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Free Traveller!

Cheers to Dyson Logos for pointing this out on his blog, but in case you don’t happen to read his stuff (and you really should be), the “Starter Edition” of classic Traveller is currently available for free!

It’s a little hinky to download because there are three files and the “Get It Free” button only gives you the first file. You can get the other two either by looking at your order history or by checking the receipt email RPGNow should send you after downloading the first file.

Pretty much everything you need to play classic Traveller is included in the three files, so if you don’t have the King of SciFi Games (or just don’t have it in a digital format), get to downloading, people!

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Traveller: The Cat Is In The Bag

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of three characters for (classic) Traveller. All of these were rolled up by-the-book from Book 1: Characters And Combat.

Kicking around the ‘roids of Emental in the Claybourne Subsector after mustering out, this group of relative striplings are in desperate need of a patron. But what can an army sawbones, the troubled young woman he got booted from the service for, a jarhead grease monkey, and brainy ex-scout do to earn an honest living?

Well, there was that fancy guy at the starport casino, talking about needing help recapturing the grex panthera (or whatever he called it) that had gotten loose from its enclosure at his villa. That didn’t sound too difficult. Sam and Roy should be able to figure out the best way to tranquilize the thing, and Allan can certainly solomani-rig some kind of trap if need be. And Noemi? Well, maybe she can keep that sissy noble company by showing him just how grunts play cards. Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Samuel Lazarus
994694 Age 22 1 Term (Service: Army, Final Rank: Captain)
Rifle-1, Medical-3

Noemi Gaccione
894577 Age 22 1 Terms (Service: Army, Final Rank: Lieutenant)
Rifle-1, SMG-1, Gambling-2

Allan Kamin
699684 Age 30 3 Terms (Service: Marines, Final Rank: Captain)
Cutlass-1, Mechanical-3, Brawling-1, Gambling-1

Roy Boatright
77AA78 Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Scouts)
Pilot-1, Navigation-2, Vacc Suit-1, SMG-1, Jack of All Trades-1, Mechanical-1

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Traveller: Baby You Can Drive My… Hovercraft? Submarine? Helicopter?

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of three characters for (classic) Traveller. All of these were rolled up by-the-book from Book 4: Citizens of the Imperium.

This group of well-educated, yet oddly not very bright, folks met after mustering out of their various careers on Hepaxion in the Claybourne Subsector. They’re not entirely sure what they want to do with the rest of their lives, but between the three of them they have a good grasp on the mechanics of getting there. It’s only a matter of time before one of them reads a good idea that someone else thought of and works out how to put it into action. That, or some quick-witted patron will realize that his transportation needs are covered by this largely non-threatening trio.

Reuben Matusiak
4996B8 Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Bureaucrat, Final Rank: Assistant Manager)
Vehicle: Hovercraft-2, AutoPistol-1, Admin-2, Computer-1, Recruiting-1

Stefan Ozols
8764A6 Age 22 2 Terms (Service: Sailors, Final Rank: Lieutenant)
Water Craft-2, Demolition-1, Electronic-1, Communications-1

Teresa Ballinger
8675C5 Age 38 5 Terms (Service: Flyers, Final Rank: Staff Major)
Air Craft: Helicopter-2, Survival-2, SMG-1, Medical-1, Admin-1, Gambling-1, Carousing-1
SMG, High Psg

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Traveller: The Crew Of The Free Trader Peak Eight

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of three characters for (classic) Traveller. All of these were rolled up by-the-book from Book 1: Characters and Combat.

Struggling to make ends meet in the heartless Claybourne Subsector, the crew of the Free Trader Peak Eight, finds they are in need of a Steward for their operation. The pay is good, and everything seems on the up-and-up. Yet for some reason they don’t seem to be keen on discussing what happened to the last person who held that position…

Theodore “Cap” Oyola
AB9644 Age 38 5 Terms (Service: Merchants, Final Rank: Captain)
SMG-1, AutoPistol-1, Electronics-1, Streetwise-1, Navigation-2, Pilot-1, Medical-1, Jack of All Trades-1, Bribery-1, Steward-1
Free Trader (10 years owned/paid), Auto Pistol

Jude “Doc” Hartjen
787AC3 Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Merchants, Final Rank: 1st officer)
Dagger-1, Medical-3, Navigation-2, Auto Pistol-2, Bribery-1, Pilot-1
Auto Pistol

Samantha “Sparks” Mihalik
47A982 Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Merchants, Final Rank: 2nd officer)
Electronics-1, SMG-2, Mechanical-1, AutoPistol-1, Engineering-2

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Traveller: Scientists On The Hunt

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of four characters for (classic) Traveller. All of these were rolled up almost by-the-book from Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium because that’s where the real fun is. When I say “almost” I mean that I used my ancient houserule that, like the Scouts, services that don’t have a commission/promotion path get two skill rolls per term rather than just one. Heresy? Not in my book!

