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So, combining my recent interest in Mini Six/Open D6 and my never-ending desire to make a samurai game out of whatever I’m poking at at the moment (I’ve been down this road before, haven’t I?) here’s a couple of Mini Six characters who wouldn’t be out of place in a game of Bushido.

Kuroda Heizo
A very serious samurai
Might 4D Agility 3D
Wit 3D+1 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Stamina 5D, Daisho 4D, Tanto 3D+1, Han-kyu 3D+1, Naginata 3D+1, Riding 4D, Tactics 4D+2, Calligraphy 4D+2, Tea Ceremony 2D+2
Perks: None
Complications: Samurai Code
Gear: Katana (4D+2/5D), Wakizashi (3D+2), Tanto (3D)
Static: Dodge 9, Block 9, Parry 15
Body Points: 36
Armor: Heavy Samurai Armor (9)

Takahama Miiko
A charming yakuza
Might 1D+2 Agility 3D+1
Wit 3D+1 Charm 3D+2
Skills: Kiseru 3D+2, Unarmed Combat 3D+2, Dodge 4D+1, Trading 4D+1, Gambling 4D+1, Bluff 4D, Charm 4D, Intimidation 4D, Persuasion 4D
Perks: Attractive, Favors
Complications: Yakuza Code
Gear: Kiseru (2D+1)
Static: Dodge 13, Block 11, Parry 11
Body Points: 26
Armor: Heavy Silks (2)

I’m using the skills straight out of D6 Fantasy at this point, rather than the slimmed down lists found in Mini Six. I think I’m falling into the “use core D6 for most things, use the static defenses and simplified wild die from Mini Six though” camp the more I poke at this stuff. Which is, of course, my prerogative 🙂 Goodness, I love toolkit games.

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Mini Six Works Like A Charm

I ran Mini Six for the first time last weekend and it was good. Everyone – even the “not really RPG dorks” in the group – grokked the task/combat resolution mechanics within minutes.

The speed and simplicity of character creation was greatly appreciated by a couple of folks who like to play, but don’t get off on more involved character creation (like the way BRP can feel, when you’re divvying up 300-odd points across a large selection of skills).

Everything flowed smoothly, and though one character died, a replacement was easily created (and subsequently slotted in) while the rest of us completed the combat that killed said unlucky bastard. A Hero Point was spent to do a little dramatic/environmental editing, the new character was introduced, and the adventure kept on rolling.

Oh, and during the combat we had a super explosion of the Wild Die, ultimately yielding a result of 55 on an attack roll. I had that hit bypass the poor target’s armor because, well, it just felt right to give *some* kind of bonus for that insane a roll.

After we were done, the players all remarked on how much the appreciated the ease of the game system and – this probably can’t be stressed enough – the simplicity of character creation. One of the players is a fairly hardcore RPG guy (he’s the one who’s running the CoC game I’m in now), while the other two players game in varying degrees, neither is a “serious” RPG player. That their characters triumphed mightily in combat while the more regular player’s bit the dust is probably illuminating.

So, ultimately, a whole lot of fun was had with just a handful of d6, a very few rules (six pages’ worth at most), and a lot of imagination. That was awfully, awfully nice.

There’s a chance we’ll be continuing this game tonight. Or we might play something else entirely. Either way, while I was generally interested in Mini Six (and, by extension, Open D6) before, I’m officially sold on it now. It’s got just enough crunch possibility to keep my rules-focused players happy while being light enough to be enjoyable for my less geeky friends. BRP still rules my “serious” table, and BoL still has ahold of my heart. But this groovy game has found its place with me for sure.

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Mini Six: Contra Los Monstruos Neptunicos!

Their faces... they look like lucha masks!Los Monstruos Neptúnicos (the MonsterMen from Neptune) have landed in Mexico City and they will stop at nothing in their conquest of the Earth. These beings are tall (well over 9 feet) and quite strong. They are also clumsy and are terrible dancers, which is a shame. Because what each MonsterMan wants most in life – above conquest, mayhem, and destruction even – is to dance gracefully to the salsa rhythms they pick up from the radio broadcasts from XEPH. Their rampage through the city can only be stopped by brave luchadors and, perhaps, the clever application of some serious ritmo.

Los Monstruos Neptúnicos
Might 4D+1 Agility 1D
Wit 4D Charm 1D
Skills: IceRay Gun 3D, Dodge 2D, Computer 5D, Intimidate 3D
Perks: Rock Hard Skin (doubles Soak)
Complications: none
Gear: Neptunian IceRay Gun (see notes below)
Static: Dodge 6, Block 13, Parry 13, Soak 26 (13 when dancing)

Because of some strange trick of their alien neurophysiology, the MonsterMen from Neptune must dance – often quite badly – when they hear salsa music. If there’s such music playing within earshot, the creatures will not attack and are unable to defend themselves actively. Perhaps even more amazing is that when dancing, these creatures’ normally rock-hard skin becomes supple, reducing their ability to withstand damage.

