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BRP Bestiary: Troghûl

Wherein your humble scribe presents a classic weird-ass Basic D&D monster written up for Basic RolePlaying.

Troghûls are a magically-created amalgam of hobgoblins, trolls, and ghouls that outwardly are nearly identical to hobgoblins. Like trolls, these creatures are able to regenerate wounds of all sorts, except those that are the results of fire. Like ghouls, the touch of a Troghûl can paralyze its unlucky victims. And like Hobgoblins, Troghûls are able to travel and fight in full daylight without penalty.

Troghûls are often found among the retinue of powerful Hobgoblin leaders and are also occasionally used as shock troops by powerful wizards and clerics.

Troghûl, A Big Bag Of Nasty

STR 4d6 (14)
CON 2d6+6 (13)
SIZ 2d6+6 (13)
INT 2d6+3 (10)
POW 3d6 (10-11)
DEX 3d6 (10-11)
MOV run-10

Average HP: 13
Average Damage Bonus: +1d4
Morale: 85%

Armor: 1d6 (Hard Leather Armor)

Attacks: Scimitar 40%, damage 1d8+1 + db
Spiked Shield 35%, damage 1d3 + db
Claws 45%, damage 1d4 + db + paralysis
The claws of a Troghûl deliver a toxic substance that paralyzes those who are wounded by them. Each time a character is damaged by a Troghûl’s claws he should make a CON roll against a POT equal to the Troghûl’s own CON. If successful the character is unaffected by the toxin. If unsuccessful then the character becomes paralyzed for a number of hours equal to the POT of the toxin minus the character’s CON, with a minimum of at least 1 hour.

Skills: Climb 55%, Command 35%, Dodge 45%, Grapple 50%, Intimidate 75%, Listen 55%, Spot 50%, Stealth 55%

Powers: Like the Trolls from which they were created, Troghûls regenerate 1d3 HP per round unless the damage is done by fire.

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BRP Bestiary: Muttmen

Wherein your humble scribe presents a classic AD&D monster written up for Basic RolePlaying. You might find this writeup handy if you’re heading to any forbidden cities.

Muttmen are not truly a race, but are instead an admixture of many different species’ bloodlines. Any individual Muttman is likely a combination of human, orc, gnoll, ogre, hobgoblin, dwarf, elf, and wug and may have the blood of yet other races in their veins as well. Each Muttman’s appearance is unique, nearly always combining the worst features of his or her lineage into a distinctly ugly package.

When pressed into combat, Muttmen fight with whatever weapons are at hand, which most often includes short swords and clubs. Occasionally a handful of Muttmen will possess blowguns and darts tipped in some poison or paralyzing agent. These concoctions are seldom very potent, but unprepared enemies may be quite surprised by the resourcefulness of these creatures.

Muttmen are invariably outcasts from civil society and are often enslaved by amoral power groups. Due to their marginalized existence, these creatures have learned to hide and mimic animal and monster sounds. Further, they are accomplished pickpockets. These skills enable them to survive on the fringes of a world that would rather they didn’t exist. They frequently dwell in ruins and other forgotten places of the earth.

Muttmen, A Race Of Mongrels

STR 4d6 (14)
CON 4d6 (14)
SIZ 3d6+3 (13-14)
INT 2d6
POW 2d6+3 (10)
DEX 3d6 (10-11)
MOV run-10

Average HP: 14
Average Damage Bonus: +1d4
Morale: 45%

Armor: 1d6-1 (Leather)

Attacks: Club 35%, damage 1d6 + db
Short Sword 35%, damage 1d6+1 + db
Blowgun 25%, damage 1d3 + poison or paralysis
Fist 40%, damage 1d3 + db

Skills: Dodge 40%, Hide 80%, Mimic Sound 90%, Pick Pockets 70%, Spot 50%

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BRP Bestiary: Flail Snail!

Wherein your humble scribe presents a classic weird-ass AD&D monster written up for Basic RolePlaying. He’d change the name to avoid litigation, but really, you just can’t come up with a better name than Flail Snail. Club Slug might have worked but for the shell.

Flail Snails are large, slimy mollusks with multiple flail-like tentacles rising from their heads. Their shells are brightly-colored and unnaturally magic resistant. In addition to this magic resistance, flail snails are completely immune to poison and only suffer 1/4 damage from any fire-based attack. Flail Snails are very sensitive to bright lights and will not be found outside during daylight hours. Further, they will retreat from any light source brighter than a torch or lantern.

A dying flail snail may emit a piteous wail that has a 50% chance of drawing the attention of another monster in the area. Then again, it might not.

Flail Snail, Absurdity Mollusk-onified

STR 4d6+12 (26)
CON 4d6+6 (20)
SIZ 4d6+11 (25)
POW 3d6+6 (16-17)
DEX 1d6 (3-4)
MOV crawl-4

Average HP: 23
Average Damage Bonus: +2d6
Morale: 50%

Armor: 2d12-2

Attacks: Flail 25%, damage 1d4 + db
A Flail Snail has 1 flail per 5 HP and can attack with each one once per round. These attacks can be directed independently. Each 5 HP of damage sustained by a Flail Snail reduces the number of flail attacks it has available by 1.

