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AFF: Testing Out Monster Creation

Continuing my excursion into Advanced Fighting Fantasy (the “new” one), I thought I’d try putting together a monster for the system. My copy of Out Of The Pit hasn’t arrived just yet, but the excellent online compilation Beyond The Pit has served as a solid resource to begin my expedition.

You might recognize the following baddie as one of my favorites from a different game.

Skill 8 Stamina 8 Wits 7
Attacks 2 claws or 1 weapon
Damage: Claws (1/1/1/2/2/2/3) or by weapon type
Armor: Varies, usually Studded Leather (0/1/1/1/2/3)
Special Skills/Abilities: Regeneration, Paralyzing Touch (see description)
Habitat: Ruins, Subterranean, Wetlands
Number Encountered: 1d6/2
Type: Humanoid, Monster
Reaction: Hostile
Size: Medium

Throlgh are an unholy combination of Ghoul, Troll, and Hobgoblin (which they superficially resemble). They are fearless fighters who hunger for the flesh of sentient beings. Like Ghouls, their touch can paralyze those wounded by their vicious claws. Those damaged by a Throlgh’s claws must make a Luck check or be rendered completely immobile for 1d6 rounds. Like Trolls, these terrible fiends regenerate, healing 1 Stamina per round (except for damage done by fire or acid). Like Hobgoblins, they are canny warriors who receive a +1 to damage rolls when using weapons. Throlgh are often found in the company of regular Hobgoblins, acting as sergeants or overseers of slaves.

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Crimson Shoals (A BoL/BRP Adventure)

Turning his talented eye from the Lovecraftian to the Howardian, regular Strange Stones reader and accomplished adventure author G-Man give us something new to chew on:

Crimson Shoals (3995 downloads)

Wind-driven rain pounds the dark outcroppings of reef, churning the nearby shoals into froth. Despite the gloom, occasional lightning flashes reveal a small forest of splintered ship’s masts, shattered keels, and barnacle-encrusted hulls. This watery hell is a ship’s graveyard!

Less than a quarter-league’s walk (or swim) looms the silhouette of a massive war-galley. But this is no Argossean or Zingaran vessel: the swept-back stern, low draught, and curving prow mark the craft as Stygian. Why is she beached here, in the Western Ocean, and not cruising the calmer waters of the Styx? Doubtless, the answer lies somewhere below her dark decks…

As with his immensely popular The Unholy Greyl (4306 downloads) , The Sea Devil's Debutante (3872 downloads) , and Children Of The Void (3924 downloads) adventures, Crimson Shoals (3995 downloads) is written for Barbarians of Lemuria and contains several new monsters, some treasures, and other goodness you just can’t live without.

Unlike his three previous adventures, Crimson Shoals (3995 downloads) contains stats and writeups for all of the key NPCs and mosters in Basic RolePlaying format as well. How’s that for some fancy?

Great Crom, people! Why are you still reading this drivel I’m writing? Download Crimson Shoals (3995 downloads) already and get yer Hyborian on!

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Mini Six: Contra Los Monstruos Neptunicos!

Their faces... they look like lucha masks!Los Monstruos Neptúnicos (the MonsterMen from Neptune) have landed in Mexico City and they will stop at nothing in their conquest of the Earth. These beings are tall (well over 9 feet) and quite strong. They are also clumsy and are terrible dancers, which is a shame. Because what each MonsterMan wants most in life – above conquest, mayhem, and destruction even – is to dance gracefully to the salsa rhythms they pick up from the radio broadcasts from XEPH. Their rampage through the city can only be stopped by brave luchadors and, perhaps, the clever application of some serious ritmo.