Neptunian IceRay Gun
These weapons do no damage initially. When they first hit they incase the target in a sheath of ice that has a strength of 3D. Each subsequent round the ice grows in strength as it freezes more water out of the atmosphere. Roll an additional die each round and add it to the total strength of the ice.

A person trapped in the ice is completely immobilized unless he can make a successful Might check against the strength of the ice (this counts as an action for the round in which he attempts to break free). Once the ice reaches a strength greater than the victim could roll on a Might check (not counting the possible exploding of the wild die) begin applying the ice’s strength as damage against the victim’s Soak.

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Mini Six: Contra El Zombi Atómico!

El Zombi Atomico

El Zombi Atómico, the scourge of Veracruz, is at it again. Now – with his Zombi Queen by his side and his Zombi henchmen dutifully following his every order – he holds the city in his cold, dead hands. The call goes out all across all of Mexico for brave luchadors to send Eza (he hates it when people call him that) and his gang back to hell and save Verecruz from a fate worse than death!

El Zombi Atómico
Might 4D+2 Agility 2D+2
Wit 3D Charm 3D+2
Skills: Brawling 5D+2, Athletics 3D+2, Toughness 5D+2, Dodge 3D+2, Diplomacy 4D, Persuasion 4D, Leadership 4D, Streetwise 4D+2
Perks: Signature Move: Zombi SLAM! (once per combat may double the result of one Brawling roll)
Complications: Not really alive… or is he?
Gear: none of significance
Static: Dodge 11, Block 17, Parry 14, Soak 17
Armor: none

La Reina De Los Zombis
Might 2D+1 Agility 3D+2
Wit 3D Charm 4D
Skills: Dodge 4D+2, Magic 4D, Seduction 6D
Perks: Sorcerer
Spells: Paralysis, Slumber
Complications: Not really alive… or is she?
Gear: none of significance
Static: Dodge 15, Block 9, Parry 6, Soak 7
Armor: none

Zombi Henchmen
Might 3D+1 Agility 2D+2
Wit 1D+1 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Brawl 4D+1, Melee 4D+1, Muscle 4D+1, Stamina 4D+1, Throw 3D+2, Intimidation 3D+2
Perks: none
Complications: none
Gear: Pistol (4D), Clubs/Chains/Etc. (4D+2)
Static: Dodge 8, Block 13, Parry 13, Soak 10
Armor: none

New Perk: Signature Move
What’s a luchador without his (or her) signature move? Nothing! That’s what. This perk, which costs two skill dice, gives your character the ability to declare that he is performing his signature move once per combat encounter. When doing so you get to double your Brawling roll for that particular attack roll. You must, of course, name your signature move and declare it with the appropriate lucha spirit when you decide to perform it in combat.

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Sidekick, Rival, Or Nemesis?

Hey, it’s that rascally Kor Danys. What’s his relationship with Nyr’n Pharr? No matter what, he’s definitely a better shot with that plasma pistol.

Kor Danys
Little Man With The Gun In His Hand
Might 2D+2 Agility 3D+2
Wit 3D+1 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Knife 4D, Dodge 5D, Streetwise 3D+1, Plasma Pistol 5D, Pick Pockets 4D+1, Pick Locks 3D+2, Brawling 3D, Stamina 3D+1
Perks: None
Complications: None
Gear: Dagger (5D), Plasma Pistol (5D)
Static: Dodge 15, Block 9, Parry 12
Body Points: 28
Armor: Leather (+2)

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Update: Just Not Feelin’ It

Well, hell. I’m sorry folks, but what with this new job (at a startup, which means much madness) and all, I’m just not quite feeling the geek blogging spark. The past few nights I’ve sat down at the ol’ writing machine and just kind of started off into space, unable to put any of my thoughts into coherent action. And that’s frustrating. And then that frustration feeds on itself. I’m sure y’all know the feeling.

So what’s a poor pao to do? I figure I’ll just keep on staring at the page until the words come, but in the meantime I thought I should at least say something so y’all don’t think I’ve up and died or somethin’.

My copy of the Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes “bonus pack” arrived over the weekend, and a very quick flip through the main rules confirms my suspicion that it’s probably exactly what I need to supplement my desire to run a psychedelic Science Fiction setting using Tunnels & Trolls – so much so that I might not need T&T at all. So if I can ever get the swirling ideas around that concept to solidify, I’m pretty sure what I’ll be using.

