TFT: New Heroes

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of brand new, 32 point characters for The Fantasy Trip. These cats have been done up straight, by-the-book, without the corruption of countless years’ worth of house rules and such that my old gang used to use. It just seemed like the way to go today.

Setting out from the city of Teszport on the western shores of Aeol, this mixed band of heroes & wizards are just beginning their careers. Someday, perhaps, they’ll be movers and shakers, the subjects of epic poems like the ones Cyr Ryn recites about the Revenant, the One-Armed Priest, the Red Lady, and his personal favorite, the Great Bard of Nash. Or maybe they’ll all be dead before they even make it to the Labyrinth of Stejak. That’s the beauty of the fantastic trip that is the life of an adventurer: you never know what’s coming next.

Cyr Ryn / Human / Hero
ST 13 DX 10 (8) IQ 9 MA 10
Talents: Sword, Shield, Thrown Weapons, Horsemanship, Sex Appeal, Bard
Equipment: Bastard Sword (2+1/3-2), 2 Daggers (1-1), Cloth Armor (1), Large Shield (2), Labyrinth Kit

Liera Mor / Human / Hero
ST 11 DX 11 (10) IQ 10 MA 10
Talents: Sword, Shield, Climbing, Physicker, Alertness, Thief
Equipment: Shortsword (2-1), Dagger (1-1), Cloth Armor (1), Small Shield (1), Physicker’s Chest, Labyrinth Kit, Lantern

Iäis Per / Human / Wizard
ST 9 DX 11 (10) IQ 12 MA 10
Talents: Literacy
Spells: Staff, Drop Weapon, Summon Wolf, Fire, Trip, Far Vision, Rope, Trailtwister, Staff to Snake, Fireball, 3-Hex Fire
Equipment: Staff (1), Cloth Armor (1), Labyrinth Kit

Malorian of Karkal/ Elf / Hero
ST 9 DX 11 (10) IQ 12 MA 12
Talents: Sword, Bow, Literacy, Human Speak
Spells: Invisibility, Sleep
Equipment: Rapier (1), Dagger (1-1), Small Bow (1-1), Cloth Armor (1), Labyrinth Kit

Issrilskel the Luxomancer/ Dwarf / Wizard
ST 11 DX 10 (9) IQ 11 MA 10
Talents: Literacy, Human Speak
Spells: Staff, Blur, Light, Darkness, Dark Vision, Dazzle, Shadow, Reveal/Conceal, Illusion
Equipment: Staff (1), Cloth Armor (1), Labyrinth Kit

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4 thoughts on “TFT: New Heroes

  1. Narmer

    Cool. I didn’t have TFT. Only Melee and Wizard and several of the programmed adventures. I’m making up for it with Heroes and Other Worlds though.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Glad you dig it, amigo! I played the smack out of full-on TFT back in the day. More than pretty much any other game from 1983 until the mid 90s, really. Only Classic Traveller and early iterations of the assorted pre-unified Hero System games come close during that stretch. I’m glad you at least had Melee & Wizard back then, and I’m delighted that H&OW is out there to let you enjoy TFT these days. Cheers!

  2. G-Man

    Luxomancer! I love it. That wouldn’t be a Cramps reference, would it?

    TFT looks like a tight, concise system. If only my group had played that, instead of full-on GURPS . . .

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Oh how I wish I could say I’d been thinking of The Cramps when I came up with Luxomancer. But alas, it was just raw nerditude at work as I tried to make sense of the first few spells I’d chosen for him at semi-random. But it’s not a bad guess that I’d pull from that well of influences. And who knows, maybe it was my subconscious reminding me that I should be working on my rock & roll more than my geek right now? 🙂

      TFT was definitely capable of being a dandy compact, rules-light game. Of course, given its author, it could also be a baroque & unwieldy exercise in boring ass minutiae, just like its descendant. Nowhere near as godawful and fun-killing as its descendant, mind, but you can see where that propensity came from. Or, as we say around here when a child shows a trait that runs in the family, “GURPS came by it honestly.”

      The good news is that most of the folks I played TFT with all those years were less inclined to bog down into the depths of the miniatures rules and more inclined to run with things pretty light. Not too light, though – we did almost always have minis and a map going, which is probably why I am both obsessed with the physicality of, while also being sick to my guts of the actual use of, minis to this day.

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