The Demons Of Adad Untash: Lower Order Demon Summary

The writeups for all nine of the lower order Demons of Adad Untash are complete!

Below is a summary of these nasties with links to the full write-up for each.

  • 4 Hit Dice
    • Barbu Dnin Kur
      Vicious Three-Headed Birds With Diseased Bites!
      AL C(E), MV 180′, AC 2, HD 4 + 3, #AT 3 2d4/2d4/2d4 + Disease Chance, SV F5, ML 10
    • Tummar Anang Kur
      Dog-cows with poisonous rat tails and magic powers!
      AL C(E), MV 150′, AC 3, HD 4, #AT 2 1d6/1d4 + Poison, SV F4, ML 8
  • 3 Hit Dice
    • Uszu Anang Kal
      Foul-smelling boar-snake beasts from beyond!
      AL C(E), MV 120′, AC 4, HD 3 + 3, #AT 2 or 1 DG 1d6/1d6 or 2d4, SV F3, ML 11
    • Anu Bata Kalb
      Scroll-collecting beetle-men who can paralyze with their eyes!
      AL C(E), MV 90′, AC 4, HD 3, #AT 2 DG 1d6/1d6, SV C3, ML 8
  • 2 Hit Dice
    • Tummahu Anang Gar
      Hideous horse-headed demons armed with whips to drag you to hell!
      AL C(E), MV 120′, AC 5, HD 2 + 4, #AT 1, DG 1d6+1 or 1d4+1, SV F3, ML 12
    • Lum Anang Kul
      Two-headed baboon-things with fear-inducing screams!
      AL C(E), MV 120′, AC 6, HD 2, #AT 1, DG 1d8, SV F2, ML 9
  • 1 Hit Die
    • Bazu Tum Laag
      Toad-Spider monstrosities with poisonous bites!
      AL C(E), MV 120′, AC 5, HD 1 + 3, #AT 1, DG 1d6+1 or 1d4+1, SV F2, ML 12
    • Saam Ursag Mul
      Fast-flying cat-vultures with terrible talons!
      AL C(E), MV 30′, Fly 180′, AC 8, HD 1, #AT 2, DG 1d4/1d4, SV F1, ML 10
    • Muzgub Anang Gul
      Speedy little gator-headed rat-things!
      AL C(E), MV 180′, AC 4, HD 1, #AT 1, DG 1d4+1, SV F1, ML 7

Next up – after I take a few days to think about less nightmarish things, perhaps – will be the demons that occupy the “standard order” niche of this pantheon. Once those are done I’ll be sure to provide a handy reference like the one above for them. I’m all about making these beasties as easily accessible as possible. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

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