RPGaDAY 2019: 23 Pytheas Project Pathfinder

Wherein your humble scribe presents one of thirty character backgrounds for Troika! as part of his RPGaDAY 2019 experience. Find out more about the rules he is using to govern said experience here. You might also want to know that today’s roll is: Vast (42) [By way of rolling 66 and a 6]

23 Pytheas Project Pathfinder

Ancient maps show that the world was once comprised of titanic landmasses – whole continents that no longer exist, swallowed by long ago cataclysms, perhaps. As it stands, civilization resides now upon many archipelagos and a smattering of large islands in addition to the two known continents. Still, above and below the ocean may be found treasures and wonders of the previous ages. As a recruit of the Pytheas Project you’re just the sort of danger-seeking lunatic to go in search of them. Raging storms and starvation be damned.


  • A Map of the World, or, rather, of parts of it, probably highly inaccurate. Don’t let that stop you. Update it with your findings.
  • A Compass which doesn’t really do you much good since the magnetic field of the world is unreliable at best. Still, it’s part of the look.
  • A Ceramic Sword.
  • Diving Gear.

Advanced Skills

2 Secret Signs – The Pytheas Project
2 Navigation
2 Sailing
2 Sword Fighting
1 Diving
1 Survival
1 Mathmology

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