BoL Bestiary: Quilitlconcuanacatl – Man-Eating Plants Of Tlactoztlan

Although they are largely immobile, Quilitlconcuanacatl pose a serious threat to jungle travelers. These carnivorous plants blend in almost perfectly with their surroundings and surprise all but the most alert eyes when they snap with their powerful jaws. Fortunately, Quilitlconcuanacatl require food only once every 6-12 days, and they will not attack if they are currently digesting a meal. The area immediately around a digesting Quilitlconcuanacatl is far more likely to be occupied by jaguars, crocodiles, and other predators as these awful plants emit a sickening aroma that attracts such creatures to the vicinity.


When a character has been bitten by a Quilitlconcuanacatl, he or she must succeed at a Hard Agility-based task check or be swallowed whole by the massive plant. Creatures swallowed by a Quilitlconcuanacatl are immobilized and will suffer 1 LB damage each hour they remained trapped inside the creature, as they are being slowly digested. Only the complete destruction of a Quilitlconcuanacatl can save the “meal” from its fate. Once a Quilitlconcuanacatl has successfully swallowed a creature it will not attack or otherwise engage any other creatures in the vicinity. However, the aroma released by a digesting Quilitlconcuanacatl attracts other predators to the area, making it hard for “survivors” to focus on destroying the plant.

Strength 5
Agility −1
Mind −3

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +3; 2d6
Defense: -1
Protection: d6 (tough, fibrous “skin”)
Lifeblood: 50

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