BRP Bestiary: Flail Snail!

Wherein your humble scribe presents a classic weird-ass AD&D monster written up for Basic RolePlaying. He’d change the name to avoid litigation, but really, you just can’t come up with a better name than Flail Snail. Club Slug might have worked but for the shell.

Flail Snails are large, slimy mollusks with multiple flail-like tentacles rising from their heads. Their shells are brightly-colored and unnaturally magic resistant. In addition to this magic resistance, flail snails are completely immune to poison and only suffer 1/4 damage from any fire-based attack. Flail Snails are very sensitive to bright lights and will not be found outside during daylight hours. Further, they will retreat from any light source brighter than a torch or lantern.

A dying flail snail may emit a piteous wail that has a 50% chance of drawing the attention of another monster in the area. Then again, it might not.

Flail Snail, Absurdity Mollusk-onified

STR 4d6+12 (26)
CON 4d6+6 (20)
SIZ 4d6+11 (25)
POW 3d6+6 (16-17)
DEX 1d6 (3-4)
MOV crawl-4

Average HP: 23
Average Damage Bonus: +2d6
Morale: 50%

Armor: 2d12-2

Attacks: Flail 25%, damage 1d4 + db
A Flail Snail has 1 flail per 5 HP and can attack with each one once per round. These attacks can be directed independently. Each 5 HP of damage sustained by a Flail Snail reduces the number of flail attacks it has available by 1.

Skills: Dodge 5%, Climb 35%, Sense 75%, Spot 20%, Track 30%


Magic Resistance – Any person casting a spell at a flail snail must succeed at a Power Point:Power Point resistance roll or the spell will fail. On a fumbled Resistance roll the spell is redirected back at the caster.

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