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November Company D6 Notes

As promised (threatened?), here’s you chance to snag the I put together to run a Mini Six/Open D6 World War II game. They’re what you might call “barebones” if you’re feeling charitable. But if you know the system reasonably well they should make for a decent foundation for your own efforts towards such a game.

Download the November Company Notes (10659 downloads )

November Company, in my conception, is pretty much the A-Team combined with the actual early Army Rangers. The soldiers assigned to November Company are the type of guys who don’t make good soldiers, but who have skills and personalities that lend themselves to, shall we say, different uses in a theater of war.

Anyway, download ’em and do with them as you please. In addition to the very basics of character creation, you’ll find a small selection of US weapons of the period, a 1/2 page character sheet, and a sheet with vehicle information on the trusty “Rat Patrol” style jeep.

As always, I must admit that I am most decidedly not a WWII scholar – in fact, I’m little more than a tourist in the era. The material that comprises the period flavor of these notes is essentially what I was able to glean from Wikipedia, without any concern for accuracy beyond the bare minimum needs for maintaining a reasonable degree of Hollywood verisimilitude for a bunch of players who know even less about the period than I do.

That’s the long way of saying that if you see something that makes you draw your breath sharply through your teeth, blame a lifetime’s viewing of cheesy WWII representations, offer a gentle correction, and move on to something more important 🙂

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(My Dreams Of) Gaming Plans For 2012 (Because You Care)

So the Thanksgiving game happened. It was a WWII commando raid using a Mini Six/D6 Adventure mashup and it was a blast. But I’m not here to talk about it. Not right now, anyway. I’m gunning to do that a little later on, when I’m ready to post the materials I put together for the game. Nope, instead I’m here to talk about what I’m hoping to run next.

First up, sometime during the Winter Solstice Holidays break, I’m hoping to pull off a BASH game for a friend, his 13 year old son, and maybe a few other folks. I’m currently thinking Golden Age/WWII supers kicking fascist ass in Europe. But the ideas are swirling and unformed at this point, so who knows what (if anything) will ultimately come to pass?

After that, I’m pondering a few possibilities:

  • Some kind of hard(-ish) SciFi using good ol’ Classic Traveller and some Stars Without Number action
  • Labyrinth Lord/AEC romps through either the Against The Giants series or maybe Castle Amber, The Lost City, or some other classic modules
  • A BRP– (or possibly BoL-) based, Mythic Russia-fueled, Russian fantasy game
  • A Mini Six (with add-ons from Open D6) or Mercenaries, Spies, And Private Eyes 80s-style espionage game
  • A Call of Cthulhu Dreamlands miniseries (probably not until the CoC game I’m playing in wraps up, though)
  • A BRP/Renaissance (or maybe Tunnels & Trolls or Honor + Intrigue) black powder fantasy adventure
  • Droids. Seriously. Either with the original rules (unlikely) or with something else (D6, maybe?)

just to name a few (in no particular order). All of this is subject to change (i.e., my whims and interests) and player buy-in, of course.

That’s Great And All, But What About Giving Us Some Sweet Gaming Content, Pao?

Yeah, I know. My content output has absolutely tanked of late (and, honestly, not-so-late). I’m struggling with that, really. Part of me wants to be cranking out stuff like I had been, but another part just isn’t inclined to spend the time on it. So it’s not quite burnout, per se. It’s more a case of conflicting interests and such. So to answer the question that I asked on no one in particular’s behalf, “Reply hazy. Try again later.”

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Ghostbusters Character: Vincent Paoloni

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for Ghostbusters. This cat could be a Ghostbuster. Or he could be a guy with a paranormal pest problem. It could go either (or both) way(s), really. Any similarities between this character and your humble scribe are purely coincidental, surely.

Vincent “Vinnie the Mouse” Paoloni
Traits / Talents
Brains 3 / Music Trivia 6
Muscle 2 / Drink Booze 5
Moves 3 / Make Music 6
Cool 4 / Bluff 7

Brownie Points: 20
Goal: Rock & Roll
Residence: Austin, Texas

Man, Ghostbusters (1st edition, since that all I’ve been able to look at) is a light, simple system. It’s nice to see where the D6 System got its start. I think GB might be a bit too light for any other than really light-hearted play. But then again, that’s what it was designed for, so no biggie.

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Mini Six Luchas: Earthquake & Volcano

Wherein your humble scribe presents a couple of good guy luchadores whipped up for Mini Six. Remember that the “Signature Move” perk costs 2 skill dice and allows the character to double the results of one Brawling roll per combat.

El Terremoto

El Terremoto (Earthquake) is a rudo turned good-guy. He used to be the arch-nemesis of El Ángel de Oro, but changed his ways after several other rudos betrayed him and let him serve hard time rather than bust him out of prison in Tijuana. Now El Terremoto fights for truth, justice, and the Mexican way alongside the other defenders of Mexico.

El Terremoto
The Strongest Luchador In All Mexico
Might 5D Agility 3D
Wit 2D Charm 2D
Skills: Brawling 6D, Toughness 6D, Dodge 4D, Melee 5D+1, Muscle 5D+1, Athletics 3D+1, Drive 4D, Intimidation 3D
Perks: Signature Move: Groundbreaker Suplex
Complications: None
Gear: none of significance
Static: Dodge 12, Block 18, Parry 15
Armor: none

El Volcán

El Volcán (Volcano) is a cocky, arrogant tecnico who is all too likely to lose a fight if a pretty lady flashes him a smile from the audience. Though he truly means well, El Volcán just can’t keep his mind in the ring and is far more interested in the perks of being a famous luchador than putting in the work needed to be a truly exceptional wrestler.

El Volcán
A Womanizing Luchador With Flair
Might 3D Agility 3D+2
Wit 2D Charm 3D+1
Skills: Brawling 3D+1, Athletics 4D, Toughness 3D+1, Dodge 5D+2, Persuasion 3D+2, Seduce 4D
Perks: Signature Move: Eruption Jump, Flair!
Complications: Womanizer
Gear: none of significance
Static: Dodge 17, Block 10, Parry 9
Armor: none

New Perk: Flair Costing one skill die, this perk grants a +1 to all Charm skills except Intimidate and Streetwise so long as there’s an opportunity for the character to be flamboyant. Where others might look stupid being flashy, the character somehow makes it work. GMs should feel free to disallow the bonus from this perk if the player doesn’t give a reasonable effort to roleplay the part.

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Mini Six Character: Dirty Dan McCallum

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for a theoretical Mini Six-powered western.

Arguably the nicest bounty hunter on either side of the Mississippi, Daniel McCallum earned his nickname because of his perpetually dust-covered clothes, not because of his demeanor. Dan has more than once let a bounty go free when there’s a good hard-luck story involved. Truth be told, Dan is a might bit gullible and word is starting to get out to that effect. Fortunately, McCallum doesn’t actually need the money he stands to collect from any given bounty – that money he stole from the Union Army payroll back in the Civil War keeps him quite comfortable. Of course, there’s always a chance that someone might put two and two together…

Daniel “Dirty Dan” McCallum
Just about the nicest bounty hunter in the west
Might 2D+2 Agility 3D+2
Wit 2D Charm 3D+2
Skills: Lifting 3D, Brawling 4D, Dodge 4D+1, Riding 4D, Pistols 4D, Lasso 4D, Streetwise 4D, Survival 3D, Tracking 3D, Con 4D, Disguise 4D, Animal Handling 4D, First Aid 2D+1
Perks: Wealthy
Complications: Skeletons In The Closet
Gear: Colt .45 (4D+1), Sawed Off 12-guage (6D), Bowie Knife (3D), Horse
Static: Dodge 13, Block 9, Parry 8
Strength Damage: 2D
Body Points: 32
Armor: Leather Longcoat (3)

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Mini Six Character: Meudwy Caerwyn

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for Anglia – the 100 Years War/Dark Fairy Tale England setting he busted out on the unsuspecting Mini Six players a few weeks back. Will anything further come of it? Who the hell knows? 🙂

Meudwy Caerwyn, or Caerwyn the Hermit, makes his home in a cave nearly a day’s walk east of Dinas Tylluan. This strange old man – not unfriendly, just very odd – avoids the company of men whenever possible, preferring instead to spend his days talking with the beasts and birds of the valley. He hunts when necessary, but more often subsists on hearty root vegetables he finds in the nearby forest. Caerwyn loves to tell the story of the time he mistook the fairy ring for regular mushrooms and the bickering that took place amongst the pixies when they found their meeting place had become a delectable stew. The hermit doesn’t quite know how close he came to death that night, which might explain why he sleeps so well at night.

Meudwy Caerwyn
Hermit Mage Dinas Tylluan
Might 2D+1 Agility 3D+1
Wit 4D Charm 1D+1
Skills: Stamina 3D, Bow 3D+2, Dodge 4D+1, Magic 5D, Language: Fey 4D+1, Tracking 4D+1, Hunting 4D+1,
Perks: Sorcerer
Complications: Mad as a hatter
Gear: Bow (2D+2), Knife (2D)
Static: Dodge 13, Block 7, Parry 7
Strength Damage: 1D
Body Points: 32
Armor: Heavy Furs (2)
Spells: Beast Tongue, Heal

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Happy Birthday, Neptune!

