Happy Birthday, Neptune!

Neptune as seen by Voyager 2 (image from NASA)

Neptune as seen by Voyager 2 (image from NASA)

As of today, Neptune – my second favorite planet (of the ones upon which I do not live) – marks the completion of its first full orbit around the sun since our earthly eyes discovered its existence. It’s a cool “Hooray science & mathematics!” type of story, if you don’t know it.

I hope El Santo Negro and some other brave luchas will save us from the Neptunian MonsterMen if they ever show up!

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0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Neptune!

  1. G-Man

    El Santo Negro always keeps his knuckles ready and his joints limber for any alien incursions from Neptune, Mars, Planeto X, etc.

    Obvious question: which planet is your #1 favorite, then?

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      It’s good to know that the people of Mexico can count on El Santo Negro!

      To answer the obvious question (which I was wondering if anyone was going to ask): I’m a Saturn guy myself. The rings are really what do it for me. Plus Titan has always drawn my attention. Oh, and for the record, Mars rounds out my top three.

      How do our planetary neighbors stack up for you?

      1. G-Man

        I’m crazy for Jupiter, including the moons. Hell, let’s just say the Jovian System is my #1.

        Titan is certainly awesome. I know it’s ‘just a moon’, but it’s a big one, with an exotic atmosphere, and maybe even contender for #2.

        I’m disappointed about Venus, though. Too bad it had to be a hell-house, and not the fog-shrouded, giant ocean planet with teeming jungles like all the old pulp hacks used to write about.

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          Get off my blog, Jovian. 🙂

          But seriously, I had a vicious rivalry with a Jovian when I was 9 or so. She just kept blathering on and on about the Big Red Spot and how cool it was and yadda yadda yadda. But hey, of the gas giants, Jupiter is a solid #3 in my book.

          You’re dead right about Titan. It’s cool. But then, so is Triton. They’re probably 1 & 2 among moons for me.

          Venus definitely turned out to be a disappointment. Poor ERB (and the others) we so terribly, terribly wrong about it. And that’s sad.