BoL Bestiary: Hueyacoatl – Giant Snakes Of Tlactoztlan

With a tip of the hat to Jeff Mejia of Evil DM Productions for his outstanding work in the BoL version of Legends of Steel, I present the Giant Snake (Tlactoztol variants).

From the tall grasses of the plains, to the dark depth of the jungles, to the fetid swamps, and sometimes even in the sewers and catacombs beneath the cities – cold-blooded death awaits the unwary in the lost valley. Whether striking with poisonous fangs, constricting with powerful muscles, or killing freely with both approaches, Hueyacoatl – the giant snakes of Tlactoztlan – pose a serious threat to human and animal alike.

Hueyiztlacoatl (Giant Venomous Snake)

Hueyiztlacoatl venom is a neurotoxin that impedes muscle movement, including the functioning of heart and lungs. Victims of a Hueyiztlacoatl bite must make a Hard Strength-based task check or be paralyzed for one hour. At the end of the hour – if the victim has somehow not been consumed by the snake – a second task check, of Tricky difficulty, must be made. On a success the victim shakes off the effects of the poison and recovers. On a failure, however, the victim expires.

Strength 4
Agility 3
Mind -2

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +2; d6+1 + poison
Defense: 2
Protection: none
Lifeblood: 25

Hueyaquilpicoatl (Giant Constrictor Snake)

A victim of a Hueyaquilpicoatl’s constriction attack may attempt to break free each round after the initial successful strike by making a Strength-based task check with the snake’s own Strength as a negative modifier. You might want to spend a Hero Point on that, son.

Strength 6
Agility 1
Mind -2

Combat Abilities
Attack with constriction +1; 2d6
Defense: 0
Protection: d3-1 (tough hide)
Lifeblood: 35

Miquiztlicoatl (Giant Venomous Constrictor Snake)

Miquiztlicoatl show an almost human level of intelligence and appear to delight in tormenting their victims. See above for information on venom and constriction attacks.

Strength 5
Agility 2
Mind -1

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +1; d6 + poison
Attack with constriction +0; 2d6-1
Defense: 1
Protection: d2-1 (tough hide)
Lifeblood: 30

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0 thoughts on “BoL Bestiary: Hueyacoatl – Giant Snakes Of Tlactoztlan

  1. GoblinkiN

    To quote a certain Dr Jones: “I hhate snakes!”
    hmm, I imagine the venom would also be used by peopl- smeared on daggers, poured into drinks?

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      “Why did it have to be snakes?” 🙂

      You know, except for powerful folks like our good friends Tlilpotnqui and Nezatl Xomec , I actually think that Hueyiztlacoatl venom isn’t used much, just because it’s so inherently dangerous to “harvest.” Of course, there might well be a market for the venom that can be exploited by brave warriors…