Neptune as seen by Voyager 2 (image from NASA)

Neptune as seen by Voyager 2 (image from NASA)

As of today, Neptune – my second favorite planet (of the ones upon which I do not live) – marks the completion of its first full orbit around the sun since our earthly eyes discovered its existence. It’s a cool “Hooray science & mathematics!” type of story, if you don’t know it.

I hope El Santo Negro and some other brave luchas will save us from the Neptunian MonsterMen if they ever show up!

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Mini Six Character: Eldryn of Kent

Wherein your humble scribe presents an NPC for Anglia – the 100 Years War/Dark Fairy Tale England setting he busted out on the unsuspecting Mini Six players a few weeks back. Will anything further come of it? Who the hell knows? 🙂

A hardened veteran of many campaigns against the French, Eldryn of Kent settled down upon reaching his 46th year and now serves as a the captain of the guard for the inland trade center of Creighton. The sandy-haired, grey-eyed Eldryn possesses a few scars, but his handsome features remain mostly as they appeared when he was a younger man. Though unmarried, he enjoys the attentions of many of Creighton’s wealthier merchant’s daughters. An accomplished soldier and leader of men, it is generally assumed that Eldryn will eventually be named mayor of the town. Even those who should by all rights despise the man find that they are instead completely taken with him. How it is he came to know so much of the language of the fairies of the wood is a story even the gregarious captain himself never seems to get around to sharing.

Eldryn of Kent
Captain of the Guard in Creighton, Anglia
Might 2D+2 Agility 2D+2
Wit 2D+2 Charm 3D
Skills: Lifting 3D, Dodge 3D, Brawling 3D, Sword 3D+2, Longbow 3D+2, Riding 3D, Military Scholar 3D+2, Healing 3D, Language: Fey 3D, Command 4D
Perks: None
Complications: None
Gear: Longsword (4D+2), Longbow (4D+2)
Static: Dodge 9 (10), Block 8 (9), Parry 11 (12)
Strength Damage: 2D
Body Points: 30
Armor: Chainmail (+6) , Shield (+1 to static defenses)

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00(D)6: Mini Six Meets 80s Spies

Double-oh-six gets a bad rap, thanks to the character of Alexander “Alec” Trevelyan in GoldenEye. But before and after that particular era there have certainly been other “good” Agents identified as 006. So let’s not damn the number out of existence. Especially when it works so very nicely as a key piece of the title for this implementation of Mini Six as an engine for enjoying 80s-style spy action adventures.

What’s that? You don’t know Mini Six? Well go grab a copy from AntiPaladin Games and then come back here. I’ll wait…

One can, of course, use this setting hack for other popular espionage eras – like the swinging 60s, the spacey 70s, the gritty 00s, and so forth. Or maybe you want to explore the adventures of spies in service of the Crown in WWII, WWI or even earlier. All you’d really need to do is monkey with the available equipment. But such changes and considerations are all outside the scope of 00(D)6 as it is written today.

A Quick Note: In addition to the obvious sources, this hack of Mini Six is inspired by such great RPGs as Victory Games’ James Bond 007: Role-Playing In Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Hero Games’ Espionage! and Danger International, Flying Buffalo’s Mercenaries, Spies, And Private Eyes and TSR’s Top Secret. If you’re not familiar with any of those games, consider tracking down a copy. eBay often has JBRPG, Top Secret, and the Hero Games offerings, while MSPE is actually still in print from Flying Buffalo.


00(D)6 uses the standard Mini Six attributes: Might, Agility, Wit, and Charm.


00(D)6 relies largely on skills found in Mini Six, with some switching around underneath “parent” attributes and the addition of some from D6 Adventure and other Open D6 sources. If you haven’t downloaded those free sources of gaming goodness yet, you really ought to. You might just find something that makes you smile.

Lifting, Stamina, Swimming, Climbing, Running, Jumping

Acrobatics, Unarmed Combat, Guns, Melee Combat, Bows, Stealth, Shadowing, Driving, Boating, Dodge, Throwing, Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand

Investigation, Gambling, Language, Business, Demolitions, Forgery, Computers, Medicine, Knowledge, Repair, Search, Tech, Survival, Tracking, Pilot, Breaking & Entering

Seduction, Fast Talk, Persuasion, Acting, Streetwise, Society, Animal Handling, Command, Disguise, Intimidation, Riding


Most of the non-racial and non-esoteric perks from Mini Six should work just fine in 00(D)6. Here are a few more that are particularly well-suited to the genre.

