Mini Six: Stone Age Heroes

Wherein your humble scribe presents a trio of Mini Six/Open D6 characters who would be right at home in a game of Sticks & Stones.

Grau The Tiger
He killed a tiger. Single-handedly. Bare-handedly.
Might 3D Agility 3D Wit 3D Charm 3D
Skills: Axe 4D, Dodge 4D, Stealth 4D, Throwing 3D+1, Tracking 3D+1, Brawling 4D+1, Courage 5D
Gear: Axe (+3D), Hatchet (+1D+1), Hide Armor (2)
Static: Dodge 12, Block 13, Parry 12
Strength Damage: 2D
Body Points: 29

Kree The Hawk
She shot a hawk out of the air with her bow. Blindfolded. At night.
Might 2D Agility 4D Wit 3D+2 Charm 2D+1
Skills: Spear 4D, Bow 5D, Dodge 5D, Survival 4D+2, Search 4D+2, Stealth 5D, Throwing 5D, Animal Training 4D+2
Gear: Spear (+2D), Bow (+2D+2), Hide Armor (2)
Static: Dodge 15, Block 6, Parry 15
Strength Damage: 1D
Body Points: 26

Boum The Mastodon
He’s big. And slow. And slooooow.
Might 6D Agility 1D+2 Wit 1D Charm 1D+1
Skills: Club 4D+1, Dodge 3D, Brawling 6D, Survival 3D, Tracking 2D
Gear: Big Club (+3D), Hide Armor (2)
Static: Dodge 9, Block 18, Parry 13
Strength Damage: 3D
Body Points: 38

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6 thoughts on “Mini Six: Stone Age Heroes

  1. G-Man

    Nice. Never got to do any stone-age gaming, but I always wanted to. Lots of potential.

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Thanks, amigo! I’ve had assorted stone age ideas kicking around in my head for years but haven’t ever really done anything with ’em. I keep thinking that if Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls ever actually gets released I might try to use it for something along those lines. But until then I thought I’d give ol’ Mini Six a run.

      1. G-Man

        GURPS had some source material on the period, but it’s, you know, GURPS. I think BRP could handle it well–skill list would be trimmed down, but I see that as a plus.

        1. the venomous pao Post author

          No GURPS! No GURPS! No blasters! No wire hangers! Etc.

          BRP could definitely do it nicely. And, honestly, the first thing that really put this concept in my brain was actually TriStat dX, of all things. It had a big list of genres with varying skill level costs based on an individual skill’s usefulness in each setting, and “Historical – Stone Age” was included in the list. It fired my imagination quite a bit. Ain’t no way I’d use that system these days. But it gets a hat tip for inspiring the thought.

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