Los Monstruos Neptúnicos
Might 4D+1 Agility 1D
Wit 4D Charm 1D
Skills: IceRay Gun 3D, Dodge 2D, Computer 5D, Intimidate 3D
Perks: Rock Hard Skin (doubles Soak)
Complications: none
Gear: Neptunian IceRay Gun (see notes below)
Static: Dodge 6, Block 13, Parry 13, Soak 26 (13 when dancing)

Because of some strange trick of their alien neurophysiology, the MonsterMen from Neptune must dance – often quite badly – when they hear salsa music. If there’s such music playing within earshot, the creatures will not attack and are unable to defend themselves actively. Perhaps even more amazing is that when dancing, these creatures’ normally rock-hard skin becomes supple, reducing their ability to withstand damage.

Neptunian IceRay Gun
These weapons do no damage initially. When they first hit they incase the target in a sheath of ice that has a strength of 3D. Each subsequent round the ice grows in strength as it freezes more water out of the atmosphere. Roll an additional die each round and add it to the total strength of the ice.

A person trapped in the ice is completely immobilized unless he can make a successful Might check against the strength of the ice (this counts as an action for the round in which he attempts to break free). Once the ice reaches a strength greater than the victim could roll on a Might check (not counting the possible exploding of the wild die) begin applying the ice’s strength as damage against the victim’s Soak.

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BoL Bestiary: Cochmeuhquetl – The Zombies Of Tlactoztlan

Cochmeuhquetl (“sleepwalkers”) are Coztli that, after having been slain in battle, are returned to a semblance of life by Teoyaomqui, the god of dead warriors. Their purposes unknown to the common people of Tlactoztlan – and seldom divined even by the Texotli – these shambling undead creatures are often found within the swamps and deep jungles of the lost valley. Sometimes they appear to be guarding particular areas. Other times they are seen to be working at building new temples. And occasionally they descend upon a village where unrighteous behavior has been observed to mete out the punishment of the gods.

Strength 4
Agility −1
Mind −2

Combat Abilities
Attack with Macuahuitl +2; 2d6
Attack with Fists, +3; 1d6
Defense: -1
Protection: d6 (tough skin)
Lifeblood: 15

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The Basalt Bird Of Beq’Azir

Wherein your humble scribe presents three characters and a monster for Tunnels & Trolls. All of these are best enjoyed with some dates and hummus.

“And why are we climbing this damnable cliff again, wizard?” the brusque Bakir asked of his companion.

“We seek the Basalt Bird of Beq’Azir, of course!” the magician exclaimed, his voice unfazed by the effort expended in hauling his bulk up the mountainside. “It’s eyrie is known to lie atop Mount Rafeeda. The Scrolls of Sha’Qahir plainly state…”

Bassam’s discourse was – thankfully – interrupted by a screech that sounded more like stone on stone than it did the cry of a living thing.

“Na’asaad!” hissed their fellow climber, as she drew her short sabre from the jeweled scabbard at her delicate waist. “It would seem that the beast he seeks has found us instead.”

A rough black shadow streaked across the sky and turned to attack the party of miscreants who had dared to encroach upon its territory. The sun gleamed off the razor-edged talons as the creature gained speed.

“Quit crowding me, you stupid oaf! I can’t invoke the powers with that damnable dagger of yours dampening my magical mastery!” Bassam barked at Bakir, whose Kris was indeed interfering with the invoker’s incantations.

“Damn your twisting of God’s laws, wizard! I need room to fire this arrow!” the warrior retorted as he drew an arrow and took aim.

“Stop it, both of you!” commanded Bari’ah. “We have to work together if we’re going to survive this,” she continued in that ever-so-persuasive voice of hers. “Quickly now, Bassam, trade places with me – that should give you the distance you need. And it is plain to see that I will take up far less space than you, giving Bakir the freedom to use his bow. Insa’Allah, it will fell the bird before it reaches us!”

