Fortress Oblivion – A New G-Man BoL Adventure!

It’s time to let the uncanny G-Man guide you into the outré shadows of Hyboria in Fortress Oblivion, a decidedly CAS-flavored adventure for Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition).

Can your heroes survive a night of eldrtich terror in a Mughal-style fort near the Turanian border while a vicious sandstorm scours the desert outside? Download this accursed PDF and find out!

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BoL at NTRPG Con?

Update: It’s official! These two games are on the game list and everything. So go get registered for the con itself and then head back to their site around 4/15 to register for specific games.

Will there be Barbarians of Lemuria games at North Texas RPG Con this year? Well, if my proposals (submitted today) are accepted, then yes! I have no reason to believe they won’t be, so if you’re headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in June and are looking for games to play at the Con, give these Mythic Edition adventures some consideration…

Friday Night 6/3: The Beasts of Eternity

On the outskirts of Vusseaux, Brother Xelarius stubbornly maintains the flame at the now abandoned Abbey of St. Giles the Green. And though the monk does his best to protect the travelers and messengers who pass through his old order’s territory, brigands and stranger things have recently begun to stir in the shadows. Falsely accused of witchcraft, your small band is given the opportunity to travel to the Abbey in search of an answer to the increase in iniquity or face the guillotine.

Saturday Night 6/4: The Valley of the Ravenous

The wicked sorceress Zaana Dziriijla hurled one last hissing curse at you before she vanished. The world swam, colors swirled, and the ground went as soft as an empty belly below your feet. When your senses returned, you were no longer in her castle on the coast of Kel. Where once your skin was bitten by a frigid wind, it now prickles beneath the heat of an oppressive sun. Distant mountains rise to either side and the cries of unfamiliar birds echo across the skies. It may take some work to get back to Thaxos…

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Bushi(D6)o Characters: Two Samurai of Lord Naoshi

Wherein your humble scribe presents a dynamic duo of lady Samurai for his Bushi(D6)o hack of Mini Six.

Serving loyally in the forces of Lord Naoshi of Katada Province, Yuki and Kaori are like day and night as they lead a group of archers who defend their Daimyo’s outpost at Yasuka Pass against the depredations of the hordes of the Bakemono-kunshu Ogura. Though each has her own way of inspiring the troops in the face of the frightening creatures that live in the dark woods beyond Kazo Ridge, both are steadfast in their assistance to the local villagers who occasionally come to the fortress in need of guidance or support.

Tanuma Yuki / BP 37 / Dodge 9 Block 12 Parry 11
An austere and brutally honest Samurai.
Might 4D Agility 3D Wit 2D+1 Charm 2D+2
Skills: Lifting 5D, Toughness 4D+1, Axe 3D+2, Bow 3D+1, Military Scholar 3D, Reading/Writing 2D+2, Calligraphy 3D, Survival 2D+1, Command 3D+2, Etiquette 3D, Intimidation 3D+2, Tea Ceremony 3D
Perks: None
Complications: Samurai Code
Gear & Armor: Ono (+3D+1), Kama (+1d+2), Dai-kyu (+2D+2), Heavy Samurai Armor (9)
Strength Damage: 3D

Kaga Kaori / BP 29 / Dodge 13 Block 7 Parry 15
A loquacious and polite Samurai.
Might 2D+1 Agility 3D+2 Wit 3D Charm 3D
Skills: Stamina 3D, Lifting 3D, Dodge 4D+1, Sword 5D, Bow 4D, Investigation 3D+2, Persuasion 3D+2
Perks: Daisho
Complications: Samurai Code
Gear & Armor: Katana (+2D+2 or +3D), Wakizashi (+1D+2), Han-kyu (+1D+2), Light Samurai Armor (5)
Strength Damage: 2D

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Help A (Mutant) Brother Out

In case you’ve missed this elsewhere in the nerdosphere, there’s a fundraiser going on for Ryan Denison’s family. Ryan is the coauthor of Mutant Future (along with Dan Proctor). Check it out here and kick in a few bucks if you can.

Dan is generously rewarding contributors with high quality games from Goblinoid Games, so if you still haven’t purchased Labyrinth Lord and it’s supplements/expansions, Mutant Future, or Starships & Spacemen 2e, now’s a chance to grab ’em while doing a little good in the process.

