Higher Order

These are the Higher Order Demons noted in the Tablets of Adad Untash. These dudes ain’t playing around and should not be taken lightly. You have been warned…

  • 12 Hit Die
    • Muaamta
      Horrible Hounds or Hideous Humanoids. They’re two, two, two demons in one!
      AL C(E), MV 150′ or 90′, AC -3, HD 12, #AT 3 or 2, DG 3d8/3d8/3d10 or 2d12/2d12 + poison, SV F12, ML 12
  • 11 Hit Die
    • Iszirisur
      Giant bone-white bat-elephants that can blow you to the Astral Plane!
      AL C(E), MV 30’/Fly 150′, AC -2, HD 11, #AT 2 or 1, DG 2d8/2d8 or 3d10, SV F11, ML 11
  • 9 Hit Die
    • Dgaan
      Lion/Crocodile/Scorpion things with poison that prevents resurrection!
      AL C(E), MV 120′, AC -1, HD 9, #AT 4, DG 1d12/1d12/3d8/2d4 + poison, SV F9, ML 10
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