Mini Six Character: Delacroix H

Wherein your humble scribe presents a Mini Six character he put together as an NPC for his own amusement, possibly for use in a future project.

There. There was. There was a noise. There was a noise when the starship shuddered; a noise like the scream of a broken rainbow. The experimental drive the scientists from Rice had developed interacted in some unexpected way with the resonance-dampening frame and shielding. By the time mission control aborted the launch everyone on the Cape had been blinded by the silver-sepia vision of a god astride the sands of an alien world. The pilot of the craft was nowhere to be found.


He. He was. He was alive. There was a noise when the starship shuddered; a noise like the cry of a newborn world. He could hear his own heartbeat and breathing echoing within the helmet that encased his sensory organs. His consciousness came and went; wrapped in heavy cotton when present, wrapped in black wool when gone. Sometime later he could hear the thoughtwords of several who stood above him, though he could not comprehend their meaning. The sour barks of the riding lizards, though, were clear, sharp warnings of the questionable intent of those who rode them. He waited, unmoving and yet uncannily aware. In time, the superstitious men turned and rode away. Unwilling to molest the god who had fallen from the Orgstone Sky.


It. It was. It was sunset. There was a noise above him; a noise like the shout of some raw bird’s terror. He stood looking out across the desert, unsure of where he was. Unsure of where he came from. The words on his clothing meant nothing to him. They were… familiar, but ultimately as alien as the world he now surveyed. He knew somehow that the night would be cold, but that his body would survive. His mind reached out across the sands and he felt the presence of those who would help him. He felt, too, the presence of those who would seek to do him harm. But he was not afraid; the fire that burned in the strange pistol at his side would convert them.

Delacroix H

Steel grey eyes that shine / Winter’s ghosts beneath his skin / Prophecy returns

Might 2D+2 Agility 3D+1
Wit 3D+2 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Dodge 4D+1, PsiPistol 3D+1, Poetry 4D+2, Psionics 4D+2
Psychic Abilities: ESP, Beast Tongue
Perks: Psychic
Complications: Stranger
Gear: PsiPistol (5D)
Static: Dodge 13, Block 11, Parry 8
Body Points: 28
Armor: Spacesuit (6)

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