All is not well with The Sword

Well hell. The drummer for The Sword is leaving the band!

This seriously blows. But I certainly hope that he fares well in whatever his future holds. And, of course, I hope the guys find someone even half as badass to beat the skins and they’re able to keep on bringing us the monster jams for many years to come!

Sorry to share the bummer news, folks. Time to go put Warp Riders on indefinite repeat!

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0 thoughts on “All is not well with The Sword

  1. Nathaniel

    Ach! I just discovered these brilliant bastards! My copy of Warp Riders only arrive in the mail today!

    Seriously, that is some schweet old school metal there. Love the background story, lyrical imagery as well as the cover and interior graphics.

    Looks like work on Barbarians of Heavy Metal is going to be well and truly inspired…

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Yeah, this was serious bummer news. My hope is that like my other favorite recent Metal(ish) band Wolfmother, The Sword can regroup form this setback and keep on giving us the beautiful hard-rockin’ goodness we need.

      I’m glad you’re digging Warp Riders, Nathaniel. And oh that cover! I couldn’t wait to see BoHM before, but now I’m just plain ol’ champing at the bit 🙂

      1. Nathaniel

        I’m currently setting up the outline for the book, laying out the chapters and so on, so things are on their way. I should start writing on it sometime after the baby is born (hopefully within the next week). I’m working on the new Doctor Who Edition, the Campaign book for The Time Traveler’s Companion and building my fancy, next gen BotA iPad app at the moment (taking TTRPGs into the 21st century), but all of those are close to finished so I should be able to plough into the BoHM universe fairly soon.

        My work playlist will include Warp Riders, Paranoid, Blizzard of Oz, the Heavy Metal Movie Soundtrack, Ride the Lightning and Kiss Double Platinum.

        Oh, and in honour of The Sword, the star pilot career will be rechristened Warp Rider…

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          You’re a busy man, there, amigo. Especially with the new baby coming. I don’t envy you at all 🙂

          That’s some heavy fuel you’re working with, too. Yow!

          Nice to see the reference make it into the rules. I don’t know if they guys are the sort ever to pay attention to such things, but I’d love to think that they run across it somehow and smile knowing that their tunes resonated with someone.

          1. Nathaniel

            Run across it? Screw that, I’m going to write them and ask them if I can use bits of Warp Riders for the Chapter Heading for Transwarp ships. Also, they’ll be in my Inspirational Material section.

            I really want to get a funky setting down though, and today while I was waiting for my wife to drop something off at church, I jotted down the imagery I want to mix in the creation of BoHM. So far, I see Battletech mixed with imagery from The Heavy Metal Movie, David Lynch’s Dune, Krull and the covers of 70’s sci-fi paperbacks and album covers. Mix in a bit of Brutal Legend and, viola! you can see what Barbarians of Heavy Metal should look like.

            But, hey, I’m derailing the thread here. Start a Barbarians of Heavy Metal post and I’ll comment more on the design process there…

          2. the venomous pao Post author

            Brilliant and cool. I love the idea of working Warp Riders in both directly and in the inspirational material “bibliography”

            I am so down with everything you’re listing as imagery material, Nathaniel. Well, except Brutal Legend, but that’s only because I haven’t played it. Someday, though!

            One BoHM post coming up 🙂

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