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LL/AEC Party: Explorers of the Diamond Sutra

Wherein your humble scribe presents another entry in an irregular series of Adventuring Parties for Labyrinth Lord/Advanced Edition Companion. These characters are all 1st level, were granted maximum HP (Advanced Style), and have a bare minimum of equipment. They were all created with 3d6 for stats, more often than not in order.

This time around the focus is on psionic characters using the information from the Basic Psionics Handbook from New Big Dragon Games. Specifically for this entry, the party’s comprised entirely of standard class characters that have all tested out to be in possession of Wild Psionics as described on p. 46 of the BPH.

Guided by the words of the Diamond Sutra, two Ghoii, two Heyamii, two Narvatii, and a couple of castless handlers of the items of the dead ride out from Bhaaram Vaat in search of the lost treasures of the ancients. Their elephants well trained in the arts of battle, their weapons consecrated against the unliving terrors that reside deep within the jungles. What they will find beyond the shining city will may shake the foundations of the world.

Gho Dagaash/ Human Cleric 1 LG
STR 12 INT 9 WIS 16 DEX 4 CON 10 CHR 13
PSP 1 HP 8 AC 6 Gold 28
Mace, Sling, Chain Mail, Shield, Silver Holy Symbol
Psionic Abilities: Clairaudience (Clairsentient), Control Flames (Psychokinetic)
Cleric Spells: Detect Magic, Light, Remove Fear

Gho Kalii / Human Cleric 1 NG
STR 12 INT 14 WIS 15 DEX 14 CON 10 CHR 17
PSP 1 HP 8 AC 3 Gold 30
Heavy Flail, Sling, Banded Mail, Silver Holy Symbol
Psionic Abilities: Hypnosis (Telepathic)
Cleric Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Resist Cold, Sanctuary

Heyam Diisu / Human Fighter 1 LN
STR 16 INT 10 WIS 11 DEX 9 CON 8 CHR 14
PSP 1 HP 9 AC 5 Gold 9
Tulwar, Scale Mail, Short Bow, Quiver w/ 20 Arrows, Shield, 50′ Rope
Psionic Abilities: Dream Travel, Time Leap (Psychoportative)

Heyam Tikkaraal / Human Fighter 1 NG
STR 13 INT 9 WIS 14 DEX 9 CON 4 CHR 9
PSP X HP 8 AC 4 Gold 36
Scimitar, Kris, Light Crossbow, Case w/ 10 Quarrels, Chain Mail, Shield, Small Steel Mirror
Psionic Abilities: Control temperature (Psychokintetic)

Narvat Shaash / Human Magic-User 1 CG
STR 11 INT 13 WIS 11 DEX 11 CON 13 CHR 11
PSP 1 HP 5 AC 9 Gold 113
2 Silver Kris, Spell Book, 8 Torches, Flint & Steel
Psionic Abilities: Chameleon Ability, Expansion (Psychometabolic)
MU Spells: Comprehend Languages, Erase, Jump, Read Languages, Read Magic

Narvat Diil / Human Magic-User 1 NG
STR 12 INT 16 WIS 9 DEX 10 CON 13 CHR 5
PSP 1 HP 5 AC 9 Gold 131
Quarterstaff, Spell Book, 12 Iron Spikes, Hammer
Psionic Abilities: Body weaponry (Psychometabolic)
MU Spells: Detect Magic, Feather Fall, Magic Aura, Shocking Grasp, Sleep, Ventriloquism

Priyat / Human Thief 1 N
STR 17 INT 12 WIS 14 DEX 18 CON 13 CHR 6
PSP 3 HP 7 AC 5 Gold 89
2 Hand Axes, 6 Chakram, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools
Psionic Abilities: Mass Domination (Telepathic)

Lagam / Human Thief 1 N
STR 9 INT 11 WIS 14 DEX 15 CON 11 CHR 11
PSP 1 HP 6 AC 7 Gold 42
2 Hand Axes, 6 Charkram, Leather Armor, Thieves’ Tools
Psionic Abilities: Know Location (Clairsentient)

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dT&T: The Voyage of the Panora

Wherein your humble scribe presents a group of noble warriors for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. Why? Because his long-awaited hardback from the agonizingly (if moderately understandably) oft-delayed Kickstarter arrived at long last yesterday. Pictures of the book provided for your enjoyment.

