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BoL Character: Paragon

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Barbarians of Lemuria character he put together based on the theoretical protagonist of the classic pinball games Lost World and Paragon.

Descending from the cave cities of the Golden Cliffs, to challenge the dragons of Pal, comes Paragon! Cursed with a chaotic touch of blood madness by the demon Gorgar after defeating the denizens of the Valley of Demons, Paragon stands out from the rest of humanity due to his powerful bat-like wings.

At the edge of the great waterfall, Paragon saved the life of Princess Balli, rescuing her from the slavering jaws of The Beast. Now, despite the reticence of King Faris, Paragon serves as her personal champion (and consort, oh yeah).

What bold adventures will Paragon face in the future? Will the king tire of his daughter’s infatuation with the untamed barbarian? None can say, except perhaps for the foul Gorgar, who still has plans for the bat-winged warrior…

Paragon / Lifeblood 14 / Hero Points 5
Attributes: Strength 2 Agility 1 Mind 1 Appeal 0
Combat Abilities: Brawl 1 Melee 2 Ranged 0 Defense 1
Careers: Barbarian 2, Tracker 1, Champion 1, Noble 0
Boons: Flight (Bat Wings), Hard to Kill
Flaws: Berserker Rage
Languages: Golclish, Pallian
Equipment: Sword (d6+2), Battle Axe (d6+4), Light armor, d3 (Battle Harness, Helmet)

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BRP Character: Nishikado Tomohiro

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Lieutenant Nishikado Tomohiro is a laser tank commander in the Earth Defense Force’s 2nd Armored Division, tasked with protecting the planet from the waves of alien invaders that plague life in the 22nd Century.

Nishi, as his friends and crew-mates call him, is a true soldier who takes his role as a defender of humanity very seriously. He is constantly thinking about how best to approach the challenges of fending off the threat of attack from space. He is also mildly obsessed with the mystery of the strange spacecraft that occasionally pass by to observe the status of the invasion. Nishi is certain that the unknown beings in these ships hold the key to vitory in this endless war. Lt. Tomohiro spends the precious few moments of downtime engaged in a recurring poker game with the men of his platoon.

Nishikado Tomohiro, Laser Tank Commander

STR 10 CON 13 SIZ 11 INT 15 POW 12 DEX 17 APP 14
Hit Points 12 Major Wound 6 Power Points 12

Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: Laser Rifle 55%, 2d8
Laser Pistol 55%, 1d8
Armor: Adaptive Mesh, 1d4+2
Skills: Artillery: Laser Turret 60%, Brawl 50%, Climb 65%, Command 55%, Dodge 60%, Energy Weapon: Laser Pistol 55%,, Energy Weapon: Laser Rifle 55%,First Aid 55%, Gaming 39%, Heavy Machine: Laser Tank 56%, Knowledge: Space Invaders 20%, Repair: Mechanical 30%, Repair: Electronic 30%, Spot 50%, Strategy 55%, Technical Skill: Sensor Systems 45%

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BRP Character: Sergeant Frank “Nails” Braddock

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Like his nickname, Sergeant Frank “Nails” Braddock is as tough as they come. But it’s not easy being a squad leader in November Company – not with the Desert Fox panting down your neck and the sand and heat dogging your every step. Still, just like his pop before him, the son of Colonel Nathaniel “Tombstone” Braddock knows that man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And in 1943 that means that brave men must do their part and stand up to the Axis so that world can be made safe for truth and justice.

STR 14 CON 16 SIZ 11 INT 12 POW 10 DEX 10 APP 13
Hit Points 14 Major Wound 7 Power Points 10

Damage Bonus: +1d4
Weapons: Rifle 70%, damage 2d6+2
Revolver 70%, 1d8
Fist 70%, 1d3+1d4
Grenade 55%, 4d6
Armor: none
Skills: Brawling 70%, Climb 60%, Command 35%, Dodge 75%, First Aid 55%, Firearm: Rifle 75%, Firearm: Revolver 65%, Gaming 32%, Grapple 60%, Heavy Machine: Tank 40%, Heavy Weapon: Machinegun Turret 22%, Heavy Weapon: Tank Gun 22%, Insight 25%, Jump 45%, Knowledge: Military History 20%, Language: German 25%, Ride: Horse 30%, Sense 30%, Spot 40%, Status: Army 45%, Stealth 30%, Swim 45%, Throw 55%

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BRP Character: Fujiwara Shigeki

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Fujiwara Shigeki is world renown as the lunatic daredevil who will scale any building, anywhere, regardless of the dangers involved. His broken English, his emphatic shouts of “Go For It!” when confronted with a challenge, and his obsession with Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” have endeared him to his fans across the globe. This absurd ascender is currently in training to tackle four skyscrapers in Chicago, where he plans to offer his fans a chance to impede his efforts by throwing flower pots, buckets of water and fruit at him from various windows throughout the structures.

