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Labyrinth Lord, Rise From Your Grave!

All three of you, if you missed it, will be happy to hear… Labyrinth Lord is coming back swinging. I’ll direct your attention to the words of Doctor Dan Proctor hisownself:

Labyrinth Lord second edition is set for release in Q1 of 2023. Its release will be concurrent with a new solo adventure (the writing stage is currently almost finished). These products will be released directly to the public, not via any fundraising effort ahead of time.

Later, there will be a second edition of the Advanced Edition Companion, and if the public desires it, these books will be compiled to create a second edition of Advanced Labyrinth Lord. All editions will remain in print, but clearly labeled with our vendors as to which books are first or second edition.

Goblinoid Games will continue to publish additional adventures and other works regularly going forward.

Between this and the other parts of the announcement (some of which were buried on Faceskronk, but surfaced on Reddit) it sounds like this second edition will move closer to the core “as written” B/X experience a la OSE since, as the intervening years have shown, the earliest RetroClones’ efforts to change thing around a little (e.g., 1st level Clerics getting spells, varied or dropped level titles, &c.) to avoid lawsuits are no longer needed.

In any case, that my original fav-o-rite clone of my original fav-o-rite RPG is being revivified makes me happy. Hopefully it puts a smile on your faces, too. Now let’s hope that Mutant Future gets brought along for the ride…

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Fight On! #12 Is Out

Fight On! #12 Hey, look! Fight On! #12 is out. Yours truly just happens to have an article in this one. It’s my full(er) treatment of Planet of the Apes style apes as a race/class for Mutant Future.

This issue is dedicated to James M. Ward of Metamorphosis Alpha (and countless other things) fame, so its 88 pages are chock full of mutants, androids, robots, pure strain humans, and god knows what else. There’s a bunch of Rules variants, tables, adventures large and small, science fiction and fantasy, races, classes, monsters, spells, magic items, NPCs, history, opinion, and lore in there, so consider grabbing it. The fact that your humble scribe has a piece contained within is just an added bonus 🙂

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New Mutant Future Photos

My hardback copy of the revised edition of Mutant Future arrived today, and I gotta tell ya, it looks sharp! But why use words when pictures work better?

I love the new art and the cover, which I was lukewarm on on-screen, really pops in person. If you’re at all inclined to pick up the new hardcover I think you’ll be pleased if you do.

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New Mutants, Michael Moorcock

No, Mr. Moorcock hasn’t gone in for that particular crossover (thankfully). Instead I’m combing two posts into one.

First, as you’ve probably already read elsewhere, Mutant Future is getting a facelift in advance of its coming out party (i.e., going into actually gaming store distribution). Three cheers for Goblinoid Games on this one. Though, as my wife who deeply loves the game said of the new cover this morning, “Hey! Where are the spider goats?”

Second, Michael Moorcock, who may not be writing for Marvel but who has now written a Dr. Who novel, is doing a reading and signing at Austin Books this afternoon. You can bet yer boots I’ll be there to hear the man and shake his hand (again, he did a reading/signing there a while back in ’08 the first volume of the Elric reprint/compilations was released).

I’ll let y’all know how it went and maybe even share some pictures or something. Or, if you’re in Austin, go. Mike, as he insisted we call him last time, is a very funny and engaging person to chat with. Plus, it’s Michael Moorcock, people. I’m not insisting he’s god or anything, but damn. Michael Freaking Moorcock.

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A Mutant Future Party

A group of adventuerersWherein your humble scribe, inspired by the picture to the right (from the venerable and legendary Metamorphosis Alpha) presents an Adventuring Party for Mutant Future. These characters are all 1st level and have a bare minimum of equipment. They were all created by the book (i.e., 4d6 drop the lowest). I almost did these up in Barbarians of the Aftermath, but I decided to stick a little closer to the source material.

“The Council of Wimson be damned”, thought Nyles Venck as he and his odd companions crossed the Atin Line. “They tell me not to venture into the ruins, but the answers to our peoples’ troubles can be found within that fabled pink dome. And I will not sit by as more children die from this damnable plague.”

Venck’s reverie was broken as the robot, WRD3N, came to an abrupt halt, its weapons loading with an audible click. His mutant companions fidgeted nervously, knowing that the robot’s sensors had detected some source of danger that remained unseen from the asphalt road they traveled.

“What do you sense, metal man?” asked the giant in his rumbling voice as his grip instinctively tightened on his trusted shotgun – so much smaller in his hands than it would be in those of a normal sized being.

“Nine lifeforms approaching from the south… bzzzz… west…” the machine responded mechanically.

