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Meet The New Trolls

T&T 7.5 Contents

I’ve been meaning to buy the box set of the 7.5 edition of Tunnels & Trolls for a while now. Sure, I know there are people out there who really prefer the older 5.5 edition, which is still readily available. Sure, I already have the “30th Anniversary” mini-tin of the 7th edition. Sure, I prefer the classic Liz Danforth cover art to Claudio Pozas‘ reverent rendering of the classic T&T party.

T&T Delver's Pack ContentsAll of these reasons – coupled with laziness, miserliness, and plain ol’ procrastination stayed my hand. Until Friday night, when I discovered not just the main set, but also the Delver’s Pack, on the shelves of the inventory clearance sale (50% off!) at my friendly local game store, Dragon’s Lair (whose RPG section appears to be shrinking, a disconcerting concept for a different discussion).

I couldn’t really pass up what amounted to a twofer deal on something I’d been resisting getting even though I really wanted it, so I yielded to temptation. Like all things T&T I want very much to like these things more than I actually do – which is not to say that I don’t like them. I like them quite a bit. But when I take the lids off the boxes I want the room to be flooded with mystical light that transports me to a place where I can game whenever I want, with whomever I want, and the Dublin Dr. Pepper & Newcastle Brown Ale both flow as freely as water. That’s not really too much to ask from an RPG, is it?

Anyway, I’m glad I snagged these and I hope to actually do something with them sooner rather than later. Not that I don’t already have enough systems waiting on me to do something with them as well (*cough* BRP *cough* BoL *cough* Labyrinth Lord *cough* E-T-C). Speaking of which, you’re allowed to ask me why the hell I’ve been so quiet lately, since SXSW has come and gone. The short answer is that my fantasy baseball league is in the thick of its player acquisition period and that’s been eating my brain. Plus, I must confess, a little malaise has crept into the Pao’s brain and I’m not quite as chock full of ideas as I was recently. That’s ok, it’s part of a natural cycle. And maybe this experiment in nerdly materialism will spark my imagination and spur me on to a fresh round of posts. Or I can just knuckle down and focus on finishing the things I said I’d finish and let the actual friction of writing do the trick. Either way, bear with me just a bit longer, amigos!

In the meantime, let’s meet the (no longer all that) New Trolls:

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A Wizard & A Warrior Walk Into A Bar…

Nope, nothing interesting here other than a couple of videos. Because I’m still wrapped up in SXSW and other stuff. Enjoy all the same…

I’m not sure what frightens me more – Ozzy’s makeup in 2005 or the Wishbone Ash guys’ assorted attire in the days of yore. They’re all pretty scary in their own ways.

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Happy New Year!

This post is set to go off at midnight Central Standard Time, so forgive me if I’m early or late with my wishes to you and yours. I’m most definitely not at the wheel right now (in any sense of the phrase) – I’m out playing board games and eating enchiladas with my beloved wife and some very good friends. I’ll probably be hung over in the morning and won’t post anything, but you never can tell with me.

So happy new year one and all. To celebrate, I’ll share a touch of my dabbling with the world famous Stylophone…


Here’s to a great 2011!

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Merry Christmas From The Family

Merry Christmas, everybody! To my friends and readers who aren’t in Texas, let me let Robert Earl Keen show you how it’s done ’round these parts:

Actually, it’s not really like that in my family (well, maybe a little), but there’s still something that just feels right about this song. So I thought I’d share it with the marvelous folks who waste precious time reading this blog.

Merry Christmas one and all, and happy winter solstice celebration of a long a varied history to anyone who isn’t of the Christmas-celebrating persuasion. As another beloved Texas icon, the great Kinky Friedman, puts it, “May the God of your choice bless you.”

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It Was Christmas Eve, Babe, In The Drunk Tank…

For some of you it may be Christmas already, but I think for most of us it’s still Christmas Eve. And that, dear friends, can mean only one thing. It’s time for the Fairytale of New York, as performed by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (may she rest in peace):

And that right there is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs that isn’t quite actually a Christmas song. Any of you fine folks have some music you’d like to share?

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Like A Demon’s Eye (Where Have All The Paos Gone?)

Sorry for the general silence of late. I’m actually prepping for a couple* of Thanksgiving week games and it’s distracted me from the blog. Have no fear, though, I’ll be back to providing you with the content you’re itching for ‘ere long.

In the mean time, here’s some Deep Purple that’s almost as old as I am:

Why? Because it’s good, that’s why.

* A sequel to last year’s BRP Western and, um, something else. Yeah. I don’t quite know what I’m running yet, since I’ve got some brand new folks involved and I’m not sure what to throw at ’em. Labyrinth Lord or BRP are most likely, though.

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All is not well with The Sword

Well hell. The drummer for The Sword is leaving the band!

This seriously blows. But I certainly hope that he fares well in whatever his future holds. And, of course, I hope the guys find someone even half as badass to beat the skins and they’re able to keep on bringing us the monster jams for many years to come!

Sorry to share the bummer news, folks. Time to go put Warp Riders on indefinite repeat!

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