BRP Character: Fujiwara Shigeki

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for use with Basic RolePlaying.

Fujiwara Shigeki is world renown as the lunatic daredevil who will scale any building, anywhere, regardless of the dangers involved. His broken English, his emphatic shouts of “Go For It!” when confronted with a challenge, and his obsession with Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” have endeared him to his fans across the globe. This absurd ascender is currently in training to tackle four skyscrapers in Chicago, where he plans to offer his fans a chance to impede his efforts by throwing flower pots, buckets of water and fruit at him from various windows throughout the structures.

STR 13 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 13 POW 15 DEX 16 APP 16
Hit Points 11 Major Wound 6 Power Points 15

Damage Bonus: none
Weapons: none
Armor: none
Skills: Brawling 75%, Climbing 90%, Dodge 75%, Grapple 75%, Insight 40%, Jumping 75%, Language: English 13%, Martial Arts (Karate) 25%, Martial Arts (Judo) 25%, Ride: Horse 50%, Sense 70%, Stealth 70%, Swim 75%, Throw 75%

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0 thoughts on “BRP Character: Fujiwara Shigeki

  1. G-Man

    Okay, so this is one of those classic video game inspired characters, right?

    Was it from Activision? I’m blanking, here.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Yep, this is another arcade hero. This time I went back to one of the lesser known favorites of my youth, Crazy Climber. I played it in the arcades whenever I saw it, but mostly I played it on the tabletop version my neighbor had.