BoL Bestiary: Cochmeuhquetl – The Zombies Of Tlactoztlan

Cochmeuhquetl (“sleepwalkers”) are Coztli that, after having been slain in battle, are returned to a semblance of life by Teoyaomqui, the god of dead warriors. Their purposes unknown to the common people of Tlactoztlan – and seldom divined even by the Texotli – these shambling undead creatures are often found within the swamps and deep […]

BoL Bestiary: Quilitlconcuanacatl – Man-Eating Plants Of Tlactoztlan

Although they are largely immobile, Quilitlconcuanacatl pose a serious threat to jungle travelers. These carnivorous plants blend in almost perfectly with their surroundings and surprise all but the most alert eyes when they snap with their powerful jaws. Fortunately, Quilitlconcuanacatl require food only once every 6-12 days, and they will not attack if they are […]

BoL Bestiary: Xotlatocazatl – Giant Centipedes Of Tlactoztlan

Somewhere in the world lies the lost valley of Tlactoztlan. The strange natives of this hidden place practice human sacrifice, pray to bizarre gods, adorn themselves with brightly-colored feathers, and – it is rumored – live in cities made of gold. Only the bravest and luckiest adventurers find their way to Tlactoztlan! Deep within the […]

BoL Bestiary: Huecueyatl – The Giant Frogs of Tlactoztlan

Able to leap up to 40′, these enormous, boar-sized amphibians are scattered throughout the swamps of Tlactoztlan. Aggressive, vicious and utterly without fear, huecueyatl (as they are called in Tlacuatl) are ambush predators with large, round mouths that will attack anything that approaches their territory. Traveling priests report that several disparate vroups of villagers swear […]


Barbarians of Lemuria seemed the right system power my mad desires for a sword & sorcery style MesoAmerican-themed setting, and true to form it’s been dead simple to write for. Below are the posts relating to this land, called Tlactoztlan by its natives. Enjoy! General Tlactoztlan Information The Great Cities Of Tlactoztlan The Lesser Cities […]

BoL Bestiary: The Bats of Tlactoztlan

Many different varieties of bats, collectively referred to as tzinacatli in Tlacuatl, are found throughout Tlactoztlan, ranging from the normal-sized to the truly gigantic. Below are stats for three different varieties, each of which can pose a significant threat to the unwary traveler. Tzinacatliachitzin (Bat Swarm) A swarm of twenty or more normal-sized bats, of […]