License To Kill (1) – You are a 00-rated agent, who is licensed to eliminate enemies with extreme prejudice. Over-use of this privilege will result in a similarly-rated individual being assigned to “straighten you out.” Without this perk, you may quickly run afoul of the law if you’re the trigger happy sort.

Diplomatic Immunity (2) – You are a member of the diplomatic corps of a country other than the one you currently reside in. You cannot be easily prosecuted for minor- to mid-level law breaking, though you can still be detained for questioning in relation to criminal activity.

Contacts (1) – You know people. They might even have answers to specific questions, if you can get in touch with them.

Gadgets (3) – You have a small number (4 max) of limited use (3 times, max) gadgets. These can be small disguised weapons (typically doing no more than 2D damage), tracking devices, listening devices, and so on. The GM is the final arbiter of what any individual gadget can do.


Many of the complications found in Mini Six are quite appropriate for 00(D)6. Here is one more that fit nicely.

Duty – You serve a greater organization, and are bound to act in its best interests at all times. Failure to do so will cause you great difficulties ranging from a loss of privileges to, perhaps, execution. Mind your p’s and q’s.


Here’s a brief list of common weapons your 00(D)6 Agents might use (or have used against them).

.38 Revolver 4D (5/10/15)
.45 Revolver 4D+1 (15/30/35)
.357 Magnum 5D (20/35/50)
9mm PPK 3D (7/14/21)
9mm Glock 3D+2 (8/16/24)
M1 Carbine 5D+1 (45/450/600)
AK-47* 6D (45/85/170)
Uzi* 3D+2 (20/40/60)
Razor Brimmed Throwing Hat +2D (5/10/15)
Speargun 4D (10/20/30)
Rapier +2D
Knife +1D
Bullwhip +1D
Hidden Shoe Dagger +2
Brass Knuckles +1D+1

Additional & Optional Rules

A couple of simple rules additions are needed to make Mini Six into 00(D)6:

  • Automatic weapons: Some weapons (marked with an asterisk in the Weapons List above) are capable of automatic fire. By default it is assumed that these weapons will be used to fire more than a single shot at a target, and the damage for each weapon is presented with that in mind. If an Agent opts to fire only a single shot, reduce the damage done by 2D. If an Agent chooses to “empty the clip” at a target, grant a +6 to hit bonus and increase the damage done by a successful attack by 2D. Agents who choose this option may not perform any other actions in a round and suffer a −3 penalty to their Static Dodge (the only defense allowed) for the duration of the round.
  • Multiple Shots: Non-autofire guns (those not marked with an asterisk) are typically able to fire multiple times in a round. Additional shots may be taken at a single target granting a +3 to hit bonus and +1D damage on a successful hit. This option does not count as multiple actions. Shooting at multiple targets (up to 3, maximum) in a round still counts as multiple actions, however, and no bonuses are received to this mode of attacking.
  • Ammunition: In general, assume that “enough ammo” is available for any particular firefight. In the case of a combat roll that is 5 less than the number needed to hit when a “1” is rolled on the Wild Die, declare that the shooter has either run out of ammunition or that the weapon has jammed and is useless for the rest of the combat. You may also want to declare that all ammo has been spent in the case of a successful attack that exceeds the number required to hit by 10 if a “1” is rolled on the Wild Die.
  • Gadgets: As noted in the Advantage of the same name above, 00(D)6 Agents are often equipped with nifty gadgets that let them sneak weapons into unlikely situations, monitor their enemies at a distance, or otherwise accomplish things that might not otherwise be possible. In general, the GM should allow Agents to get away with little things that serve the story, but not game-breaking actions. One of the best ways to handle this is to make sure than any gadgets are written down in advance of play and that each gadget only be useable a small number of times before it breaks or is depleted. Remember that these gadgets are always the property of the Agency and their misuse will be frowned upon.

In addition, the following Mini Six optional rules are used in 00(D)6:

  • Body Points instead of Wounds
  • Traditional Open D6 Might Damage
  • High Rolls increase damage: For every full 5 points an attack succeeds by, increase damage dealt by 1

Adventure Seeds

Just in case you’re stumped when it comes to what to have your Agents chasing across the globe for, consider these starting points.