Erginius of Autoria’s lost classic, The Panoriad, tells the tale of Alkibiades of Pythos and the journey he undertook to recover the Lyre of Tiros for the glory of Pythos and to win the love of Queen Meliana. The charming and charmed Alkibiades – a brilliant historian and philosopher with a talent for preparing spanakopita so delicious that Hera herself declared it the finest outside of Mount Olympus – recruited a disparate band to join him on his quest. Lasthenes, captain of the Panora. Echephron the beast tamer. Isagoras the tale-teller. Thestor, famed bronzesmith of Xaneira. Philonikos the Giant. And, of course, all of the unnamed Panoranauts who perished as the quest continued.

Among the dangers faced by Alkibiades and his compatriots included the Nacippe – a legendary sea serpent, the Oedes – twin tigers of Tartarus, the Haleclyphes – an army of damned souls risen from the River Styx, and Belemeos, son of Hades.

The tragedy of The Panoriad, of course, is that its ending has been lost to time. Many scholars have their own theories, and many fragments and forgeries have been discovered over the centuries, but none have been accepted by the academic community as definitive.

The Panoranauts

Alkibiades of Pythos / Human / Warrior 3 / 5′ 9″ 160 lbs
STR 16 CON 6 DEX 9 SPD 7 INT 14 WIZ 12 LK 16 CHR 32*
Combat Adds +8 Wt Possible 1,600 WU
Talents Cooking (+3), History (+3), Philosophy (+3)
Mace (5d6), Short Sword (3d6), Target Shield (4)

Lasthenes / Human / Warrior 1 / 5′ 7″ 155 lbs
STR 14 CON 12 DEX 14 SPD 14 INT 6 WIZ 11 LK 9 CHR 11
Combat Adds +6 Wt Possible 1,400 WU
Talents Knot Tying (+3)
Medium Spear (4d6), Short Sword (3d6), Target Shield (4)

Echephron / Human / Warrior 1 / 5′ 10″ 180 lbs
STR 13 CON 6 DEX 10 SPD 12 INT 8 WIZ 16 LK 16 CHR 19*
Combat Adds +5 Wt Possible 1,300 WU
Talents Animal Handling (+3)
Broad Axe (5d6), Short Sword (3d6), Target Shield (4)

Isagoras / Human / Warrior 1 / 5′ 10″ 170 lbs
STR 13 CON 9 DEX 19* SPD 10 INT 13 WIZ 6 LK 9 CHR 9
Combat Adds +8 Wt Possible 1,300 WU
Talents Storytelling (+3)
Short Sword (3d6), Javelin (3d6), Target Shield (4)

Thestor of Xaneira / Human / Warrior 1 / 5′ 5″ 145 lbs
STR 13 CON 12 DEX 14 SPD 10 INT 12 WIZ 12 LK 8 CHR 7
Combat Adds +3 Wt Possible 1,300 WU
Talents Bronzesmith (+3)
Broad Axe (5d6), Short Sword (3d6), Target Shield (4)

Philonikos / Human / Warrior 1 / 6′ 7″ 250 lbs
STR 14 CON 10 DEX 9 SPD 5 INT 7 WIZ 6 LK 11 CHR 10
Combat Adds +2 Wt Possible 1,400 WU
Talents Merchant (+3)
Medium Spear (4d6), Short Sword (3d6), Target Shield (4)

The Antagonists

Belemeos, Son of Hades
MR 150
Special Damage: 1/2 (double Spite); 5/Dem Bones (MR 50 Skeletons)
Special Abilities: Bone Armor (10)

Belemeos is a demigod, son of Hades and the mortal woman Polytio. He serves as a guardian of treasures that have been consigned to his father’s realm. He wears armor constructed of the bones of dead heroes and stands well over 9′ high.

The Haleclyphes
MR 120 (8 X15)
Special Damage: 1/1 (normal Spite); 4/Curse You (Level 12, Targets CON)
Special Abilities: Impervious to missile damage

Seeming at first like a dense, swirling fog, the individual spirits that comprise the Haleclyphes rise from the Styx to repel any who would cross without the express approval of Charon.