I also finally knuckled under and bought the PDF of BASH Ultimate Edition, the better to scratch my creeping Superhero gaming itch. It’s an interesting game that I think is quite capable of handling a nice & diverse batch of power levels. It seems like a worthy successor to the late & lamented Silver Age Sentinels in the “It’s like Champions, but lighter” category. I think this may prove to be the game system that unlocks the crazy dimension- and world-hopping 60s/70s Marvel-esque superhero/fantasy game that’s also bouncing around in my head.

That’s about all I can actually wring out of my sad little brain at this point, I’m afraid. But the fact that there ideas struggling to be born has to count for something, right? 🙂

Oh, and just so there’s something actually useful in this post, here’s a quick Mini Six character. Why? Because Mini Six is nice and easy to create characters for, don’tchaknow?

Nyr’n Pharr
Science Fantasy Hero Extraordinaire
Might 4D Agility 2D+2
Wit 2D+1 Charm 3D
Skills: Axe/Mace 5D, Dodge 4D, Stealth 3D, Pick Locks 3D, Persuasion 3D+2, Riding 4D, Seduce 4D, Streetwise 4D
Perks: None
Complications: None
Gear: Axe (7D), Dagger (5D), Plasma Pistol (5D)
Static: Dodge 12, Block 12, Parry 15
Body Points: 32
Armor: Chainmail (+6)

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Mini Six Character: Delacroix H

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Mini Six character he put together as an NPC for his own amusement, possibly for use in a future project.

There. There was. There was a noise. There was a noise when the starship shuddered; a noise like the scream of a broken rainbow. The experimental drive the scientists from Rice had developed interacted in some unexpected way with the resonance-dampening frame and shielding. By the time mission control aborted the launch everyone on the Cape had been blinded by the silver-sepia vision of a god astride the sands of an alien world. The pilot of the craft was nowhere to be found.


He. He was. He was alive. There was a noise when the starship shuddered; a noise like the cry of a newborn world. He could hear his own heartbeat and breathing echoing within the helmet that encased his sensory organs. His consciousness came and went; wrapped in heavy cotton when present, wrapped in black wool when gone. Sometime later he could hear the thoughtwords of several who stood above him, though he could not comprehend their meaning. The sour barks of the riding lizards, though, were clear, sharp warnings of the questionable intent of those who rode them. He waited, unmoving and yet uncannily aware. In time, the superstitious men turned and rode away. Unwilling to molest the god who had fallen from the Orgstone Sky.


It. It was. It was sunset. There was a noise above him; a noise like the shout of some raw bird’s terror. He stood looking out across the desert, unsure of where he was. Unsure of where he came from. The words on his clothing meant nothing to him. They were… familiar, but ultimately as alien as the world he now surveyed. He knew somehow that the night would be cold, but that his body would survive. His mind reached out across the sands and he felt the presence of those who would help him. He felt, too, the presence of those who would seek to do him harm. But he was not afraid; the fire that burned in the strange pistol at his side would convert them.

Delacroix H

Steel grey eyes that shine / Winter’s ghosts beneath his skin / Prophecy returns

Might 2D+2 Agility 3D+1
Wit 3D+2 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Dodge 4D+1, PsiPistol 3D+1, Poetry 4D+2, Psionics 4D+2
Psychic Abilities: ESP, Beast Tongue
Perks: Psychic
Complications: Stranger
Gear: PsiPistol (5D)
Static: Dodge 13, Block 11, Parry 8
Body Points: 28
Armor: Spacesuit (6)

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Nogoloth: The Drakemorton Hole

Wherein your humble scribe presents a couple of Mini Six characters (and their attendant flavor) that he whipped up for his nascent Lovecraftian Fantasy setting, Nogoloth. Consider these a test to see just how well Mini Six produces characters appropriate to such a milieu.

On the outer fringes of the city of Oustminnish stands the decayed and crumbling Drakemorton estate. Once a grand and bustling manor built by Captain Dominic Drakemorton more than a century ago, the estate has fallen further and further into disrepair – and disrepute – as the old Captain’s heirs have grown decadent and squandered the fortune Dominic amassed throughout his storied career. Bereft of its army of servants and caretakers, the family’s holdings rest now in the distracted hands of the last surviving Drakemorton scions: the mad Benicia and her unsettling twin brother Felix.