Bakir / Warrior / Human / 3
STR 30 CON 16 DEX 12 SPD 10
INT 6 WIZ 11 LK 15 CHR 7

Height 6′ 3″ Weight 220 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +7

Talents Trading (+3), Survival (+1), Riding (+6)
Languages Desert Tongue (Barely)

Scimitar (4), Kris (2+3), Heavy Self Bow (5), Mail Armor (24), Target Shield (8)

Bassam / Wizard / Human / 2
STR 9 CON 14 DEX 12 SPD 10
INT 21 WIZ 14 LK 13 CHR 12

Height 5′ 10″ Weight 260 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +1

Magic All 1st level spells, Find Object, Nohearums

Talents Falconry (+5), Psalms & Psayings (+3)
Languages Desert Tongue, Quite A Few Others

Dirk (2+1), Sling (2), Quilted Silk Armor (3)

Bari’ah / Leader / Human / 2
STR 7 CON 14 DEX 16 SPD 9
INT 12 WIZ 8 LK 15 CHR 23

Height 5′ 2″ Weight 90 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +5

Talents Leadership, Astrology (+5)
Languages Desert Tongue

Short Sabre (3+1), Soft Leather Armor (5), Buckler (3)

The Basalt Bird of Beq’Azir

Monster Rating: 78
Combat Dice: 8d6+39
Special Damage:
3/Vorpal Blade – The razor-sharp talons of the Basalt Bird slash its foes most effectively
5/Oh Go Away! – The bizarre cry of the Basalt Bird panics its foes
Special Abilities: Fly Me – Despite its rocky nature, the Basalt Bird can, indeed, fly. Also, its stony hide acts as 8 point armor.

The Basalt Bird of Beq’Azir is a legendary creature spoken of in many myths and stories throughout the region of the Silver Desert. It is rumored that whosoever can capture the bird will be granted three wishes by the Lord of the Air as he bargains for the release of his beloved pet. Of course, wresting wishes from a demon is certain to ensure a degree of enmity that most mere mortals would rather avoid.

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Nogoloth: The Bells Of Pnikigystros

Wherein your humble scribe presents a monster and an artifact (in Barbarians of Lemuria format) that he whipped up for his nascent Lovecraftian Fantasy setting, Nogoloth, as he continues to dither on which system to use for such things. You might note that this makes two BoL-based Nogoloth entries in a row. Make of that what you will.

In the port city of Pnikigystros, on the southernmost shore of Nogoloth, there stands an ruined church – once consecrated to St. Xavier of the Kettle, according to the few ancient residents who can recall the times before it was boarded-up and abandoned for reasons unspoken. Despite its dilapidation and lack of occupants, the bells of this cathedral still ring out at dusk and dawn on odd days – days that some claim are holy to the darker gods who hold sway over the affairs of man and beast. The mournful tolling of the bells can be heard from one end of Pnikigystros to the other, even in the fine mansions atop Owl Hill. The people of the city take extra care on these days, when bad luck and murder are in the air. Sailors refuse to weigh anchor on these days, and children who are born between the ringing of the bells are quite often sickly and haunted in appearance.

The residents of the neighborhood where the church stands – called Blacksend by those who dwell there – shun this structure, crossing to the other side of the street and spitting on the ground when they must pass by it as they hurry down Margrave Lane. In the early evening, when the blood red light from the setting sun streams through the building’s high stained glass windows and plays upon the cobblestones outside its doors, even the least superstitious folk choose a route that avoids that sullen street entirely, regardless of the distance that traversing Margrave might save.

In other places of the world one might expect that such a structure would attract the attention of curious children or, perhaps, the interest of a criminal element that might seek to take advantage of such a blighted place, to engage in their unlawful activities out of the watchful eye of the constabulary. But in Pnikigystros, one finds nothing of the sort. My own efforts to recruit urchins or footpads to investigate the church further on my behalf – a system which has proven useful in other areas of Nogoloth, as you’ll recall – have fallen upon willfully deaf ears. Once word reached the broader communities of these sources of inexpensive explorers I found that I was unable even to complete a friendly exchange with such citizens.

If not for the willingness of a certain sea captain and his crew of less-than-sterling repute I might never have found anyone to enter the edifice in question and secure for me the bronze vessel that proved to to be precisely where a particular venerable verger with a tongue loosened by various libations had indicated it would be found. That only the first mate of the Green Phoenix – a peculiar man named Crawford Fowler, whose bearing and features implied a connection to the Cwnuihd Fowlers – delivered the item to me, with a blank stare and far less interest in his payment than I was led to expect from one of his sort, is of no matter.