  • Several agents have turned up dead in a major city known as a hotbed of espionage activity. The gloves are off and its time to take down the aggressor. But it’s quite likely that not everything is as it seems.
  • A megalomaniacal CEO is suspected of arranging the theft of numerous priceless works of art. Is he simply collecting these? Or is he selling them on the black market to fund some other nefarious goal?
  • A NATO general is believed to be conspiring with his opposite number in the Eastern Bloc to bring about a war by destroying major world landmarks. This madness must be stopped!

For a proper 00(D)6 mission, your Agents should probably visit no fewer than 4 locations across the globe. Remember, the Agency is picking up the airfare, so don’t be shy about jetting about!

You might also want to start any given game of 00(D)6 off in medias res as your Agents finish up their previous assignment. Of course, then you’d be at a minimum of 5 locations, but budget is no constraint when it comes to these stories, people!

Potential Antagonists

Trained Combatants
Might 3D Agility 3D Wit 2D Charm 2D
Skills: Lifting 4D, Stamina 4D, Unarmed Combat 4D, Guns 4D, Command 3D
Perks: None
Static: Dodge 9, Block 12, Parry 9
Might Damage: 2D
Equipment: Carbine (5D+1) or Revolver (4D)
Body Points 32

Poorly-Paid Muscle
Might 3D+2 Agility 2D+2 Wit 1D+2 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Lifting 4D+2, Stamina 4D+2, Unarmed Combat 3D+2, Guns 3D+2, Intimidate 2D+2, Breaking & Entering 2D+2, Demolitions 2D
Perks: None
Might Damage: 2D
Static: Dodge 8, Block 11, Parry 8
Equipment: 9mm Glock (3D+2) or Uzi (3D+2)
Body Points 34

Might 2D+1 Agility 2D+2 Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Guns 3D, Dodge 3D, Computers 3D+2, Medicine 3D, Tech 3D+2, Repair 3D+2, Forgery 3D+2
Perks: None
Might Damage: 1D
Static: Dodge 8, Block 7, Parry 7
Equipment: 9mm Glock (3D+2)
Body Points 29

Elite Defender & Right-Hand Man
Might 3D+2 Agility 2D+2 Wit 2D+1 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Lifting 5D, Stamina 4D+2, Dodge 3D+2, Throwing 4D+2, Unarmed Combat 3D+2, Intimidation 3D+1, Command 3D+1, Demolitions 2D+2
Perks: None
Might Damage: 3D
Static: Dodge 11, Block 11, Parry 11
Equipment: Razor Brimmed Throwing Hat (4D)
Body Points 34

A Beautiful And Deadly Professional Killer
Might 2D Agility 4D Wit 2D+2 Charm 3D+1
Skills: Dodge 5D, Guns 4D+2, Unarmed Combat 5D, Melee Combat 4D+1, Language: French 3D+2, Seduction 4D+1, Persuasion 4D+1, Breaking & Entering 3D, Disguise 4D
Perks: None
Might Damage: 1D
Static: Dodge 15, Block 15, Parry 13
Equipment: Rapier (3D), Knife (2D)
Body Points 28

Secret Agent
Your Opposite Number – Or Perhaps An Ally Gone Rogue
Might 3D+1 Agility 3D+1 Wit 3D+2 Charm 3D+2
Skills: Stamina 3D+2, Lifting 4D, Dodge 4D, Guns 4D+1, Unarmed Combat 4D, Stealth 3D+2, Gambling 4D+2, Seduction 4D, Persuasion 4D, Disguise 4D, Society 4D, Streetwise 4D, Investigation 4D
Perks: License to Kill, Gadgets
Might Damage: 2D
Static: Dodge 12, Block 12, Parry 10
Equipment: 9mm PPK (3D)
Body Points 34

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Mini Six: Mini Bushi(D6)o

This is a quick tweaking of Mini Six to emulate the old Fantasy Games Unlimited RPG, Bushido. If you’re not familiar with Bushido, click that link in the previous sentence and grab a copy of the PDF. You’ll find it worth having if you want to do any “fantasy Japan” roleplaying.

Like many an old-school RPG, Bushido is class-based, and to a certain extend I’ve tried to preserve those distinctions a bit by way of Perks & Complications. But the strength of Mini Six (and other non-class-based games, old and new) is that it doesn’t pigeonhole you. So if you want to play a courtly Samurai who doesn’t fight well, or a Yakuza who dabbles in magic, or any other “non-standard” character type, go for it.

And now, without further ado, here’s the game info for Mini Bushi(D6)o.


Mini Bushi(D6)o uses the standard four attributes found in Mini Six: Might, Agility, Wit, and Charm.


