AFF: Testing Out Monster Creation

Continuing my excursion into Advanced Fighting Fantasy (the “new” one), I thought I’d try putting together a monster for the system. My copy of Out Of The Pit hasn’t arrived just yet, but the excellent online compilation Beyond The Pit has served as a solid resource to begin my expedition.

You might recognize the following baddie as one of my favorites from a different game.

Skill 8 Stamina 8 Wits 7
Attacks 2 claws or 1 weapon
Damage: Claws (1/1/1/2/2/2/3) or by weapon type
Armor: Varies, usually Studded Leather (0/1/1/1/2/3)
Special Skills/Abilities: Regeneration, Paralyzing Touch (see description)
Habitat: Ruins, Subterranean, Wetlands
Number Encountered: 1d6/2
Type: Humanoid, Monster
Reaction: Hostile
Size: Medium

Throlgh are an unholy combination of Ghoul, Troll, and Hobgoblin (which they superficially resemble). They are fearless fighters who hunger for the flesh of sentient beings. Like Ghouls, their touch can paralyze those wounded by their vicious claws. Those damaged by a Throlgh’s claws must make a Luck check or be rendered completely immobile for 1d6 rounds. Like Trolls, these terrible fiends regenerate, healing 1 Stamina per round (except for damage done by fire or acid). Like Hobgoblins, they are canny warriors who receive a +1 to damage rolls when using weapons. Throlgh are often found in the company of regular Hobgoblins, acting as sergeants or overseers of slaves.

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2 thoughts on “AFF: Testing Out Monster Creation

  1. bat

    Man, you are such a villain. I swear, you should get paid to promote games because now you have me curious about this and it was you that got me into Barbarians of Lemuria and back into BRP! YOU!

    Now I am looking at AFF books.


    1. the venomous pao Post author

      What makes you so sure I’m not getting paid to shill, amigo? 🙂

      Of course, I’m not really, but it would be kinda cool. I mean, my day job is in marketing, after all! I’m just sad that there’s not enough of a market for these awesome games to make it worth anyone’s while to pay someone to pimp ’em. I don’t personally give two hoots about the “state of the industry” that some people tend to get worked up over, but it would be nice if more people in the world were interested in our little hobby.

      Nope, in the end I’m just happy to share the neat stuff with other likeminded individuals. BoL and BRP are definitely games worth being into. And now I’ve found that AFF is, too.

      subliminal message: spend, bat! spend! buy into yet another game! oh, and send me a check for a meeeeelyon dollars while you’re at it.

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