The Oedes
MR 90 (45 X2)
Special Damage: 1/3 (triple Spite);
Special Abilities: Tough Hide (8)

As black as the grave, the twin tigers of Tartarus stalk the shores of the Styx hungry for any living flesh they can devour.

MR 70
Special Damage: 1/1 (normal Spite); 6/Blasting Power (Level 7)
Special Abilities: Tough Hide (15)

Nacippe is a red-hued sea serpent that preys upon smaller vessels across the breadth of the Sea, breathing fire to destroy the ships and deliciously roast their crews.

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Vintage Magic World: The Last Hope of Vilorre-Adinel

Wherein your humble scribe presents a batch of pregenerated characters for the Worlds of Wonder version of Magic World.

The Alabaster Plague has come to Vilorre-Adinel and only a precious few individuals have remained unaffected. Some must stay and tend to the sick. Others, though, have been called upon to journey to the nearby Abbey of St. Rixende to seek assistance in the form of the honey from the Abbess’ sacred bees. The honey, it is said, can cure even the this terrible disease. Rumors that the Abbey has recently fallen to a savage wolfqueen cast a pall upon this quest. Still, brave souls will venture forth in the hopes of saving their home. Mercadier, captain of the guard. Ameline, the new recruit. Jourdain and Petrona, the wastrel children of the Mayor’s brother. Abelard the tinker. Mathena the wool merchant. Guarnier, the hermit who speaks to the winds. Brunissende, the witch of the wood. Among these citizens will be found the last hope of Vilorre-Adinel.

Mercadier (Warrior) 227 Crowns
STR 14 CON 9 SIZ 13 INT 13 POW 11 DEX 12 APP 9 HP 9 DB none
Weapons: Battle Axe 65% (1d8+2), Crossbow 60% (2d6+2) Shield 60%
Armor: Ring Mail (4), Leather (2), Shield (12)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 60%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 60%, Spot Hidden 30%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Ameline (Warrior) 224 Crowns
STR 15 CON 15 SIZ 8 INT 16 POW 13 DEX 9 APP 11 HP 15 DB +1d6
Weapons: Sword 65% (1d8+1), Bow 65% (1d6+1), Shield 65%
Armor: Ring Mail (4), Leather (2), Shield (12)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 65%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 45%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Jourdain (Rogue) 325 Crowns
STR 10 CON 11 SIZ 11 INT 13 POW 11 DEX 14 APP 11 HP 11 DB none
Weapons: Short Sword 60% (1d6+1), Dagger 60% (1d4+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 60%, Cut Purse 70%, Fine Manipulation 70%, First Aid 45%, Hide 60%, Jump 60%, Linguist 00%, Listen 60%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 60%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 60%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Petrona (Rogue) 385 Crowns
STR 9 CON 12 SIZ 11 INT 15 POW 13 DEX 15 APP 10 HP 12 DB none
Weapons: Short Sword 70% (1d6+1), Dagger 65% (1d4+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 65%, Cut Purse 75%, Fine Manipulation 75%, First Aid 50%, Hide 65%, Jump 65%, Linguist 00%, Listen 65%, Literacy 00%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 65%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 65%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Abelard (Sage) 230 Crowns
STR 10 CON 9 SIZ 15 INT 14 POW 15 DEX 18 APP 12 HP 9 DB +1d6
Weapons: Hammer 25% (1d8+2), Shield 25%
Armor: Cuirboilli (3), Shield (12)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 00%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 45%, Listen 45%, Literacy 70%, Lore 45%, Mechanical Arts 70%, Mercantile Arts 45%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 45%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Mathena (Sage) 400 Crowns
STR 10 CON 9 SIZ 11 INT 16 POW 11 DEX 13 APP 8 HP 9 DB none
Weapons: Mace 35% (1d6+2), Sling 20% (1d8)
Armor: Ring Mail (4)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 50%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 50%, Listen 45%, Literacy 80%, Lore 55%, Mechanical Arts 50%, Mercantile Arts 80%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 50%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%

Guarnier (Wizard) 119 Crowns
STR 12 CON 10 SIZ 12 INT 17 POW 14 DEX 14 APP 9 HP 10 DB none
Weapons: Staff 55% (1d8), Dagger 55% (1d4+1), Sword 55% (1d8+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 45%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 50%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%
Spells: Conjure/Dismiss Air Elemental 55%, Enhance/Diminish 55%, Lift 55%, Speak to Mind 55%

