor’s disappointing son
    AL C(E), MV 30′ or 90′, AC -4, HD 21 (123 HP), #AT 1, DG 3d8 + level drain, SV F21, ML 11

  • Demon Prince Durruk-eb Bel
    The Demon Emperor’s bastard son
    AL C(E), MV 120′, AC -2, HD 22 (136 HP), #AT 1, DG 2d6 SV F22, ML 12
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