The King’s Treasure

Elric RPG BooksSo King’s Hobby in Austin, which I hadn’t been to in a few years, seems to have a whole lot of its RPG stock on sale. I fear that this is because after the changeover in ownership they’re not looking to carry this particular flavor of geekdom once they clear things out. So if you live in or near Austin you might want to swing by and see what you can find.

Speaking of what you can find, I hit a vein! They had new old stock of some very lovely Elric! books, as you can see to the right. Everything is lightly shelfworn, but otherwise in great shape. And it was all 50% or more off of cover price. Yes, I’m bragging. No, they don’t have any more Elric! books (unless they’re hiding stuff in the back and only bringing it out when necessary – but I doubt that). They do have some other interesting stuff, though. Oh, and I snagged a copy of the 3rd edition of Skyrealms of Jorune (also 50% off) on a whim, since I’ve never actually owned a copy of it before.

So thank you, King’s Hobby, for these delightful treats. And if you’re giving up on RPGs, it’s our loss. But hey, at least you’ve got the town covered for WWI airplane models and such. We need that niche handled!

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