BoL Bestiary: Hueyatocatl – Giant Spiders Of Tlactoztlan

With a tip of the hat to Jeff Mejia of Evil DM Productions for his work on the BoL version of Legends of Steel, I present the Giant Spider (Tlactoztol variant).

Eight-legged death awaits the foolhardy in the jungles and ruins of Tlactoztlan in the form of giant spiders the natives call Hueyatocatl. These malevolent creatures possess a deadly poisonous bite delivered with terrible mandibles. Look carefully before you step into that darkened room or seemingly innocent clearing, traveler.


Hueyatocatl poison causes nerves to burn with a searing agony as it courses through the veins of the unlucky victim. Immediately after being bitten the victim must make a Hard Strength-based task check or take an additional d6 damage that bypasses any armor or other protection. Subsequent bites in the same encounter do only an additional d3 damage unless a Tricky Strength-based task check is made.

Strength 3
Agility 0
Mind -1

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +1; d6 + poison
Defense: 0
Protection: 1 (chitinous hide)
Lifeblood: 10

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0 thoughts on “BoL Bestiary: Hueyatocatl – Giant Spiders Of Tlactoztlan

  1. Goblinkin

    EEEK! I hate spiders – quick, bony lads – throw some bloody oil and light that eight legged bastard up!
    Another great post mate, and happy thanksgiving!

    Did you get a game going? I was all set for some 4th edition last week but missed out because i got caught up at work and this Wednesday night is taken up by media drinks that i can’t get out of.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I, too, despise the arachnids, so I’m in favor of killing it with fire! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the well wishes. I can never remember if you Oz folk do a Thanksgiving thing or not. It doesn’t seem like you should (or at least not the same one we do), but our cultural imperialism knows no bounds, after all 🙂

      I did indeed get a couple of games in. We played the second half of last year’s Rather Spaghetti Western (in which almost everyone died, turning against each other in the name of gold and women of dubious repute!) and a mostly different group – including a couple of newbies, no less – played a quick old school dungeon crawl using BRP & bits from the Classic Fantasy supplement for the same. I believe we’ll be continuing that in a week or two (I think I have the newbies hooked!).

      Bummer that you didn’t get any gaming in yourself, but work and drinks trump geekery most days. Fingers crossed that you do get a chance to play soon, though!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      It was, though it was actually two separate days. Even I can’t pull that much off in a single day 🙂

      And don’t worry, soon it’ll be turkey and dressing and how the Indians taught your ancestors to plant corn. And the NYPD marching band playing the theme to Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamoto)