Update: Just Not Feelin’ It

Well, hell. I’m sorry folks, but what with this new job (at a startup, which means much madness) and all, I’m just not quite feeling the geek blogging spark. The past few nights I’ve sat down at the ol’ writing machine and just kind of started off into space, unable to put any of my thoughts into coherent action. And that’s frustrating. And then that frustration feeds on itself. I’m sure y’all know the feeling.

So what’s a poor pao to do? I figure I’ll just keep on staring at the page until the words come, but in the meantime I thought I should at least say something so y’all don’t think I’ve up and died or somethin’.

My copy of the Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes “bonus pack” arrived over the weekend, and a very quick flip through the main rules confirms my suspicion that it’s probably exactly what I need to supplement my desire to run a psychedelic Science Fiction setting using Tunnels & Trolls – so much so that I might not need T&T at all. So if I can ever get the swirling ideas around that concept to solidify, I’m pretty sure what I’ll be using.

I also finally knuckled under and bought the PDF of BASH Ultimate Edition, the better to scratch my creeping Superhero gaming itch. It’s an interesting game that I think is quite capable of handling a nice & diverse batch of power levels. It seems like a worthy successor to the late & lamented Silver Age Sentinels in the “It’s like Champions, but lighter” category. I think this may prove to be the game system that unlocks the crazy dimension- and world-hopping 60s/70s Marvel-esque superhero/fantasy game that’s also bouncing around in my head.

That’s about all I can actually wring out of my sad little brain at this point, I’m afraid. But the fact that there ideas struggling to be born has to count for something, right? 🙂

Oh, and just so there’s something actually useful in this post, here’s a quick Mini Six character. Why? Because Mini Six is nice and easy to create characters for, don’tchaknow?

Nyr’n Pharr
Science Fantasy Hero Extraordinaire
Might 4D Agility 2D+2
Wit 2D+1 Charm 3D
Skills: Axe/Mace 5D, Dodge 4D, Stealth 3D, Pick Locks 3D, Persuasion 3D+2, Riding 4D, Seduce 4D, Streetwise 4D
Perks: None
Complications: None
Gear: Axe (7D), Dagger (5D), Plasma Pistol (5D)
Static: Dodge 12, Block 12, Parry 15
Body Points: 32
Armor: Chainmail (+6)

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0 thoughts on “Update: Just Not Feelin’ It

  1. Dr. Une

    I ran MS&PE around 1984 for a game that turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns I’ve ever managed. It was 1930s pulp in the Wold Newton universe. The system is pretty much perfect for pulp action adventure…

    Speaking of psychedelic pulp sci fi…this is where I plug Humanspace Empires…if you haven’t already, please check it out, its a free download on my blog…ix

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      That sounds like a good game indeed, Doc! My rather successful pulp campaign happened from ’89-’93 or so (irregular, but still covering quite a few adventures) using Justice, Inc., which I had acquired back in ’84 or so. I was a young Hero snob back then and MSPE just didn’t seem necessary. But I do like the look of it nowadays!

      Oh, I’ve been following Humanspace Empires with great relish, and it’s probably your work that put this damnable idea in my head in the first place 🙂 That art you’ve been using has really tugged at my brain. I’m just in a particularly “must use a ruleset that isn’t D&D” mindset right now. But believe me, that’s no knock on what you’ve done. I’ll probably relent before it’s all over – I’m nearly powerless in the face of a well-presented game, after all!

      Thanks for stopping by, and keep up the great work amigo!

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