Mini Six: Contra El Zombi Atómico!

El Zombi Atomico

El Zombi Atómico, the scourge of Veracruz, is at it again. Now – with his Zombi Queen by his side and his Zombi henchmen dutifully following his every order – he holds the city in his cold, dead hands. The call goes out all across all of Mexico for brave luchadors to send Eza (he hates it when people call him that) and his gang back to hell and save Verecruz from a fate worse than death!

El Zombi Atómico
Might 4D+2 Agility 2D+2
Wit 3D Charm 3D+2
Skills: Brawling 5D+2, Athletics 3D+2, Toughness 5D+2, Dodge 3D+2, Diplomacy 4D, Persuasion 4D, Leadership 4D, Streetwise 4D+2
Perks: Signature Move: Zombi SLAM! (once per combat may double the result of one Brawling roll)
Complications: Not really alive… or is he?
Gear: none of significance
Static: Dodge 11, Block 17, Parry 14, Soak 17
Armor: none

La Reina De Los Zombis
Might 2D+1 Agility 3D+2
Wit 3D Charm 4D
Skills: Dodge 4D+2, Magic 4D, Seduction 6D
Perks: Sorcerer
Spells: Paralysis, Slumber
Complications: Not really alive… or is she?
Gear: none of significance
Static: Dodge 15, Block 9, Parry 6, Soak 7
Armor: none

Zombi Henchmen
Might 3D+1 Agility 2D+2
Wit 1D+1 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Brawl 4D+1, Melee 4D+1, Muscle 4D+1, Stamina 4D+1, Throw 3D+2, Intimidation 3D+2
Perks: none
Complications: none
Gear: Pistol (4D), Clubs/Chains/Etc. (4D+2)
Static: Dodge 8, Block 13, Parry 13, Soak 10
Armor: none

New Perk: Signature Move
What’s a luchador without his (or her) signature move? Nothing! That’s what. This perk, which costs two skill dice, gives your character the ability to declare that he is performing his signature move once per combat encounter. When doing so you get to double your Brawling roll for that particular attack roll. You must, of course, name your signature move and declare it with the appropriate lucha spirit when you decide to perform it in combat.

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0 thoughts on “Mini Six: Contra El Zombi Atómico!

  1. Dr Rotwang!

    ¡Eso mero! For an extra dash of verisimilitude, call him “El Zombi Atómico”, unless you’re annoyed by pedants like me who can’t keep their damn mouths shut.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      You know, I wondered about that. My six years of Spanish were a long time ago so I foolishly deferred to google translate on the gender of the adjective, in the failed belief that google knows better than I do 🙂

      I’ll fix it straight away, Doc!