RPGaDAY 2019: 24 Ruthless Futures Trader

Wherein your humble scribe presents one of thirty character backgrounds for Troika! as part of his RPGaDAY 2019 experience. Find out more about the rules he is using to govern said experience here. You might also want to know that today’s roll is: Share (13)

24 Ruthless Futures Trader

The trading pits in Theynes rank among the deadliest and most dangerous places on the planet. There futures traders like yourself execute contracts and their rivals in a vicious market where nearly anything can be bought or sold, in large lots, for gold, for delivery at a future date. Any number of traders may have purchased any specific contract, with the final award going to the last trader standing. Of course, if there is only one contract-holder remaining when the day comes, no fighting is necessary.


  • A Ceramic Knife.
  • A Large & Well-Worn Allas Hide Ledger (counts as Shield).
  • 2d6 Futures Contracts detailed within the above Ledger.

Advanced Skills

2 Futures Trading
2 Mathmology
2 Poison
2 Evaluate
2 Knife Fighting


Once per day you may declare that one of your contracts has come up. Roll a D66 to determine how much the contract is worth in gold. When you are next in Theynes, visit the trading pits to fight 1D6 rival(s) for your winnings.

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One thought on “RPGaDAY 2019: 24 Ruthless Futures Trader

  1. G-Man

    I particularly like this one and 65 Yongardy Lawyer. Very civilized, leaving such weighty matters as trade and law up to dueling!

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