Noknok, the little trickster, drew an arrow from his quiver and cocked his head to listen, his mutant ears able to pick up sounds that escaped the other flesh-and-blood members of his group.

“Me hear… thump-thump?” he announced quizzically.

Lysna, her tiny wings beating lightly, closed her eyes and began to draw up her mental strength, to better deal with whatever it was that sought their attention.

“I do not want this… encounter… to turn violent if it can be avoided,” Venck said as he placed his hand on WRD3N’s shoulder, as if to dissuade the machine from following its core programming. “We have important things to find in the ruins of the city and there is no telling what troubles we will face there. Noknok, can you use your power to keep us protected while we negotiate?”

“Me will,” the strange looking little man replied as the air about his body began to shimmer faintly…

Nyles Venck / Human 1 Lawful
STR 14 INT 15 WIS 14 DEX 12 CON 18 CHR 19
HP 82 AC 5 Gold 17
Long Sword, Breastplate, Gauss Machine Pistol (Battery has 9 shots left)

Lysna / Mutant Human 1 Neutral
STR 8 INT 15 WIS 12 DEX 17 CON 15 CHR 17
HP 55 AC 4 Gold 97
Mutations: Complete Wing Development, Dwarfism (1 ft. Tall), Energy Retaining Cell Structure, Increased Physical Attribute (Dexterity), Know Direction, Mind Thrust
Leather Armor

Noknok / Mutant Human 1 Chaotic
STR 15 INT 8 WIS 10 DEX 15 CON 14 CHR 12
HP 57 AC 5 Gold 110
Mutations: Bizarre Appearance, Dwarfism (4 ft. Tall), Increased Sense (Hearing), Body Adjustment, Greater Force Screen
Short Bow & 20 Arrows, Shortsword, Studded Leather Armor

Pragnus / Mutant Human 1 Lawful
STR 17 INT 11 WIS 13 DEX 11 CON 14 CHR 9
HP 7 AC 6 Gold 21
Mutations: Bizarre Appearance, Gigantism (9 ft. Tall), Natural Armor, Combat Empathy, Phobia (Snakes)
Shotgun (7 shells), Mace

WRD3N / Robot
Hit Dice: 20
Frame: Armature
Locomotion: Casters
Manipulators: Advanced Hands
Armor: Duralloy (AC 3)
Sensors: Class IV
Mental Programming: Artificial Intelligence
Accessories: Internal Storage Unit, Loading Mechanisms, Vocalizer, Weapon Mounts, Self-Repair Unit
Weaponry: Flame Thrower, Automatic Rifle, Smoke Grenades

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Go Ape, Young Mutant

Wherein your humble scribe presents the original version of an idea he had for using Mutant Future to play Planet of the Apes.

Introducing The Apen

For those looking to add a “Planet of the Apes” feel to Mutant Future, I humbly present a new Character Race, the Apen.

Apen are divided into three distinct sub-races: Chimpanzees, Orangutans and Gorillas. Apen society follows a strict caste system, outlined below:

* Gorillas serve as the military, police, and hunters
* Orangutans serve as the politicians, leaders, and philosophers
* Chimpanzees serve as the scientists and intellectuals

When choosing to play an Apen, players should specify which sub-race their character will be.

The Apen are most like MF’s Pure Human race, in that they have evolved to have an immunity against radiation-based mutations and possess a d8 as their hit die rather than the d6 found in other races. Apen, like their Pure Human counterparts, also receive ability bonuses to offset the edge lost to being mutation-free. These ability bonuses vary by sub-race, as outlined below:

* Gorillas receive +3 to STR, CON, DEX
* Orangutans receive +3 to WIL, CON, CHA
* Chimpanzees receive +3 to INT, CON, DEX

As with Pure Humans, all modified attributes may be elevated to 21 except for CON, which is capped at 18.

Apen and mutants don’t get along terribly well (+3/+3/+3 for all mutant types on the Charisma & Racial Modified table) and are often suspicious of and cool towards Pure Humans (+2/+2/+2 to Pure Humans on same table).

Although Apen communities are not typically treasure troves of technological items, they do tend to have a fair number of primitive firearms (rifles and carbines, mostly) at their disposal. Additionally, Gorilla militias and armies are often supplemented with war horses to speed their travel and increase their range.

Apen society is known for its well-definied set of laws that guide their communities. Though the implementation of these may vary – typically the level of tolerance afforded to humans and mutants varies most wildly – the one constant tenet of Apen culture is that “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape.” This law, if broken, will result in harsh punishment for the offending Apen.

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