The S&W WhiteBox Boxed Set Has Landed!

Guess what just got delivered to me by my friendly neighborhood mailman? That’s right, kids, it’s Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Boxed Set time!

Some pictures below:

A few quick thoughts:

  • I love it. It reminds me of my OCE box when it was new.
  • The 3×5 character sheets that were listed in the initial offering don’t seem to be in here. Packing error or change in plans? This is slightly disheartening, but not tragic.
  • The dice are pretty crappy, all things considered. But they’re dice that came in a game box, so even though I’m a snob I love them anyway. Actually, I’ll probably throw these into my big bin o’ dice and put the Gamescience dice from my Castles & Crusades Collector’s Edition boxed set in here, since I’m not really a C&C fan anymore.
  • The box contains a flyer pimping TARGA and Chgowiz’s Reference Sheets, which I think I’ll take advantage of shortly.
  • The digest-sized graph paper pad will have me drawing dungeons within the hour. Or else I’ll refuse to sully it and it will still be pristine 30 years from now. Either way, score!
  • Mythmere’s A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming was born to be made digest-sized. It actually reads better at this size. Weird.
  • The books look sharp and feel “new.” It’s lovely.
  • Oh. My. God. Book II of IV: Spells and Book III of IV: Monsters both have blank templates at the back for you to fill in your own creations. These books are begging to be written in. Can I actually do it? Time will tell.

In summary, I’m damn glad I bought this little package when I did. I just wish that the box-maker hadn’t screwed over Brave Halfling as much as they did, because the delay in receiving this little gem gave Labyrinth Lord, by way of the Advanced Edition Companion, the time and power to devour my brain. Still, it’s not like these wonderful games can’t each get some of my time, and there’s no doubt that they will. If only I didn’t have to have a day job!

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0 thoughts on “The S&W WhiteBox Boxed Set Has Landed!

  1. John Adams

    Thanks goodness one of them showed up. Oh yeah, the 3×5 character sheets – once I got everything in the box, there wasn’t room and the lid wouldn’t stay on the box.

    I’m glad you like it. 🙂

    1. the venomous pao

      Yep, I’d noticed the box was pretty well full to bursting. And honestly, the character sheets were the least interesting component proposed, so no worries there. I just figured I’d should note it.

      And like it I do, John. It’s magical and yummy and really well done to boot. Go, Brave Halfling!

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