Mini Bushi(D6)o relies mostly on the skills presented in Mini Six, though quite a few have been shuffled around under the “parent” attributes and a few new ones have been added. For more info on those added skills (if you need such a thing) you would do well to grab a copy of the freely-available D6 Fantasy.

Climbing, Lifting, Running, Stamina, Swimming, Toughness

Acrobatics, Axe, Bow, Club, Dodge, Lockpicking, Nunchaku, Pole Weapon, Riding, Sai, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Sword/Knife, Throwing, Unarmed Combat

Artist, Calligraphy, Cultural Scholar, Gambling, Healing, Magic, Military Scholar, Navigation, Reading/Writing, Search, Survival, Tracking, Traps

Animal Handling, Bluff, Command, Disguise, Etiquette, Intimidation, Persuasion, Streetwise, Tea Ceremony, Trading

Perks & Complications

Any of the non-racial & non-esoteric Perks in Mini Six should be fine in Mini Bushi(D6)o. The Sorcerer Perk is available, see the Magic section below for more information on taking this Perk.

A few additional perks designed for the genre are outlined below.

Daisho (2) – You have mastered the art of wielding the katana & the wakizashi simultaneously. Though you still suffer a multiple action penalty when making more than one attack in a round, you receive +2 to each attack so long as you attack at least once with your katana and once with your wakizashi. You receive no bonus when attacking with only one weapon, or when making multiple attacks with a single weapon.

I Am Ninja! (2) – You receive +1 to all stealth, climbing, and traps rolls.

Nunchaku-te (2) – You have mastered the art of wielding two nunchaku simultaneously. Though you still suffer a multiple action penalty when making more than one attack in a round, you receive +2 to each attack so long as you are armed with two nunchaku. You receive no bonus when attacking with only one weapon, or when making multiple attacks with a single weapon.

I Am Yakuza! (2) – You receive +1 to all gambling, intimidation, and streetwise rolls.

Many of the Complications found in Mini Six will work just fine for Mini Bushi(D6)o characters, though it’s up to the GM to approve any selected Complications. Below are a few more to choose from that are specific to Mini Bushi(D6)o.

Note that outside of the Shugenja & Gakusho Codes, none of these are required for any function or ability. Though a Samurai or Ninja who fails to observe even the most basic tenets of his or her “class” will surely find him- or herself in deep trouble.

Samurai Code – Death before dishonor or defeat. Serve your Daimyo loyally and well. Take no unfair advantage.

Yakuza Code – Help yourself, but also help the people of the land. Your tattoos are a badge of honor. Accept no insult lightly.

Ninja Code – Silence, discretion, honor, loyalty. All must be adhered to. Reveal no secrets of the Ninja, no matter the personal cost.

Gakusho Code – You are bound to increase your own spiritual enlightenment and tend to the salvation and protection of your fellow men. Behave accordingly.

Budoka Code – Perfection in body, mind, and spirit are achieved through hard work and constant training. Follow the teachings of Buddha and defend the oppressed.

Shugenja Code – Study and knowledge are the most important thing. Earthly possessions are a drain upon your powers, shun them except where necessary.



Swords & Knives
Katana +2D+2 or +3D (1-handed or 2-handed)
Wakizashi +1D+2
No-dachi 3D+2
Ninja-to +2D+1
Tanto +1D

Pole Arms
Naginata +3D
Yari +2D

Kama +1D+2
Masakari +2D+1
Ono +3D+1

Bows & Thrown Weapons
Dai-kyu +2D+2 (10/100/250)
Han-kyu +1D+2 (10/100/250)
Shuriken +1D (5/10/15)

Club-like Weapons
Bo Stick +1D+1
Jo Staff +1D+2
Kiseru +1D+1
Tessen +1D+1 (+2 bonus to parry attempts)
Tetsubo +4D (-5 penalty to hit if used by someone with Might less than 4)
Tonfa +1D+1 (may use “Block” defense with no danger of being damaged)

Unusual Weapons
Nunchaku +1D+2
Sai +1D+1 (+5 bonus to disarm attempts)


Most folks in Mini Bushi(D6)o do not wear armor. And warrior types typically only wear it when directly headed into battle. Armor types found throughout Nippon include:

Quilted/Heavy Silks (+2)
Samurai Court Attire (+3)
Light Ashigaru Armor (+4)
Light Samurai Armor (+5)
Heavy Ashigaru Armor (+7)
Heavy Samurai Armor (+9)


Shields are not commonly used in Nippon. When they are, they increase the user’s static defense scores by +1 or +2, depending upon their size.