Brunissende (Wizard) 80 Crowns
STR 9 CON 9 SIZ 10 INT 16 POW 12 DEX 10 APP 10 HP 9 DB none
Weapons: Staff 50% (1d8), Dagger 50% (1d4+1), Spear 50% (1d6+1)
Armor: Cuirboilli (3)
Skills: Climb 55%, Cut Purse 5%, Fine Manipulation 5%, First Aid 50%, Hide 55%, Jump 45%, Linguist 00%, Listen 45%, Literacy 50%, Lore 00%, Mechanical Arts 00%, Mercantile Arts 00%, Move Quietly 25%, Philosophy 00%, Ride 25%, Spot Hidden 25%, Swim 20%, Throw 45%
Spells: Heal/Wound 50%, Light/Dark 50%, Seal/Unseal 50%, Vision 50%

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Odd Ruins To Fill Your Hexes

Inspired by the Ruins generator in the Judges Guild Ready Reference Sheets, your humble scribe presents an odd number of odd things that might be found in a hex somewhere. No system information is provided to maximize utility. Grab one the next time you need to distract your players. Let me know what they do with it, if you think about it.

  1. At the bottom of a steep ravine lies the rotting hulk of a wrecked merchant ship. Its yellow sails, strangely still crisp and bright, occasionally rattle in the strong winds that sometimes blow through the forest. Giant wasps have made their home in the vessel and will not take kindly to intrusions.
  2. In the center of a large but relatively shallow crater stands an obsidian obelisk, its four faces disfigured & defaced. The ancient writing, still readable in places, tell of a curse that came from the stars. By night ghouls gather here.
  3. On the shore of a small inland sea stands a blue steel trident, planted firmly in the basalt sand. Just below the slowly lapping waves rests the clockwork lobster enchanted to guard this relic from would-be thieves.
  4. Partially covered in the fine sand is a weathered tombstone. The name of the grave’s occupant is no longer decipherable, but the dates tell of a tragically short life that ended well before the oldest living man was born.
  5. Scraps of well-worn leather, along with two brass buckles, have been discarded along the side of the path. A sounder of wild boars resides nearby and treat this area as their territory.
  6. A palisade and dry moat encircle the dirt-covered ruins of a small village. Some 20-odd cottages are contained within these defenses. Mold covers most surfaces and an sense of sickness and contamination fills the stale air. The ghosts of the town’s elders still haunt the village.
  7. Partially covered in the muck and slime of the mire are a set of iron-bound lenses hung from a large ring, each a slightly different size and of varying colors. Some are cracked, some scratched. A patrol of Lizardmen approaches, irked by the intrusion into their domain.
  8. The ruins of a great stone hall lie near the river’s edge, its western wall and part of the roof collapsed. Three wights reside inside, kept company by little more than dust and webs.
  9. Beneath an outcropping of rock, its ceiling blackened from countless watchfires, six dozen chipped and dulled flint arrowheads have been arranged into geometric forms. The dragon who lives in the mountains to the north can be seen circling lazily above.
  10. At the water’s edge the shell of some titanic crustacean looms. The salt breeze whistles through it, humming at times. It has been painted in bright colors and is considered a holy place to those who worship the silent gods of the eastern sea.
  11. Worn marble, the ruins of a temple to a long-forgotten god, have tumbled down this rocky slope. Several columns, cracked and scarred, still stand at the summit. Pieces of the frieze that once decorated the facade are scattered amid the rockfall. A wyvern, called the Temple Beast by the people of the nearby hamlet, lairs here.
  12. A small cave mouth opens in the cliff face as the path turns south. Within the cavern lies a battered and rusted iron shield, grasped in the bony hands of an otherwise unadorned skeleton.
  13. Rising from the scarred plain is the wrecked remains of a war tower, a remnat of the war against the giants. Its axles are broken, and its sides are overgrown with dense ivy that gives off a sickly sweet aroma. A rickety ladder ascends the steep sides to a platform high above. Fires can be seen atop the walls of the long-abandoned giant fortress that lies a league to the west.
  14. The dry remains of a fountain have sunken slightly into the soft earth of the clearing. A large number of verdigrised copper coins litter the basin. The central figure, a quartet of fish, has fallen over revealing corroded pipework. Local legends say that those who cast into the fountain would be wise to keep their wishes small.
  15. High above the pass lies the ruin of the Hellking’s Citadel. The walls of the keep and its quartet of towers glisten like dew in the morning sun. The outer wall is mostly collapsed, but the parts that stand are black with soot. Werewolves lurk within.
  16. The strange whirring and clanking rising from the crevasse comes from a metal box the size of a costermonger’s cart. Metal apes, the garish paint that once decorated them mostly flaked away, dance and cavort on gearshafts that guide their movements. Two dozen goblins stand about, some imitating the monkey’s motions. All are silent as though listening to a tune that does not reach your ears.
  17. Gleaming white bones, the skeleton of a strange cube-shaped creature as big as a house, stand atop this crag. A pile of much smaller bones lies within the cube.
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Mini Six: Agents of STEALTH

