RPGaDAY 2019: 21 Serious Magician

Wherein your humble scribe presents one of thirty character backgrounds for Troika! as part of his RPGaDAY 2019 experience. Find out more about the rules he is using to govern said experience here. You might also want to know that today’s roll is: Focus (23)

21 Serious Magician

No mere party trick conjuror you. No, sir. True, you began your career doing cards and simple mesmerism, but there’s real magic in this world and you have found your way into the order of those who practice it. Pulling a crab out of a hat is simple, being able to pull nearly anything from your hat is your specialty. It has taken years of dedication, and many more will follow. Such is the life a of serious magician.


  • Top Hat.
  • Fancy Cape.
  • “Magic” Wand.

Advanced Skills

2 Second Sight
2 Secret Signs – Brotherhood of Magicians
2 Prestidigitation
2 Hypnotism
1 Spell – Astral Reach
1 Spell – Random
1 Spell – Random

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