Mini Bushi(D6)o uses the Simple Magic System from Mini Six with the following notes:

  • In addition to taking the Sorcerer advantage, either the Shugenja Code or Gakusho Code complication must be taken.
  • Shugenja may only cast these spells: Animal Growth, Animate Dead, Beast Tongue, Charm, Clairvoyance, Conjure Elemental, Dark Vision, Death Spell, Dispel Magic, ESP, Fly, Growth, Hasten, Illusions, Invisibility, Lightning Bolt, Petrify, Shape Change, Slumber, Telekinesis, Teleport
  • Gakusho may only cast these spells: Bless, Control Weather, Curse, Dispel Magic, Divination, Earthquake, Heal, Light, Paralysis, Possession, Resist Elements, Resurrection, See Magic Aura, Still Mind

Special/Optional Rules

  • Body Points instead of Wound Levels
  • Traditional Open D6 Might Damage (i.e., 1/2 Might or Lifting, round up)
  • Attributes may be purchased up to 5D, but all pips/dice over 4 cost double
  • High rolls increase damage: For every full 3 points an attack roll succeeds by, add 1 to the damage of the attack.

Adventure Seeds

  • Azu-Mamaro, the Bakemono-kunshu ruler of a small kingdom in the rugged mountains to the north, seeks honorable humans to deliver his tribute to the Emperor. Other Bakemono-kunshu are dubious of Azu-Mamaro’s attempts to curry favor with the human ruler and are likely to send their own forces to interfere.
  • War is coming to Okibu Province! The forces of the Nakayama Clan are gathering near the borders and Daimyo Nakayama Yosuke has his eyes on the throne of Watanabe Castle. Lady Watanabe Euiko has requested that you take the daisho of retired samurai Murakami Shoichi, once the master strategist of Lord Watanabe’s army, to his hermitage deep within the high forest and convince him to return and lead the Watanabe forces as they seek to defend their Daimyo’s lands against the depredations of the Nakayama barbarians.
  • A group of unsavory bandits – led by a fearless ronin called Red Stone of the East – has been disrupting vital trade between Nagato Province and the rest of the island. The local Yakuza are have requested your help in handling this menace. For the benefit of the people, of course.

Example Characters

Here are a handful of common “heroic level” NPCs. Trimming some Attribute Dice or Skill Dice from these would yield more common opponents.

A Serious Samurai
Might 4D Agility 3D+1 Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D
Skills: Lifting 5D, Dodge 4D, Military Scholar 3D, Sword 4D+1, Kyu 4D, Tea Ceremony 2D+1 (6)
Perks: Daisho
Complications: Samurai Code
Strength Damage: 3D
Static: Dodge 12, Block 12, Parry 13
Body Points: 36
Equipment: Katana (+2D+2/+3D), Wakizashi (+1D+2), Light Samurai Armor (5)

A Drunken Ronin
Might 4D Agility 3D+1 Wit 2D+1 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Lifting 5D, Toughness 5D, Dodge 4D+1, Sword 5D, Gambling 3D, Survival 3D, Streetwise 2D+2, Intimidation 2D+2
Perks: Favors
Complications: Unlucky In Money
Strength Damage: 3D
Static: Dodge 13, Block 12, Parry 15
Body Points: 40
Equipment: No-Dachi (+3D+2), Heavy Silks (2)

A Cowardly Ashigaru
Might 3D Agility 3D+2 Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D+2
Skills: Lifting 4D, Dodge 5D+2, Pole Arms 5D, Military Scholar 3D, Gambling 3D, Healing 3D, Survival 3D+1, Tracking 3D, Trading 3D, Charm 3D
Perks: None
Complications: Cowardly
Strength Damage: 3D
Static: Dodge 17, Block 9, Parry 15
Body Points: 32
Equipment: Yari (+2D), Light Ashigaru Armor (4)

A Noble Budoka
Might 3D Agility 4D Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Toughness 3D+1, Unarmed Combat 5D+2, Nunchaku 5D, Dodge 5D, Cultural Scholar 3D, Healing 3D, Command 2D+2
Perks: Nunchaku-te
Complications: Budoka Code
Strength Damage: 2D
Static: Dodge 15, Block 17, Parry 15
Body Points: 33
Equipment: Nunchaku X2 (+1D+2)

A Mysterious Shugenja
Might 2D Agility 3D+1 Wit 4D Charm 2D+2
Skills: Magic 6D, Cultural Scholar 4D+1, Read/Write 4D+1, Dodge 3D+2
Perks: Sorcerer, Recall
Complications: Shugenja Code
Strength Damage: 1D
Static: Dodge 11, Block 6, Parry 6
Body Points: 28
Equipment: Jo Staff (+1D+2)
Spells: Animate Dead, Conjure Elemental, Illusions, Telekinesis