Wherein your humble scribe presents a trio of secret agents written up using his own 00(D)6 hack of Mini Six, but with an eye towards playing in the 21st century rather than the dim past of the 1980s. He blames playing in Merle Rasmussen’s Top Secret game at NTRPGCon for the itch that led to this. Many other fine games were considered as the framework, including BRP, Classified, and MSPE. But Mini Six was handy and fast, like a good field agent’s weapon should be.

Formed in response to the increased security demands of the 21st Century, STEALTH (Strategic Taskforce for the Examination, Assessment and Liquidation of Threats & Hazards) harkens back to ideas and ideals found in 1960s spy fiction organizations like UNCLE. With agents drawn form across the globe and a pan-national approach to intelligence operations and oversight, this world-spanning organization works behind the scenes to fight back the criminality and extremism (whether religious, nationalistic, corporate, or otherwise) that threaten human civilization.

STEALTH is a decidedly optimistic entity, believing profoundly in a bright future that awaits mankind if the dark undercurrents of modern life can be navigated successfully. This optimism occasionally finds itself at odds with the grim requirements of intelligence operations, to be sure. But agents of STEALTH are a generally pragmatic lot who are prepared to get the job done.

Stevan Miljevic (Indigo Symphony) / BP 29 / Dodge 11 Block 9 Parry 8
Agent of STEALTH
Might 2D+1 Agility 2D+2 Wit 3D Charm 4D
Skills: Fast Talk 4D+1, Persuasion 4D+1, Seduction 4D+1, Acting 4D+2, Streetwise 4D+2, Society 4D+2, Disguise 5D, Guns 3D+2, Dodge 3D+2, Unarmed Combat 3D, Gambling 3D+2
Perks: None
Complications: Age, Duty (STEALTH)
Gear & Armor: Glock 19 (3D+1)
Strength Damage: 1D

Fiona MacRae (Graveyard Thistle) / BP 33 / Dodge 15 Block 15 Parry 12
Agent of STEALTH
Might 3D+1 Agility 4D Wit 2D+2 Charm 2D
Skills: Guns 5D, Unarmed Combat 5D, Stealth 4D+2, Throwing 4D+1, Dodge 4D+2, Climbing 3D+2, Swimming 3D+2, Jumping 3D+2, Intimidation 3D, Streetwise 2D+1, Society 2D+1, Search 3D, Demolitions 3D
Perks: None
Complications: Duty (STEALTH)
Gear & Armor: Heckler & Koch P30 (3D+2), Brass Knuckles (+1D+1)
Strength Damage: 2D

Zelda Morgenthau (Crown Cobra) / BP 28 / Dodge 11 Block 12 Parry 9
Agent of STEALTH
Might 2D Agility 3D Wit 4D Charm 3D
Skills: Investigation 5D, Gambling 4D+2, Computers 4D+1, Forgery 4D+2, Search 4D+2, Breaking & Entering 4D+2, Guns 3D+1, Dodge 3D+2, Unarmed Combat 4D, Stealth 3D+1, Demolitions 4D+1, Society 3D+1
Perks: None
Complications: Duty (STEALTH)
Gear & Armor: Walther PPK (3D)
Strength Damage: 1D

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