Behind the manor house itself there are several outbuildings including a mausoleum and disused crematorium. Within the weathered marble burial chamber there is a strange, heavy slab – cemented in place for three generations – that has recently been chiseled free and cast aside as through by an inhumanly powerful hand. Exposed beneath where the slab once lay is a large hexagonal hole down which well-secured iron rungs descend at slightly more than comfortable intervals. The hole itself is smooth and regular, as though bored by some impossibly gigantic machine of a sort that has never been seen in Nogoloth.

The Drakemorton Hole cuts deep into the earth, an eerie and stygian blackness closing quickly about any who attempt to plumb its depths. Whether the shaft itself is truly as extensive as it seems or the way down only feels excruciatingly long due to the preternatural gloom and dampness that attend its descent is impossible to say without further detailed, scientific exploration. What the urchins of Oustminnish – who have endeavored to seek the bottom of the cavity at my own request – have reported is that a growing sense of doom began to wash over them after little more than ten minutes’ descent, resulting in a retreat to the relative comfort of the surface.

These same somewhat unreliable sources further claim that dropping a stone down the shaft produces no sound of impact even after several long minutes of waiting. It is most unfortunate that young Jabben Scarth, the boldest of the children, has failed to return from his third excursion to the Drakemorton Hole. As an orphan with none to mourn him, his disappearance has gone largely unreported. For my own part, I feel some small sense of guilt at seeming to have sent the child to an unfortunate fate. But there are none for me to recompense, so I content myself with having lit a candle to the boy at the altar of Ste. Rixende.

Of the Drakemorton clan, little more than rumor an innuendo is readily available to the casual inquirer. It is said, though, that Benicia is quite insane due to her never-ending quest for arcane knowledge and the blasphemies she has surely read in the accursed tomes that line her library walls. Felix, though he is more immediately accessible and outwardly sane, is known to have begun showing the first hints of the Oustminnish Look within the past few years and is no longer seen at the society functions he used to attend with regularity.

Neither Drakemorton heir has ever married and neither has produced issue – a small mercy for which the more sanguine people of Oustminnish thank Ulris, Ursanne and all their sainted sons and daughters.

Benicia Drakemorton
Might 1D+2 Agility 3D
Wit 4D Charm 3D+1
Skills: Crafts 4D, Occult 6D, Language:Star Tongue Of The Elds 5D
Perks: Aristocrat, Sorcerer
Complications: Quite Insane, Really
Gear: Grimoires & Artifacts
Static: Dodge 9, Block 5, Parry 5
Body Points: 26
Armor: none

Felix Drakemorton
Might 4D Agility 2D+1
Wit 2D Charm 3D+2
Skills: Sword 5D, Stamina 5D, Lift 5D, Dodge 3D+1, Stealth 3D+1, Business 4D+2, Society 4D+2
Perks: Aristocrat
Complications: The Outsminnish Look
Gear: Pearl-Handled Sword Cane (+1D)
Static: Dodge 10, Block 12, Parry 15
Body Points: 36
Armor: none

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5 Room Dungeon Compilation PDF

Ok, so this went faster than I thought. It’s a long way from professional, but it at least gets the five 5 Room Dungeons for Mini Six/Open D6 into one location. It was also good practice for future compilation PDFs I’m hoping to do (hello, Demons of Adad Untash and Tlactoztlan). So, without further ado, here it is, your chance to…

Download the 5 Room Dungeon Compilation (12402 downloads )

If you print the cover separately and then duplex the rest you should be able to have a dandy little booklet, even. I failed to make it booklet-able without that step, though. Because I’m not really all that good at layout it seems. Enjoy it all the same!

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5 Room Dungeon: The Fire Giant’s Forge

Fire GiantWherein your humble scribe presents a Five Room Dungeon for use with Mini Six, with some creation help from the random tables in D6 Fantasy Locations. This is, of course, largely compatible with D6 Fantasy as well.

The grim, human-hating Fire Giant Matulek has a new plan. With the help of a powerful kobold shaman he has summoned the demon Kuula Gaahal and bound it into the forge that stands within the walls of his castle. There, on the Island of Fire within the caldera of the volcano men call Mount Kurash, Matulek is producing demonic steel for the dark dwarves of Doborgajn to turn into weapons that will lay waste to mankind once and for all. King Borvalf of Tolvir has called upon the mightiest warriors of the land to storm the giant’s castle and destroy the forge lest Matulek’s evil plan come to fruition and darkness once again claim the lands of the north.

Room One: Entrance and Guardian(s)

A single stone-and-mithril bridge spans the lava moat the surrounds the Island of Fire. Its gatehouse is guarded by two dim-witted hill giants, Mrog and Urr’m, and a lone, lazy Hell Hound who answers to the name of Vorom. The guards have been ordered to kill any humans who approach, as well as any non-humans traveling in the company of the hated race. Mrog and Urr’m, sadly, have never seen a human and aren’t entirely sure what they are supposed to be looking for. Vorom knows the smell of humans, but has found it nearly impossible to communicate with the two stupid giants. He can only hope to lead by example.