I must confess that even I – engrossed as I was in my examinations of the Kettle – was slightly unnerved upon hearing that the pirates’ ship – after sitting quietly vacant at the docks for weeks – was suddenly no longer moored there on the 22nd morning after the breeching of the church – a morning, one should note, that followed the tolling of the Bells of Pnikigystros.


Anthrognaath are large (2′ to 4′ long) centipedes with the faces of men. These creatures come from somewhere else, entering our world through various arcane devices that typically contain liquids, such as bowls, cauldrons and kettles. Anthrognaath are quite intelligent and often possess significant magical knowledge, but are unable to wield it in their natural forms. For this reason, they seek out sentient host beings into whose body they burrow once the neurotoxin from their bite takes effect. Once inside a host, the Anthrognaath is able to use its arcane abilities through the form it has hijacked. The process of Anthrognaath “possession” does hideous damage to the host being, who will typically survive no more than several weeks, during which time the Anthrognaath will actively seek out new potential hosts.

Strength 4
Agility 1
Mind 2

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +2; d6-2 plus poison
Defense: 2
Protection: d6-2 (chitin)
Lifeblood: 20

Anthrognaath Poison
A person damaged by the bite of an Anthrognaath must make a Demanding Strength check or become paralyzed in d3 rounds. This paralysis lasts for d3 hours, during which time an Anthrognaath will invade the victim’s body, effectively killing the victim. One an Anthrognaath has so co-opted a body, the host creature will still outwardly resemble its former self, but will in fact be home to the Anthrognaath’s evil mind and powerful arcane abilities. Such unwilling sorcerers possess an Arcane Power of 15 and a Sorcerer career rank of 3.

The Bronze Kettle Of Mithathu

The Bronze Kettle Of Mithathu is a damnable relic of an ancient time. Some two feet in diameter and perpetually cold to the touch, the metal that comprises its form is stamped and carven with obscure runes which are a variant on the Star Tongue of the Elds – hard to decipher but clearly full of dire warnings and other such language designed to dissuade casual use of the item.

The possessor of the Bronze Kettle of Mithathu is highly resistant to all extremes of temperature (a Boon that grants an extra die when rolling to resist such effects). Further, all second and third magnitude spell cast by the possessor receive a bonus die when cast and their Arcane Power costs are reduced by 3 AP.

However, a darkness lingers over the artifact. Every time the Kettle is used as part of a summoning spell, there is a 1-in-3 chance that the summoned creature will immediately attack the magician who calls it forth, regardless of any precautions taken to prevent this. Further, all spells cast with the power of the Kettle permanently drain one Lifeblood from the caster. Lastly, at dusk and dawn on the holy days of the Dark Gods, there is a 1-in-6 chance that an Anthrognaath will emerge from the Kettle in search of a host creature.

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The Demons Of Adad Untash: The End

And so, with today’s posting of [link id=’1339′ text=’the Emperor’] and [link id=’1338′ text=’his Queen’], the Demons of Adad Untash series (for Labyrinth Lord, etc.) here at Strange Stones has come to an end.

It took me nearly a year (far from uninterrupted) to bang these baddies out, and believe me, I’m spent. It’s hard work dwelling in the Halls of Dust and Darkness! I do intend to package them all up in a PDF before too long, but you can pretty safely bet you won’t see such a tome tomorrow 🙂

My next big goal is to similarly complete (and eventually PDF) the Tlactoztlan setting for Barbarians of Lemuria. I can’t promise a specific date or anything, but that’s definitely my most significant target right now. But don’t worry, Nogoloth will continue getting love, and I’m bound to keep hacking away at all kinds of other things, too. But for this one brief moment, I feel pretty good for actually having completed this series.

