The Basalt Bird Of Beq’Azir

Wherein your humble scribe presents three characters and a monster for Tunnels & Trolls. All of these are best enjoyed with some dates and hummus.

“And why are we climbing this damnable cliff again, wizard?” the brusque Bakir asked of his companion.

“We seek the Basalt Bird of Beq’Azir, of course!” the magician exclaimed, his voice unfazed by the effort expended in hauling his bulk up the mountainside. “It’s eyrie is known to lie atop Mount Rafeeda. The Scrolls of Sha’Qahir plainly state…”

Bassam’s discourse was – thankfully – interrupted by a screech that sounded more like stone on stone than it did the cry of a living thing.

“Na’asaad!” hissed their fellow climber, as she drew her short sabre from the jeweled scabbard at her delicate waist. “It would seem that the beast he seeks has found us instead.”

A rough black shadow streaked across the sky and turned to attack the party of miscreants who had dared to encroach upon its territory. The sun gleamed off the razor-edged talons as the creature gained speed.

“Quit crowding me, you stupid oaf! I can’t invoke the powers with that damnable dagger of yours dampening my magical mastery!” Bassam barked at Bakir, whose Kris was indeed interfering with the invoker’s incantations.

“Damn your twisting of God’s laws, wizard! I need room to fire this arrow!” the warrior retorted as he drew an arrow and took aim.

“Stop it, both of you!” commanded Bari’ah. “We have to work together if we’re going to survive this,” she continued in that ever-so-persuasive voice of hers. “Quickly now, Bassam, trade places with me – that should give you the distance you need. And it is plain to see that I will take up far less space than you, giving Bakir the freedom to use his bow. Insa’Allah, it will fell the bird before it reaches us!”

Bakir / Warrior / Human / 3
STR 30 CON 16 DEX 12 SPD 10
INT 6 WIZ 11 LK 15 CHR 7

Height 6′ 3″ Weight 220 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +7

Talents Trading (+3), Survival (+1), Riding (+6)
Languages Desert Tongue (Barely)

Scimitar (4), Kris (2+3), Heavy Self Bow (5), Mail Armor (24), Target Shield (8)

Bassam / Wizard / Human / 2
STR 9 CON 14 DEX 12 SPD 10
INT 21 WIZ 14 LK 13 CHR 12

Height 5′ 10″ Weight 260 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +1

Magic All 1st level spells, Find Object, Nohearums

Talents Falconry (+5), Psalms & Psayings (+3)
Languages Desert Tongue, Quite A Few Others

Dirk (2+1), Sling (2), Quilted Silk Armor (3)

Bari’ah / Leader / Human / 2
STR 7 CON 14 DEX 16 SPD 9
INT 12 WIZ 8 LK 15 CHR 23

Height 5′ 2″ Weight 90 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +5

Talents Leadership, Astrology (+5)
Languages Desert Tongue

Short Sabre (3+1), Soft Leather Armor (5), Buckler (3)

The Basalt Bird of Beq’Azir

Monster Rating: 78
Combat Dice: 8d6+39
Special Damage:
3/Vorpal Blade – The razor-sharp talons of the Basalt Bird slash its foes most effectively
5/Oh Go Away! – The bizarre cry of the Basalt Bird panics its foes
Special Abilities: Fly Me – Despite its rocky nature, the Basalt Bird can, indeed, fly. Also, its stony hide acts as 8 point armor.

The Basalt Bird of Beq’Azir is a legendary creature spoken of in many myths and stories throughout the region of the Silver Desert. It is rumored that whosoever can capture the bird will be granted three wishes by the Lord of the Air as he bargains for the release of his beloved pet. Of course, wresting wishes from a demon is certain to ensure a degree of enmity that most mere mortals would rather avoid.

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0 thoughts on “The Basalt Bird Of Beq’Azir

  1. G-man

    Oh man, that meteoric iron screws up everything, doesn’t it? I always thought it was a cool hallmark of T&T that there were specific weapons that could disrupt spellcasting. Eccentric and imaginative.

    And you had to mention hummus, with me at work . . .

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Eccentric and imaginative are perfect adjectives for T&T, amigo! I’m sure there are plenty of newer games (by smaller publishers, I suspect) that can lay claim to those descriptors as well, but T&T is just so… unique. It, like the other games I tend to poke at here, just lends itself to doing crazy stuff with.

      Sorry ’bout the hummus thang 🙂

  2. Greg

    I like this, and how it is presented it is like a minimalist module – all the meat of the adventure is contained in the pre-gens!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Howdy, Greg! And welcome to StrangeStones. Glad to have you, amigo!

      I’m delighted that you dug this one. Getting everything into the pregens was precisely what I was after, so I’m quite happy it came through that way.

      Do you have a significant Tunnels & Trolls background, or are you a relative newbie to the system like I am? Just curious 🙂

  3. Goblinkin

    An interesting concept – the effects of iron on magic. I’ve never actually played tunnels and trolls but it seems like another good, rules simple clone.

    Sorry to rub it in G-man but I just finished a mixed vegetarian tasting plate at my favorite Lebanese place.
    It was all… Most excellent – much like Pao’s post

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Based on your post I’m not sure if you know this or not, so please forgive me if I’m being pedantic 🙂 T&T isn’t a clone. It’s an original that dates from 1975 and (quoting the Wikipedia article now) “was written by Ken St. Andre to be a more accessible alternative to Dungeons and Dragons and is suitable for solitaire, play-by-mail, play-by-post and group gameplay.”

      It’s definitely rules simple and well worth a look if you get a chance. Actually, the solitaire stuff might make it extra attractive to you if you’re still having trouble getting gaming after the move.

      In any case, many thanks for the praise. The post can’t have been as good as the Lebanese food, though 🙂

  4. Goblinkin

    ah, sorry – of course, you’re right. I’ve not actually played it. But I think i’ll investigate it some more