Skills: Dodge 5%, Climb 35%, Sense 75%, Spot 20%, Track 30%


Magic Resistance – Any person casting a spell at a flail snail must succeed at a Power Point:Power Point resistance roll or the spell will fail. On a fumbled Resistance roll the spell is redirected back at the caster.

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BRP Bestiary: Giant Poison Salamander

Wherein your humble scribe presents a monster writeup he’s using in a D&D-style Basic RolePlaying game, enabled in no small part by the delightful majesty that is BRP Classic Fantasy.

Giant poison salamanders grown to nearly 7 feet long. They are typically night-black with bright red or yellow markings on their rubbery, damp skins. These incredibly agile beasts are dangerous hunters whose bite delivers a deadly poison. Wugs often train and keep these creatures as guard animals in much the same way that goblins employ wolves.

Giant Poison Salamander, Crawling Hunters Of The Swamp

STR 2d6+6 (13)
CON 3d6 (11-12)
SIZ 2d6+6 (13)
INT 3d6+3 (14-15)
POW 2d6+6 (13)
DEX 2d6+6 (13)
APP 2d6+3 (10)
MOV run-8

Average HP: 11
Average Damage Bonus: +1d4
Morale: 85%

Armor: 1d4-1

Attacks: Bite 40%, damage 1d6 + poison (POT = SIZ)
Claw 30%, damage 1d3 (+db)

Skills: Dodge 75%, Hide 65%, Jump 35%, Listen 65%, Sense 80%, Spot 45%, Stealth 75%, Swim 25%

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BRP Bestiary: Wugs!

Wherein your humble scribe presents a couple of monster writeups he’s using as the primary antagonists in a D&D-style Basic RolePlaying game, enabled in no small part by the delightful majesty that is BRP Classic Fantasy.

Deep in the dreaded Bonenettle Swamp is is said that one may encounter the Wugs – horrible humanoid toadmen who worship dark gods. These creatures, the old stories say, were once human like you or me, but became corrupted by the foul entities they revere. They speak a maddening, blubbery tongue and perform terrible rites using lost children and unwary adventurers as their sacrifices.

Wug Warrior

Wug Warriors spring into combat on their powerful jumping legs, and in the round that they move in this fashion their damage bonus increases by one step.

Wug Warrior, A Toadman With A Point To Make

STR 3d6+3 (14-15)
CON 3d6+2 (13-14)
SIZ 1d6+8 (11-12)
INT 2d6+3 (10)
POW 3d6 (11)
DEX 2d6+6 (13)
APP 2d6 (7)
MOV hop-8

Average HP: 12
Average Damage Bonus: +1d4
Morale: 75%

Armor: 1d6-1, Leather Armor & Tough, Rubbery Skin

Attacks: Spear or Club 45%, damage 1d6+1+db (1d6+2+db if used 2-handed)
Round Shield 35%, damage 1d3+db
Claw/Claw/Bite 25%, damage 1d3/1d3/1d2 (+db)
Grapple 25%, damage special

Skills: Dodge 65%, Hide 85%, Jump 60%, Listen 35%, Spot 40%, Stealth 65%, Swim 45%

Powers: none

Wug Shaman

Like their larger and more martial brethren, Wug Shamen are able to leap into combat, increasing their damage bonus by one step (on average from none to 1d4) when they do. More often, though, these crafty toadmen rely on the spells they possess to handle their enemies. Wug Shamen typically wear large, heavy copper torcs which act as armor as well as serving as a cultural indicator of their role within the tribe.

Wug Shaman, A Toadman With A Trick Up His Sleeve

STR 3d6 (11-12)
CON 3d6 (11-12)
SIZ 2d4+4 (9)
INT 3d6+3 (14-15)
POW 2d6+6 (13)
DEX 2d6+6 (13)
APP 2d6+3 (10)
MOV hop-8

Average HP: 10
Average Damage Bonus: none
Morale: 65%

Armor: 1d4-1, Torcs & Tough, Rubbery Skin

Attacks: Spear or Club 35%, damage 1d6+db
Claw/Claw/Bite 20%, damage 1d3/1d3/1d2 (+db)

Skills: Dodge 65%, Hide 85%, Jump 50%, Listen 40%, Perform: Ritual 40%, Spot 45%, Stealth 55%, Swim 45%

Powers: Magic spells, typically including Charm Person 30%, Haste 25%, Heal 50%, Hold Person 40%, Restore Fatigue 40%

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BRP Bestiary: Tsu’ojian Pterodactyl

These giant predators are powerful fliers, and are often far more intelligent than expected. They terrorize the lands surrounding the lava fields of Tsu’oj. Only the Sky Knights of Roheisia are able to keep these beasts at bay.

Tsu’ojian Pterodactyls attack with their powerful jaws and, less frequently, by raking with their claws as they swoop down upon their prey.

Giant Pterodactyl, Primitive Predator

STR 4d6+12 (26)
CON 4d6+6 (20)
SIZ 6d6+12 (33)
INT 1d6+3 (6-7)
POW 2d6 (7)
DEX 3d6+3 (13-14)
MOV run-2, fly-12

Average HP: 27
Average Damage Bonus: +3d6

Armor: 1d8, Leathery Hide

Attacks: Bite 60%, damage 2d6 +db
Claws 30%, 1d8 + db

Skills: Dodge 65% (in air), 20% (on ground), Fly 100%, Grapple 50%, Listen 55%, Sense 45%, Spot 70%, Track 40%

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