I’m not entirely sure how your fine folks out there can best use these demons, but I hope you do find a way to work them into your games somehow. Personally, I always envisioned that they’d be used in a more “traditional” fantasy setting (in your old-school game of choice) as something that Ye Olde Evil Wizard® or perhaps Those Wacky Cultists® might unleash upon the world. But maybe they could make an appearance in a delightfully odd Stars Without Number game? Or be found ruling over a ruined Mutant Future world? That’s the great thing about having produced them for Labyrinth Lord. There are so many places they can go with very little conversion work needed.

So if by some chance you do wind up siccing them on your unsuspecting players, I’d sure love to hear how things went down. I’m all ears… wait, that gives me an idea for a new Demon Lord! No, not really 🙂

p.s. Happy GM’s Day and all the joy and sorrow it entails.

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The Demons Of Adad Untash: Demon Emperor Ashur-eb Asa

Far beyond the great desert, one will find the troubled land of Umaab. The people of this once proud kingdom are oft beset by demons who serve the dark god Nergal. The characteristics of these demons are described in the holy Tablets of Adad Untash.

Ashur-eb Asa (Demon Lord)
No. Enc.: 1 (Unique)
Alignment: Chaotic (evil)
Movement: 180′ (60′)
Armor Class: −5
Hit Dice: 141 hp (24 HD)
Attacks: 2 (weapons)
Damage: 2d12/3d8
Save: F24
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: VIII, IX, XXII
XP: 28,000

Demon Emperor Ashur-eb Asa is the vain and prideful ruler of the demons who serve the dark god Nergal, and he presides with an iron fist over the denizens of the Halls of Dust and Darkness. Ashur-eb Asa is preoccupied with his own standing in the eyes of his master and seeks by any and all means available to retain his throne even as his own influence over the spirit and mortal worlds is waning. Intensely jealous and cowardly at his core, Ashur-eb Asa constantly strives to maintain his position of elevation by keeping those beneath him oppressed, squabbling amongst themselves, and in the dark regarding Nergal’s ultimate plans. A master manipulator, Ashur-eb Asa succeeds at these machinations more often than not.

Ashur-eb Asa manifests as a 19 foot tall muscular human man with deeply bronzed skin and the head of a blood-red ram. Though his powers over reality are such that he could easily alter this appearance, his vanity and pride prevent him from doing so except in the most severe of circumstances. The lord of all demons wears a crown of stone inlaid with living, blinking eyes that weep rubies when he is angry and diamonds on the rare occasions when he is filled with mirth. His retinue consists of nine [link id=’1102′ text=’Iszirisur’] polymorphed into miniature (9′ tall) versions of himself. He will readily engage any who dare to challenge his domain, wrathfully wielding his Axe of Dust and Sword of Darkness with no penalties for using both in combat simultaneously. Wounds from both weapons cannot be healed naturally nor by any form of magic short of a Restoration spell.

Ashur-eb Asa has the following spell-like abilities, useable at will (unless noted otherwise): Amnesia, Animate Objects, Blink, Cause Blindness, Cause Fear, Charm Monster, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Darkness (10′ Radius), Death Spell (1/Day), Destruction, Detect Invisible, Detect Magic, Dispel Magic, Drain Energy, Earthquake, Fire Storm, Flame Strike, Gaseous Form, Haste (2/Day), Hypnotism, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Read Languages, Read Magic, Repulsion, Silence (15′ Radius), Speak with Dead

Additionally, Ashur-eb Asa possesses all of the abilities of a typical Demon Lord:

  • Infravision (90′)
  • Half damage from cold-based attacks
  • Half damage from electrical-based attacks
  • Half damage from fire-based attacks (all)
  • Half damage from gas-type attacks
  • Telepathy (allows all languages to be understood)
  • Teleport without error

Ashur-eb Asa can only be damaged by +3 or better weapons, though he is susceptible to damage from non-magical weapons made of pure iron. He may Gate (85% probability of success) 5d4 [link id=’368′ text=’Barbu Dnin Kur’].

