Adharma & Anjani Against Airi & Allies

Wherein your humble scribe presents two characters and two monsters for Tunnels & Trolls. These are best enjoyed with some saag paneer and a mango lassi.

“How many more days until we reach Dharamir, sister?” Adharma asked as he drew the kettle from the fire.

“Two, perhaps three days if we slowed by your incessant need to ask questions about the roots and berries we see along the way,” Anjani replied with a smile.

“So we shall be celebrating Kaashti in the midst of the jungle,” the warrior sighed as he poured the water over the leaves and spices he had prepared for their evening chai. “I fear that we will have little luck gaining an audience with Princess Jita Ramana, even though we bring news of her beloved.”

“You are likely correct, brother. The fate of Sash Rajeer…” her voice trailed off as she gave Adharma their mutually understood sign for complete silence.

In the middle distance an unearthly howling – like that of a dozen dying dogs – had sprung up. Anjani signaled for her brother to prepare for combat. They would soon have company of a sort that would not be interested in his recipes…

Adharma / Warrior / Human / 2
STR 15 CON 20 DEX 13 SPD 9
INT 11 WIZ 7 LK 17 CHR 10

Height 5′ 7″ Weight 170 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +10

Talents Cooking (+2), Kalaripayat (+4)
Languages Kalaadhari

Tulwar (4+4), Kukri (2+5), Mail (24), Target Shield (8)

Anjani / Ranger / Human / 2
STR 14 CON 11 DEX 15 SPD 14
INT 13 WIZ 6 LK 11 CHR 20

Height 5′ 3″ Weight 110 lbs.

Adventure Points 0
Combat Adds +7

Talents Missile Mastery (+4), Ayurveda (+5)
Languages Kalaadhari, Ancient Vedic

5 Chakram (2), 2 Sickle Swords (3+1), Scale Mail (8)


“Those who see Airi face to face are burnt up by the flash of his eye, or are torn to pieces by his dogs…” – (Crooke, P.R.I., Vol. I., p. 262; Ethnologie du Bengale, p. 100).

Monster Rating: 66
Combat Dice: 6d6+33
Special Damage: 2/Call Flame – “the flash of his eye”
Special Abilities: Airi can fly and ignore all 1s rolled as damage against them.

Airi are the ghosts of those who died while hunting. They travel the world with a pack of spectral hounds, seeking out the living to visit some kind of vengeance upon them. Why would these spirits seek to punish innocent individuals who had nothing to do with their death? Because they’re insane, that’s why.

The Hounds of Airi
Monster Rating: 34
Combat Dice: 5d6+16
Special Damage: 1/2, The Hounds of Airi are truly vicious.
Special Abilities: The Hounds cannot be outrun by any normal being.

The Hounds of Airi are a ghostly pack of baying dogs with burning red eyes and dripping jaws.

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0 thoughts on “Adharma & Anjani Against Airi & Allies

  1. G-Man

    Hey–me and the wife just finished a lovely dinner of malai kofta, chicken bhuna, matar paneer, pakoras, and of course, garlic naan with mint chutney. I opted for a Taj Mahal instead of a lassi, though.

    Indian fantasy isn’t really explored enough, is it? And you got to love those chakrams.

  2. Goblinkin

    It is a little strange that Indian fantasy is not really explored- so many of their myths and legends sound like dnd adventures waiting to happen…

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      I, like you and the mighty G-Man find it quite odd that Indian myths and settings have never caught on. I guess they’re just “too foreign” for a lot of people, which is a cryin’ shame. I think if everyone got to read through the great old Amar Chitra Katha adaptations of the Ramayana and Mahabharata that would change.