RPGaDAY 2019: 26 Vidhu Saatna Warrior

Wherein your humble scribe presents one of thirty character backgrounds for Troika! as part of his RPGaDAY 2019 experience. Find out more about the rules he is using to govern said experience here. You might also want to know that today’s roll is: Critical (22)

26 Vidhu Saatna Warrior

Sometimes a single dedicated warrior is the key to the success of a battle. You have trained long, difficult hours and studied the writings of the wise to master the arts of combat. Now, from the remote fortress of Vidhu Saatna you have entered the wider world to make your mark. Do so with honor.


  • Sword or Axe.
  • Bow or Crossbow.
  • Light Armor.
  • A copy of the Prandha Dhatru the sacred Vidhu Saatna Manual of Warfare

Advanced Skills

2 Sword Fighting or 2 Axe Fighting
1 Bow Fighting or 1 Crossbow Fighting
1 Fist Fighting or 1 Wrestling
1 Run
1 Climb
1 Acrobatics
1 Healing
1 Strength


In advance of any combat for which you can specifically prepare, you may declare that you are reading your copy of the Prandha Dhatru for insights that will aid you. Test your Luck to uncover such wisdom. If you succeed:

You may keep this information to yourself and receive either (a) +1 to all of your combat & damage rolls this combat or (b) the option to declare a single combat roll in this battle to be a Mighty Blow. In either case, you cannot use Luck in this combat. The Prandha Dhatru teaches both consistent success and sudden victory; in both approaches it shuns random chance.

Alternatively, you may share this information with an ally and they will receive a +3 to a single combat roll or damage roll of their choosing in this combat. Those who have not dedicated their lives to studying the Prandha Dhatru cannot hope to use the wisdom of the Sacred Manual fully.

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