The Tablets of Adad Untash tell the faithful that Ashur-eb Asa is a paranoid manipulator whose power over the weaker aspects of men is inescapable by all but the strongest of mortals.

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The Demons Of Adad Untash: Demon Queen Shalma Shalmallah

Far beyond the great desert, one will find the troubled land of Umaab. The people of this once proud kingdom are oft beset by demons who serve the dark god Nergal. The characteristics of these demons are described in the holy Tablets of Adad Untash.

Shalma Shalmallah (Demon Lord)
No. Enc.: 1 (Unique)
Alignment: Chaotic (evil)
Movement: 60′ (20′)
Armor Class: −3
Hit Dice: 96 hp (22 HD)
Attacks: 3 (2 fists, 1 bite)
Damage: 1d4/1d4/1d12
Save: F22
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: IX (x2), X
XP: 21,250

Shalma Shalmallah, the Demon Empress, wife to Demon Lord Ashur-eb Asa and mother to Demon Princes [link id=’1336′ text=’Tusag-eb Alm’] and [link id=’1335′ text=’Ehur-eb Alm’], is an indolent, gluttonous and slovenly thing. She would readily abandon her station, children, husband and any other responsibilities she has in exchange for a life of ease and gratification if offered. Of course, gratification for a creature such as Shalma Shalmallah takes many dark and dubious forms.

Shalma Shalmallah’s physical form is that of a 9′ tall, filth-covered and corpulent pig-headed human woman. She is capable of altering her appearance, but seldom chooses to expend the effort to do so. Her eyes are vacant and staring like those of an drugged cow. She lolls about listlessly in her chambers in the Halls of Dust and Darkness, where she is constantly attended by sixteen [link id=’675′ text=’Banzu Mugaam’]. Only a direct threat to her life or those of her children will move her to engage in combat.

Victims of Shalma Shalmallah’s bite must save vs. Poison or acquire a rotting disease that will prove fatal within 2d10 days. This disease cannot be cured by anything other than a Cure Disease spell. Damage done by her claws never heals and results in a permanent loss of hit points.

Shalma Shalmallah has the following spell-like abilities, useable at will (unless noted otherwise): Animal Growth , Blindness, Cause Fear, Create Food & Water, Curse, Death Spell (2/Day), Dispel Magic, Drain Energy, Hold Person, Insect Plague, Mind Blank, Polymorph Self, Sleep (1/Day), Speak with Animals, Speak with Plants, Telekinesis (1,000 lbs.)

Additionally, Shalma Shalmallah possesses all of the abilities of a typical Demon Lord:

  • Infravision (90′)
  • Half damage from cold-based attacks
  • Half damage from electrical-based attacks
  • Half damage from fire-based attacks (all)
  • Half damage from gas-type attacks
  • Telepathy (allows all languages to be understood)
  • Teleport without error

Shalma Shalmallah can only be damaged by +2 or better weapons, though she is susceptible to damage from non-magical weapons made of pure iron. She may Gate (80% probability of success) 2d6 [link id=’1101′ text=’Dgaan’].

The Tablets of Adad Untash tell the faithful that Shalma Shalmallah is an indolent creature that may be bribed to cease tormenting them with an offering of the blood of a dozen infants served in the skulls of their mothers.

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Nogoloth: The Iron Line

Wherein your humble scribe presents a couple of monsters and an artifact (in Barbarians of Lemuria format) that he whipped up for his nascent Lovecraftian Fantasy setting, Nogoloth, as he continues to dither on which system to use for such things.

The pampered academics at the Great University in Khaarm espouse countless theories about the nature, history, and ultimate destination of the Iron Line. The earthier scholars of Canton-on-Imisk have different opinions; some have even followed the Line deep into the windswept mountains of the north in search of hard, scientific truth. But even the hardiest investigators have been forced to turn back well before reaching the Line’s terminus. It seems that each of the several expeditions sent to identify the source of the Line has been driven back – smaller than it was when it embarked, as is grimly expected by the professors and administrators – due to some singular concatenation of events and circumstances or another, all of which seem natural and plausible enough to the casual observer. But that nineteen souls have perished in the pursuit of something as simple as what lies at the other end of a 3′ wide ribbon of iron that is sunken so throughly within the bones of the earth – extending no less than 10 feet deep, even in the hardest of bedrock – has brought something of a sense of doom to the Iron Line and its mystery.

