Traveller: The Claybourne Subsector

Wherein your humble scribe, desperate to fill up space while he feverishly works away at the next batch of entries in the Demons Of Adad Untash, posts some old Traveller homebrew stuff that might be interesting to someone. Maybe. OK, probably not. But still…

For what it’s worth, this subsector was put together during a brief and ill-advised flirtation with T4 a long time ago. I don’t think there was anything in there that would make these hard to use with Classic Traveller or any other edition. But I could be wrong. In any case, you’ve been warned.

Claybourne Subsector Map
The Claybourne subsector occupies grid location A of the KOBE Sector. The fringeward and trailing boundaries of the Shardyn Alliance meet in the Claybourne. The Claybourne was named for Kenneth Claybourne, legendary explorer, statesman, and founding father of the Alliance.

Name Hex UWP Gas Giant Naval Base Scout Base Notes
Pentheus 102 D-7765969-N yes no no
Shintara 104 D-333125A-N no no no
Janus II 106 A-989989D-N no no no
109 D-113124A-N yes no yes
201 E-2576575-N yes no no
Gato 203 A-00067AE-N yes no no Research Station
205 X5850000C-N yes no no
Evans 207 E-548742A-N yes no no
Budapest 209 B-AA89B8C-N yes yes no
301 E-AA9674B-N yes no no
Farven 303 E-8604409-N yes no no
Backbreaker 304 B-3238BB-H no no no
Gaiman 306 X-835656B-N no no no
Sellers 307 X-2416208-N yes no no
Hepaxion 310 E-636AAB9-N yes no no
Farhome 402 C-462624B-H no no no
Pennick 403 C-332232A-N yes no no
McInnis 405 B-987AA9C-L yes no yes
Pipe 408 B-443235A-N yes no no
Deerfly 410 C-7566569-N yes no no
502 E-524341A-N yes no no
Freedom 505 D-7AAAC9B-N yes no yes
Elaine 506 E-89A898A-N yes no no
Maas 510 C-666986D-N yes no yes Research Station
Haven 603 C-333450A-N yes no no
Albian 605 A-856877C-H yes yes no
Posada 605 C-665411B-N yes no no
606 X-5564236-N yes no no
Bis Gamma 609 A-131430B-N yes yes no
701 E-3635008-N yes no no
702 E-4625347-N yes no no
703 E-16239-N yes no no
Yangto-Kim 5706 B-8AA316C-N yes no no
Emental 707 B-000541C-N yes no yes
Trade 709 B-9A6599D-L yes no no
Acorn 710 D-251113B-N yes no yes
802 C-562857C-N yes no no
Dinjara 805 C-466988B-N yes no no
Claybourne 809 B-987AA5D-N yes yes yes Subsector Capital
Keyen 810 D-976866B-H yes no no Prison World
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0 thoughts on “Traveller: The Claybourne Subsector

  1. bat

    I have to admit to knowing next to nothing about Traveller, but being very intrigued.

    In your opinion, since Classic is hard to find, would T5 be a bad place to start?

    1. the venomous pao

      Ah, Traveller. Outside of TFT and Hero System/Champions stuff it’s probably the game I played the most (even more than D&D). It’s odd to think of someone not knowing it. But then the same could be said by others about me regarding, say, Runequest.

      By T5 I presume you mean the new Mongoose stuff. I haven’t really looked at that, so I can’t say for sure if it’s thumbs up or thumbs down. But I’ve heard generally good things about it from others, so you might be ok going for it.

      That said, Classic isn’t necessarily all that hard to find:

      for hard copy reprints and

      for PDFs. They’ve got the individual books on sale for cheap right now. Click through a few pages to get to the key CT books. You probably know already that 1,2, and 3 are all you really need to get going. Supplement 4 is a good add on, too.

    2. the venomous pao

      Oooh. I just noticed that they have The Traveller Book up as a PDF, too. That’s 1-3 in one file. Right now, with the sale on, it’s the same price as buying 1-3 individually, so it’s just a matter of preference: 1 file or multiple files?

      I actually think I’d go with multiple files, since that’s how the other books & supplements would come. But I might be some kind of OCD freak on that front 🙂

  2. bat

    T5 isn’t Mongoose, but sort of sideways, in a way, if that makes sense. But then, I am not too read on the subject, but I read about the versions on Wikipedia.

    1. the venomous pao

      Ah, riiiight. T5 is the kinda concurrent with Mongoose (but not quite) version that may or may not happen.

      Here’s where I stand… I’m a loyal CT guy. I’ve never played New Era or 2300 or any of the other post-CTs except for the aforementioned brief flirtation with T4. T4 was a great idea, but it was the first RPG product I encountered where the editing was so bas as to be offensive.

      I’ve also run some GURPS Traveller, but my GURPS days are fairly well a thing of the past at this point.

      MongTrav kind of interests me, but on some level I just don’t see a reason to spend the money on a restatement of what I’ve got in my LBBs. I did pick up the reprint series of the Books and the Supplements a few years back for more immediate reference. And I suspect I’ll be grabbing some of those PDFs ‘ere long.

      I’ve also *always* played with my own settings. My knowledge of and experience with the Imperium are largely nil. Oddly, the same is true with “official” D&D worlds. I just grew up as a homebrew kinda guy 🙂

      Anyway, if I were looking to get into Traveller as a new guy I think I’d either dive in to MongTrav or drop some cash for the CT PDFs. But if T5 is what calls to you, I’m sure it’ll work just fine.

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