Traveling throughout the Claybourne Subsector aboard the safari ship Egan’s Dream, two scientists, their guide and his pilot are in search of unique animal and plant life that might serve as the basis for new advancements in medicine…

Eriq Rickenbacker
684B95 Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Scientist)
Computer-2, Mechanical-1, Medical-1, Auto Pistol-1, Gravitics-1, Navigation-1, Survival-1, Jack of all Trades-1
Mid Psg, Auto Pistol

Mallory Uzzle
5B6AC3 Age 30 3 Terms (Service: Scientist)
Computer-1, Electronics-1, Leader-1, Medical-1, Survival-1, Jack of all Trades-1
Mid Psg

Hoyt Lenix
889638 Age 38 5 Terms (Service: Hunter)
Hunting-2, Spear-3, Survival-2, Rifle-2, Electronics-1, Medical-1
Safari Ship, Rifle

Kimber Jabaut
A89A82 Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Pirate, Final Rank: Lieutenant)
Brawling-1, SMG-1, Shotgun-1, Mechanical-2, Electronics-1, Leader-1, Engineering-2, Pilot-2
Low Psg

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Traveller: 3 Citizens Of The Shardyn Alliance

Wherein your humble scribe presents three characters for (classic) Traveller. All three were rolled up by-the-book from Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium because I love that book like I love nothing else when it comes to Traveller. I mean, really, why should gun-slinging ex-military types have all the fun?

Jaunting about the Claybourne Subsector, this trio of well-to-do hob nobbers are looking to hire some grunts to do their dirty work as they attempt to establish their very own megacorp. Mercs beware! This gang of Travellers might just Liaison or Admin you to death…

Dame Aliz de Torando
48698B Age 34 4 Terms (Service: Noble, Final Rank: Knight)
Body Pistol-1, Admin-2, Pilot-1, Jack of all trades-1
High Psg, TAS Membership

Artur Dibben-Ganz
5577CA Age 38 5 Terms (Service: Diplomat, Final Rank: 1st Secretary)
Liaison-1, Carousing-1, Streetwise-2, Auto Pistol-1, Forgery-2
Auto Pistol

Severin Isaacs
485AA8 Age 46 7 Terms (Service: Bureaucrat, Final Rank: Executive)
Liaison-2, Admin-1, Interrogation-1, Revolver-2, Ground Car-2
Watch, Mid Psg

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Traveller: The Claybourne Subsector

Wherein your humble scribe, desperate to fill up space while he feverishly works away at the next batch of entries in the Demons Of Adad Untash, posts some old Traveller homebrew stuff that might be interesting to someone. Maybe. OK, probably not. But still…

For what it’s worth, this subsector was put together during a brief and ill-advised flirtation with T4 a long time ago. I don’t think there was anything in there that would make these hard to use with Classic Traveller or any other edition. But I could be wrong. In any case, you’ve been warned.

Claybourne Subsector Map
The Claybourne subsector occupies grid location A of the KOBE Sector. The fringeward and trailing boundaries of the Shardyn Alliance meet in the Claybourne. The Claybourne was named for Kenneth Claybourne, legendary explorer, statesman, and founding father of the Alliance.

Name Hex UWP Gas Giant Naval Base Scout Base Notes
Pentheus 102 D-7765969-N yes no no
Shintara 104 D-333125A-N no no no
Janus II 106 A-989989D-N no no no
109 D-113124A-N yes no yes
201 E-2576575-N yes no no
Gato 203 A-00067AE-N yes no no Research Station
205 X5850000C-N yes no no
Evans 207 E-548742A-N yes no no
Budapest 209 B-AA89B8C-N yes yes no
301 E-AA9674B-N yes no no
Farven 303 E-8604409-N yes no no
Backbreaker 304 B-3238BB-H no no no
Gaiman 306 X-835656B-N no no no
Sellers 307 X-2416208-N yes no no
Hepaxion 310 E-636AAB9-N yes no no
Farhome 402 C-462624B-H no no no
Pennick 403 C-332232A-N yes no no
McInnis 405 B-987AA9C-L yes no yes
Pipe 408 B-443235A-N yes no no
Deerfly 410 C-7566569-N yes no no
502 E-524341A-N yes no no
Freedom 505 D-7AAAC9B-N yes no yes
Elaine 506 E-89A898A-N yes no no
Maas 510 C-666986D-N yes no yes Research Station
Haven 603 C-333450A-N yes no no
Albian 605 A-856877C-H yes yes no
Posada 605 C-665411B-N yes no no
606 X-5564236-N yes no no
Bis Gamma 609 A-131430B-N yes yes no
701 E-3635008-N yes no no
702 E-4625347-N yes no no
703 E-16239-N yes no no
Yangto-Kim 5706 B-8AA316C-N yes no no
Emental 707 B-000541C-N yes no yes
Trade 709 B-9A6599D-L yes no no
Acorn 710 D-251113B-N yes no yes
802 C-562857C-N yes no no
Dinjara 805 C-466988B-N yes no no
Claybourne 809 B-987AA5D-N yes yes yes Subsector Capital
Keyen 810 D-976866B-H yes no no Prison World
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