Mrog & Urr’m, Hill Giant Guards (Scale +2D)
Might 5D+1 Agility 2D+2 Wit 1D+1 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Brawling 6D+1, Club 7D, Intimidation 5D+1
Gear: Furs & Skins (+3), Big Club (+2D)
Static: Dodge 8, Block 19, Parry 21, Soak 16 (3)

Vorom, Hell Hound (Scale 0)
Might 4D Agility 6D Wit 2D Charm 2D
Skills: Brawling 6D (claws 5D damage), Spew Flame 6D (damage = 8D – Dodge Roll, once per three rounds)
Static: Dodge 18, Block 12, Soak 12

Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge

The bridge across the moat of lava is wide and sturdy, expertly crafted of starrock and mithril by the dark dwarves of Doborgajn. There is, however, more to this bridge than meets the eye. During its construction more than a few of the dark dwarves perished, and their spirits haunt the pathway that leads to Matulek’s castle. These ghosts are malign and must be appeased or else they will utilize their limited powers over the physical world to kill anyone attempting to cross the bridge by summoning up a terrible wind to push the travelers over the edge and into the moat of lava below.

The one sure way to appease the prideful dwarf ghosts is to praise their workmanship, as well as that of their ancestors and descendants, sufficiently. These spirits are susceptible to flattery but have a keen ear for insincerity and will react poorly if they sense that the speaker(s) are false in their words. A Lore check vs TN 18 should provide enough information about the dark dwarves of Doborgajn to allow substantial yet sincere flattery.

Room Three: Trick or Setback

The great gate of Matulek’s castle stands shut at the end of the bridge. Only the mightiest of creatures (or, perhaps, a number of less mighty creatures working in concert) can hope to push the towering brass doors open. To accomplish this herculean task a Lift check against TN 23 must be made. Further, the doors themselves are filled with molten lava, which makes handling them a sure way to suffer terrible burns. Each attempt to open the doors much be accompanied by a Stamina check against TN 13. Failure on this check results in 5D damage. Success yields only 2D damage. No damage is delivered to individuals who are resistant to fire damage (such as, perhaps, a recipient of the Resist Elements spell).

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle, or Conflict

In the heart of the castle stands the Fire Giant’s Forge. Matulek works tirelessly, day and night, turning raw ore into pure demonic steel with the aid of the captive demon Kuula Gaahal. Matulek will immediately attack any who dare to enter and will defend his castle and forge to the death. Kuula Gaahal, whose essence is imprisoned within the forge itself, cannot affect the battle (and wouldn’t if it could).

If Matulek is defeated Kuula Gaahal will begin reaching out to the heroes telepathically, begging for them to destroy the forge. If they do, Kuula Gaahal will be freed and will instantly return to its home plane. Thus freed, the demon will think kindly on its rescuers and may one day return the favor. If, however, the heroes refuse to destroy the forge and leave Kuula Gaahal trapped, it will hold an eternal grudge against the party and, if it ever manages to escape, will most certainly have its vengeance.

Matulek, Fire Giant (Scale +4D)
Might 7D Agility 2D Wit 3D Charm 3D
Skills: Brawling 7D+2, Sword 8D+1, Throwing 5D, Intimidation 7D
Gear: Bronze Armor (+6), Demonic Steel Flamesword (+3D+2), Thrown Boulder 8D
Static: Dodge 6, Block 23, Parry 25, Soak 21 (6)

Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Or Plot Twist

Deeper within the castle is Matulek’s treasury. Here the fire giant keeps a large hoard, and a sizable fortune in gold and platinum coins can be hauled away.

Here also is the stash of demonic steel that has been forged so far. There is enough demonic steel for two score man-sized weapons. This material, which is essentially priceless – at least to those who are not bothered by its nature – can be liberated with relative ease.

Weapons made of demonic steel grant a +1D damage bonus. Further, all damage done by such a weapon is much harder to heal. Spellcasters face a −2D penalty when attempting to cast healing on such a wound and the Might check for natural healing of such a wound incurs a −1D penalty.

Being in possession of a demonic steel weapon lends a distinctly evil cast to the wielder, imposing a −2D penalty to all “positive” Charm rolls (i.e., Command or Diplomacy, but not Intimidation).

Most “civilized” weapon makers will either refuse to work with the material or will charge hefty “My soul is imperiled just handling this stuff” fees if they are willing to work the stuff.

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