BoL Bestiary: Cochmeuhquetl – The Zombies Of Tlactoztlan

Cochmeuhquetl (“sleepwalkers”) are Coztli that, after having been slain in battle, are returned to a semblance of life by Teoyaomqui, the god of dead warriors. Their purposes unknown to the common people of Tlactoztlan – and seldom divined even by the Texotli – these shambling undead creatures are often found within the swamps and deep jungles of the lost valley. Sometimes they appear to be guarding particular areas. Other times they are seen to be working at building new temples. And occasionally they descend upon a village where unrighteous behavior has been observed to mete out the punishment of the gods.

Strength 4
Agility −1
Mind −2

Combat Abilities
Attack with Macuahuitl +2; 2d6
Attack with Fists, +3; 1d6
Defense: -1
Protection: d6 (tough skin)
Lifeblood: 15

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0 thoughts on “BoL Bestiary: Cochmeuhquetl – The Zombies Of Tlactoztlan

  1. the venomous pao Post author

    Inspired by the amazing showing that BoL is giving in this (generally absurd) poll/post at – that’s right, BoL is coming in 3rd behind D&D and Runequest – I thought I’d throw another little Tlactoztlan tidbit out there.

    This coming week is “launch week” at my new gig, so with any luck I’ll be able to get back to Strange Stones with at least some regularity after this week. Fingers crossed!

  2. G-Man

    Ah, some Tlactoztlan to round out my weekend. I like how you didn’t go with the obvious, brain-munching option with these zombies. A d6 protection and 15 LB means it’ll take a while to bring these suckers down!

    As for BoL’s unexpected popularity–the Tide is Turning, V.P!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Glad you dig ’em, G-Man. I’m so incredibly tired of brain-munching zombies that I had to do something different. And as reanimated servants of the gods themselves, they’re definitely meant to be a tough fight!

      Hooray for the turning of the tide!

      Speaking of tides, it’s been a while since I reported the download numbers for your adventures to you. They’re stunning enough that I’ll list ’em here…

      The Unholy Greyl 405
      The Sea Devil’s Debutante 358
      Children of the Void 236

      That’s a whole lot of people playing BoL, thanks to you!

      1. G-Man

        Those numbers look good. The Hyborian one I’m working on (“Crimson Shoals”) heavily references your Quick and Dirty BoL to BRP conversion–’cause I’m statting it for Basic Roleplaying, too.