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BRP Bestiary: Tsu’ojian Pterodactyl

These giant predators are powerful fliers, and are often far more intelligent than expected. They terrorize the lands surrounding the lava fields of Tsu’oj. Only the Sky Knights of Roheisia are able to keep these beasts at bay.

Tsu’ojian Pterodactyls attack with their powerful jaws and, less frequently, by raking with their claws as they swoop down upon their prey.

Giant Pterodactyl, Primitive Predator

STR 4d6+12 (26)
CON 4d6+6 (20)
SIZ 6d6+12 (33)
INT 1d6+3 (6-7)
POW 2d6 (7)
DEX 3d6+3 (13-14)
MOV run-2, fly-12

Average HP: 27
Average Damage Bonus: +3d6

Armor: 1d8, Leathery Hide

Attacks: Bite 60%, damage 2d6 +db
Claws 30%, 1d8 + db

Skills: Dodge 65% (in air), 20% (on ground), Fly 100%, Grapple 50%, Listen 55%, Sense 45%, Spot 70%, Track 40%

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