Mini Six: More Stone Age Characters

Wherein your humble scribe presents a couple of additional Mini Six/Open D6 characters for the Stone Age setting he just posted stuff for recently. It’s not really a setting, to be honest. It’s just a theme.

Orgrahm The Flame Caller / BP 30 / Dodge 9 Block 10 Parry 9
A grizzled old shaman with power over flame.
Might 3D+1 Agility 2D+1 Wit 4D Charm 2D+1
Skills: Magic 2D, Spear 3D, Dodge 3D, History 4D+1, Diplomacy 2D+2
Perks: Sorcerer
Complications: Age
Gear & Armor: Spear (+2D), Hide Armor (2)
Strength Damage: 2D
Spells: Resist Fire, Conjure Fire Elemental, Heal, Bless

Laesha The Witch / BP 26 / Dodge 9 Block 6 Parry 9
A witch who might not always have the tribe’s best interests at heart.
Might 2D Agility 2D+2 Wit 4D Charm 3D+1
Skills: Magic 2D, Knife 3D, Dodge 3D, Stealth 3D, Seduction 3D+2, Persuasion 4D
Perks: Sorcerer
Complications: Demonic Pact
Gear & Armor: Knife (+1D)
Strength Damage: 1D
Spells: Shape Change, Curse, Divination, Illusion

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4 thoughts on “Mini Six: More Stone Age Characters

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      You knew it had to happen. I just wanted to make it happen sooner rather than later. That is, before I lost interest and another four months went by without a post 🙂

      I’m torn between picturing them as Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. If I ever actually gamed the setting I’d probably make the PCs Cro-Magnons but have plenty of Neanderthals about as well.

  1. G-man

    Or have Neanderthals as an optional ‘race.’

    Throw in a couple Lovecraft monsters, revered by some degenerate tribe, and you’ve got a whole campaign!

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