The course of the Iron Line, which has been mapped thoroughly within the areas settled by man, runs from the edge of the cliff that rises above the port of Pnikigystros in the south and winds its way across much of the civilized regions of Nogoloth – passing as it does within no less than 1/2 mile of each of the other major cities, and sometimes through them – before taking its turn into the northern mountains. At any given moment the Iron Line may feel incredibly warm or icy cold to the touch, often radiating significantly different levels of heat a mere handspan apart. Some dedicated observers of the Iron Line report that under certain conditions (time of year, weather, and other factors contribute) the Line seems to sing (very softly) a complex, undulating melody that stirs melancholy and dread within the audience. That some people appear utterly unable to hear this song even as those next to them are able to describe what they are hearing with exquisite detail only furthers the mystery of this Nogolothian oddity.


Resembling a hideous and eldritch amalgam of insect, ape and lizard, Q’agpthah live in the caves that dot the high passes of the northern mountains. These beasts possess a cunning, if rudimentary, intelligence and have displayed an aggressive nature that makes them a significant threat to any who seek to travel through the mountains – whether attempting to follow the Iron Line or pursuing other business. Those who have risked their lives to observe these beings’ society – such as it is – report that the Q’agpthah appear to worship regularly at a hieroglyphic-covered altar deep within their mountain caves that clearly could not have been produced by their limited culture. According to the hastily written notes in the field journal of a researcher who has since taken his own life, the Q’agpthah also possess several similarly-inscribed tablets from which they appear to read, though this is doubtless a case of the creatures imitating human behavior rather than observing a true liturgy.

Strength 3
Agility 1
Mind 0

Combat Abilities
Attack with Two Claws +1 each; d6+2 damage each
Defense: 0
Protection: d3 (thick fur, chitin, and scales)
Lifeblood: 15

The Tablets of L’thuggothaaa

Within the dark and twisting caves of the Q’agpthah there lies a large chamber – clearly hewn from the rock by some intelligent hand – which serves as the creatures’ Cathedral. An iron altar – stamped and etched with hieroglyphs of a language unrecognizable even to scholars steeped in the deepest mysteries of Nogolothian lore. Atop this altar rest the Tablets of L’thuggothaaa, a pair of ancient stone tablets inscribed with blasphemies so mind-shattering that they have destroyed the minds of all who have read them – including the entire race of alien beings now called “Q’agpthah” by the men of Nogoloth. These tablets, unlike the altar upon which they rest, are written in a language similar to the Star Tongue of the Elds and may potentially be deciphered by any who have studied that damnable tongue.

Game Information: A person who acquires and deciphers the Tablets of L’thuggothaaa – neither of these is an easy task – will immediately be granted the Power of the Void and Magic of the Sorcerer Kings boons. The unfortunate soul who read these words will also be burdened with terrible knowledge that will manifest itself in the form of the Unsettling and Morgazzon’s Curse flaws. As is always the case with Morgazzon’s Curse, the exact nature of the flaw is left to the GM.


Small, grey-furred cat-like beasts that inhabit the caves deep within the northern mountains of Nogoloth, Ilthoth-eg are set apart from the “normal” wildcats of the region by their abundance of eyes. A typical Ilthoth-eg possesses somewhere between 7 and 11 eyes arrayed across their bodies. Though not truly intelligent, these animals chitter and whisper their previous victims’ words as they stalk their prey through the darkness of the caves.

Strength 0
Agility 4
Mind −1

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +4; d6-1
Defense: 5
Protection: d3-1 (light fur)
Lifeblood: 8

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