Sidekick, Rival, Or Nemesis?

Hey, it’s that rascally Kor Danys. What’s his relationship with Nyr’n Pharr? No matter what, he’s definitely a better shot with that plasma pistol.

Kor Danys
Little Man With The Gun In His Hand
Might 2D+2 Agility 3D+2
Wit 3D+1 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Knife 4D, Dodge 5D, Streetwise 3D+1, Plasma Pistol 5D, Pick Pockets 4D+1, Pick Locks 3D+2, Brawling 3D, Stamina 3D+1
Perks: None
Complications: None
Gear: Dagger (5D), Plasma Pistol (5D)
Static: Dodge 15, Block 9, Parry 12
Body Points: 28
Armor: Leather (+2)

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