STR 13 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 13 POW 15 DEX 16 APP 16
Hit Points 11 Major Wound 6 Power Points 15

Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: none
Armor: none
Skills: Brawling 75%, Climbing 90%, Dodge 75%, Grapple 75%, Insight 40%, Jumping 75%, Language: English 13%, Martial Arts (Karate) 25%, Martial Arts (Judo) 25%, Ride: Horse 50%, Sense 70%, Stealth 70%, Swim 75%, Throw 75%

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BRP Character: Edwina Lyselle Sirolangg

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Edwina Lyselle Sirolangg is a freelance pilot and entrepreneur who makes her living clearing the space lanes of debris left over from the various planetary collisions that frequently occur throughout the densely packed AT4-R1 sector. And though most people think she is just “a little off” from having spent too much time alone blasting the big rocks into dust, Edie swears she has seen alien spacecraft out there in the ‘stroid Fields. She doesn’t quite know why, but she “feels” that the aliens come from a planet called Vekt’aar. At least, that’s what the voices in her head seem to be telling her, when she can hear them over the “heartbeat” of her ship.

STR 10 CON 14 SIZ 10 INT 14 POW 16 DEX 18 APP 14
Hit Points 12 Major Wound 6 Power Points 16

Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: Blaster Pistol 55%, damage 1d8+2
Armor: Adaptive Mesh, 1d4+2
Skills: Appraise 35%, Artillery: Shipboard 65%, Disguise 25%, Dodge 55%, Energy Weapons: Blaster Pistols 55%, Fine Manipulation 25%, First Aid 50%, Heavy Machine 35%, Knowledge: The Fields 50%, Listen 50%, Navigation 55%, Pilot: Starship 75%, Repair: Electronic 30%, Repair: Mechanical 60%, Sleight of Hand 25%, Spot 75%, Stealth 30%
Powers: Danger Sense 30%, Intuition 20%, Precognition 20%, Telepathy 20%

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BRP Character: Secret Agent G-6155

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Secret Agent G-6155 (codename “Interceptor”) is one of the most respected wheelmen working for the Agency. He is an outstanding driver and a fair shot with the weapons that are frequently built into the types of cars used by the Agency. Interceptor is cool under fire, even when his arch nemesis, “The Mad Bomber” takes to the skies in his custom helicopter in an effort to destroy G-6155. The agents of FANGS are all well aware of Interceptor’s skills and do their best to drive him off the road whenever this spy hunter winds up on their tail.

STR 13 CON 12 SIZ 12 INT 13 POW 15 DEX 16 APP 16
Hit Points 12 Major Wound 6 Power Points 15

Damage Bonus: +1d4
Weapons: Medium Pistol 60%, damage 1d8
Armor: none
Skills: Artillery 75%, Brawl 65%, Dodge 70%, Drive (Car) 85%, Fast Talk 45%, Grapple 65%, Hide 35%, Listen 50%, Martial Arts 15%, Navigate 40%, Pistol 60%, Research 50%, Spot 60%, Stealth 45%

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BRP Bestiary: Tsu’ojian Pterodactyl

These giant predators are powerful fliers, and are often far more intelligent than expected. They terrorize the lands surrounding the lava fields of Tsu’oj. Only the Sky Knights of Roheisia are able to keep these beasts at bay.

Tsu’ojian Pterodactyls attack with their powerful jaws and, less frequently, by raking with their claws as they swoop down upon their prey.

Giant Pterodactyl, Primitive Predator

STR 4d6+12 (26)
CON 4d6+6 (20)
SIZ 6d6+12 (33)
INT 1d6+3 (6-7)
POW 2d6 (7)
DEX 3d6+3 (13-14)
MOV run-2, fly-12

Average HP: 27
Average Damage Bonus: +3d6

Armor: 1d8, Leathery Hide

Attacks: Bite 60%, damage 2d6 +db
Claws 30%, 1d8 + db

Skills: Dodge 65% (in air), 20% (on ground), Fly 100%, Grapple 50%, Listen 55%, Sense 45%, Spot 70%, Track 40%

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BRP Character: Python Dyel, Sky Knight

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Python Dyel is a Sky Knight in service to King Foucaut of Roheisia. On the back of his faithful airstrich Leuruna he patrols the skies over the kingdom, defending the crown’s possessions against the buzzaird-riding Shadow Lords and the giant pterodactyls that raid from their aeries in the floating islands above the lava fields of Tsu’oj.

Dyel is known among the Sky Knights as a loyal companion with a dry sense of humor and an almost telepathic link with his airstrich. Though most of his order find him a bit aloof, they all know they can count on him when trouble strikes in the deadly skies.

STR 17 CON 14 SIZ 16 INT 11 POW 10 DEX 13 APP 11
Hit Points 15 Major Wound 8 Power Points 10

Damage Bonus: +1d6
Weapons: Lance 75%, 1d8+1 +1d6
Long Sword 55%, damage 1d8 +1d6
Light Crossbow 50%, damage 1d6+2
Armor: Half Plate & Heavy Helmet, 1d8+2
Skills: Brawl 45%, Climb 55%, Command 25%, Dodge 45%, First Aid 25%, Navigate 35%, Ride: Airstrich 75%

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