BRP Bestiary: Wugs!

Wherein your humble scribe presents a couple of monster writeups he’s using as the primary antagonists in a D&D-style Basic RolePlaying game, enabled in no small part by the delightful majesty that is BRP Classic Fantasy.

Deep in the dreaded Bonenettle Swamp is is said that one may encounter the Wugs – horrible humanoid toadmen who worship dark gods. These creatures, the old stories say, were once human like you or me, but became corrupted by the foul entities they revere. They speak a maddening, blubbery tongue and perform terrible rites using lost children and unwary adventurers as their sacrifices.

Wug Warrior

Wug Warriors spring into combat on their powerful jumping legs, and in the round that they move in this fashion their damage bonus increases by one step.

Wug Warrior, A Toadman With A Point To Make

STR 3d6+3 (14-15)
CON 3d6+2 (13-14)
SIZ 1d6+8 (11-12)
INT 2d6+3 (10)
POW 3d6 (11)
DEX 2d6+6 (13)
APP 2d6 (7)
MOV hop-8

Average HP: 12
Average Damage Bonus: +1d4
Morale: 75%

Armor: 1d6-1, Leather Armor & Tough, Rubbery Skin

Attacks: Spear or Club 45%, damage 1d6+1+db (1d6+2+db if used 2-handed)
Round Shield 35%, damage 1d3+db
Claw/Claw/Bite 25%, damage 1d3/1d3/1d2 (+db)
Grapple 25%, damage special

Skills: Dodge 65%, Hide 85%, Jump 60%, Listen 35%, Spot 40%, Stealth 65%, Swim 45%

Powers: none

Wug Shaman

Like their larger and more martial brethren, Wug Shamen are able to leap into combat, increasing their damage bonus by one step (on average from none to 1d4) when they do. More often, though, these crafty toadmen rely on the spells they possess to handle their enemies. Wug Shamen typically wear large, heavy copper torcs which act as armor as well as serving as a cultural indicator of their role within the tribe.

Wug Shaman, A Toadman With A Trick Up His Sleeve

STR 3d6 (11-12)
CON 3d6 (11-12)
SIZ 2d4+4 (9)
INT 3d6+3 (14-15)
POW 2d6+6 (13)
DEX 2d6+6 (13)
APP 2d6+3 (10)
MOV hop-8

Average HP: 10
Average Damage Bonus: none
Morale: 65%

Armor: 1d4-1, Torcs & Tough, Rubbery Skin

Attacks: Spear or Club 35%, damage 1d6+db
Claw/Claw/Bite 20%, damage 1d3/1d3/1d2 (+db)

Skills: Dodge 65%, Hide 85%, Jump 50%, Listen 40%, Perform: Ritual 40%, Spot 45%, Stealth 55%, Swim 45%

Powers: Magic spells, typically including Charm Person 30%, Haste 25%, Heal 50%, Hold Person 40%, Restore Fatigue 40%

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