Crimson Shoals (A BoL/BRP Adventure)

Turning his talented eye from the Lovecraftian to the Howardian, regular Strange Stones reader and accomplished adventure author G-Man give us something new to chew on:

Crimson Shoals (12524 downloads )

Wind-driven rain pounds the dark outcroppings of reef, churning the nearby shoals into froth. Despite the gloom, occasional lightning flashes reveal a small forest of splintered ship’s masts, shattered keels, and barnacle-encrusted hulls. This watery hell is a ship’s graveyard!

Less than a quarter-league’s walk (or swim) looms the silhouette of a massive war-galley. But this is no Argossean or Zingaran vessel: the swept-back stern, low draught, and curving prow mark the craft as Stygian. Why is she beached here, in the Western Ocean, and not cruising the calmer waters of the Styx? Doubtless, the answer lies somewhere below her dark decks…

As with his immensely popular The Unholy Greyl (19333 downloads ) , The Sea Devil's Debutante (16748 downloads ) , and Children Of The Void (14255 downloads ) adventures, Crimson Shoals (12524 downloads ) is written for Barbarians of Lemuria and contains several new monsters, some treasures, and other goodness you just can’t live without.

Unlike his three previous adventures, Crimson Shoals (12524 downloads ) contains stats and writeups for all of the key NPCs and mosters in Basic RolePlaying format as well. How’s that for some fancy?

Great Crom, people! Why are you still reading this drivel I’m writing? Download Crimson Shoals (12524 downloads ) already and get yer Hyborian on!

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