Mini Six: Contra Los Monstruos Neptunicos!

Their faces... they look like lucha masks!Los Monstruos Neptúnicos (the MonsterMen from Neptune) have landed in Mexico City and they will stop at nothing in their conquest of the Earth. These beings are tall (well over 9 feet) and quite strong. They are also clumsy and are terrible dancers, which is a shame. Because what each MonsterMan wants most in life – above conquest, mayhem, and destruction even – is to dance gracefully to the salsa rhythms they pick up from the radio broadcasts from XEPH. Their rampage through the city can only be stopped by brave luchadors and, perhaps, the clever application of some serious ritmo.

Los Monstruos Neptúnicos
Might 4D+1 Agility 1D
Wit 4D Charm 1D
Skills: IceRay Gun 3D, Dodge 2D, Computer 5D, Intimidate 3D
Perks: Rock Hard Skin (doubles Soak)
Complications: none
Gear: Neptunian IceRay Gun (see notes below)
Static: Dodge 6, Block 13, Parry 13, Soak 26 (13 when dancing)

Because of some strange trick of their alien neurophysiology, the MonsterMen from Neptune must dance – often quite badly – when they hear salsa music. If there’s such music playing within earshot, the creatures will not attack and are unable to defend themselves actively. Perhaps even more amazing is that when dancing, these creatures’ normally rock-hard skin becomes supple, reducing their ability to withstand damage.

Neptunian IceRay Gun
These weapons do no damage initially. When they first hit they incase the target in a sheath of ice that has a strength of 3D. Each subsequent round the ice grows in strength as it freezes more water out of the atmosphere. Roll an additional die each round and add it to the total strength of the ice.

A person trapped in the ice is completely immobilized unless he can make a successful Might check against the strength of the ice (this counts as an action for the round in which he attempts to break free). Once the ice reaches a strength greater than the victim could roll on a Might check (not counting the possible exploding of the wild die) begin applying the ice’s strength as damage against the victim’s Soak.

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0 thoughts on “Mini Six: Contra Los Monstruos Neptunicos!

  1. G-Man

    From the depths of his hidden fortress in Mexico City comes:

    El Santo Negro
    Might 4D Agility 3D+1
    Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D
    Skills: Brawling 6D, Athletics 4D+1, Dodge 4D, Stealth 3D+2, Streetwise 2D+2, Throwing 3D+2
    Perks: Signature Move: Tizoc Leg-Lock
    Complications: Personal Code (Tecnico)
    Gear: Short Cape, Bolas (+1D)
    Static: Dodge 12, Block 18, Parry 12, Soak 12
    Armor: none

    Rafael Mondragon is the fifth masked crimefigher/lucha in the illustrious Mondragon lineage, specializing in supernatural threats. Though the family fortune has dwindled, Rafael inherited the mystical feathered cape, black mask, and bolas that serve as his pedigree in opposing evil. His base of operations is a yet-undiscovered Aztec temple hidden in a cave just off the Mexico City subway line, accessible through a maintenance shaft.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Very nice, G-Man! I especially like the application of the Tecnico Code as a complication. This guy would certainly put up a good fight against the rudos I’ve been cooking up.

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