A Benevolent Gakusho
Might 2D+2 Agility 2D+1 Wit 3D+2 Charm 3D+1
Skills: Club 4D+1, Magic 4D+2, Cultural Scholar 4D+2, Healing 4D+2, Charm 3D+2, Etiquette 3D+2, Persuasion 3D+2
Perks: Sorcerer
Complications: Gakusho Code
Strength Damage: 2D
Static: Dodge 7, Block 8, Parry 13 (15 w/ Tessen)
Body Points 30
Equipment: Tessen (+1D+1), Heavy Silks (2)
Spells: Bless, Dispel Magic

An Honest Yakuza
Might 2D+1 Agility 2D+2 Wit 3D+1 Charm 3D+2
Skills: Club 3D+2, Gambling 4D+1, Streetwise 4D+2, Dodge3D, Lockpicking 3D, Bluff 4D+1, Persuade 4D+1
Perks: I Am Yakuza!
Complications: Yakuza Code
Strength Damage: 1D
Static: Dodge 9, Block 7, Parry 11
Body: Points 29
Equipment: Kiseru (+1D+1)

A Nearly Invisible Ninja
Might 2D+2 Agility 4D Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D+2
Skills: Climbing 3D, Acrobatics 4D+1, Stealth 5D+2, Sword 4D+2, Throwing 4D+1, Dodge 5D, Traps 3D, Disguise 3D
Perks: I Am Ninja!
Complications: Nina Code
Strength Damage: 1D
Static: Dodge 15, Block 8, Parry 14
Body Points: 30
Equipment: Ninja-to (+2D+1), 6 Shuriken (+1D)


Here are write-ups for a few classic supernatural foes from Japanese legend. Consult Bushido for more examples. Or check out the video game Okami for some very interesting enemy ideas.

Kappa (Scale 0)
Cucumber-loving & malicious!
Might 4D Agility 1D+1 (4D in water) Wit 2D Charm 1D+1
Skills: Unarmed Combat 5D+1, Swimming 7D, Toughness 5D, Traps 2D+1
Perks: Shell Armor (6)
Static: Dodge 4(12), Block 16, Parry 12
Body Points 40, Armor 6

Bakemono-sho (Scale 0)
Goblin Ashugaru
Might 2D+2 Agility 2D+1 Wit 1D+2 Charm 1D+1
Skills: Sword 3D, Dodge 3D, Bow 2D+2, Stealth 3D
Perks: None
Static: Dodge 9, Block 6, Parry 9
Equipment: Wakizashi (+1D+2), Han-kyu (+1D+2)
Body Points 30, Armor 4

Dai-bakemono (Scale 0D)
Goblin Samurai
Might 4D Agility 2D+2 Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Sword 3D+2, Cultural Scholar 3D+2, Dodge 3D+2, Military Scholar 3D+2
Perks: None
Static: Dodge 11, Block 11, Parry 11
Equipment: No-dachi (+3D+2) or Tetsubo (+4D)
Body Points 36, Armor 5

Bakemono-kunshu (Scale 0D)
Goblin Daimyo
Might 4D+1 Agility 3D Wit 3D+1 Charm 3D
Skills: Sword 5D, Cultural Scholar 4D+1, Military Scholar 4D+1, Magic 4D+1
Perks: Sorcerer, Daisho
Static: Dodge 9, Block 13, Parry 15
Equipment: Katana (+2D+2/+3D), Wakizashi +1D+2
Body Points 37, Armor 9
Spells: Fly, Illusions

O-Bakemono (Scale +2D)
Big dumb ogres
Might 6D Agility 2D Wit 1D Charm 1D
Skills: Toughness 8D, Club 3D, Survival 1D+2, Tracking 1D+1, Animal Handling 1D+2, Intimidation 3D
Perks: None
Static: Dodge 6, Block 18, Parry 9
Equipment: Really Big Club (+4D)
Body Points 52, Armor 2

Tengu (Scale 0D)
Crow Spirits
Might 4D+1 Agility 4D+2 Wit 4D+2 Charm 4D+1
Skills: Sword 5D+1, Dodge 5D+2, Magic 6D+2
Perks: Sorcerer, Flying
Static: Dodge 17, Block 13, Parry 16
Equipment: Fine Katana (+3D)
Body Points 37, Armor 4
Spells: Charm, Control Weather, Illusion, Invisibility, Shape Change, Teleport

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