LL/RoCC Antagonist: The Sorcerer Rl’itaago

Wherein your humble scribe presents an antagonist for use with Labyrinth Lord and the brand new Realms of Crawling Chaos. Two appropriately Lovecraftian artifacts are included below. Both are the result of rolling on the Random Artifact Tables contained within RoCC, which I believe is Open Game Content and can be published here. I mention this mostly so that the mighty Dan Proctor gets proper credit.

The transformation of the sorcerer Rl’itaago into the Deep One he is destined to become is nearly complete, and his appearance testifies to this. Once a handsome young man, he now has “the Look” – he is hairless, hunched, and shambling, with spindly, webbed fingers and toes and unblinking, membrane-covered eyes. To avoid undue suspicion he hides in his room at the Yellow King Inn during daylight hours and moves about the great city of Khaarm only by night, cloaked and wrapped in heavy robes.

Rl’itaago is obsessed with the nature of the cosmos and seeks to learn as much as he can from the land dwellers before his eventual exodus to the sea. Any who visit Khaarm with artifacts of the Old Ones or who boast too loudly of exploits wherein they might have gained knowledge of the sort that Rl’itaago seeks will shortly find themselves a target for his attentions.

Over the course of his descent into inhumanity, Rl’itaago has come into possession of two hideous and powerful artifacts created by alien hands in ancient times: The Candle of Yshkor and the Pendant of the Steloloi. These items are described below.

Rl’itaago / Sea Blood Magic-User 5 Neutral Evil
STR 13 INT 17 WIS 7 DEX 13 CON 11 CHR 10
HP 18 AC 4 Gold 39
+1 Dagger of Venom, Bracers of Armor (AC 5), Candle of Yshkor, Pendant of the Steloloi

Magic-User Spells:
1st Level
Charm Person*, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Read Languages, Read Magic, Scribe, Sleep*, Unseen Servant*, Ventriloquism*

2nd Level
Amnesia, Auditory Illusion*, Phantasmal Force*, Powder of Ibn Ghazi, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Strength*

3rd Level
Dispel Magic, Hideous Graft*, Hold Person, Suggestion, Summon Night Beast*

Spells marked with an asterisk are the ones that Rl’itaago normally keeps in memory. The other spells are kept within his grimoire for use when needed.

Candle of Yshkor

Though this blood red candle burns slowly, it is close to halfway spent. When the candle is burning its owner may alter the passage of time, avoiding the effects of the previous combat round as though they did not happen. There is a 1 in 6 chance that the power of the Candle forces the combatants to relieve the round, resulting in twice as much damage as they suffered. 7 uses remain in the Candle of Yshkor. Whether an intentional effect or simply a twisted characteristic of its eldritch creation, all foods and liquids in close proximity to the Candle spoil instantly.

Pendant of the Steloloi

This wearer of this sickly green stone may drain life levels from opponents as Wight, but must make a save vs. Death or permanently lose one point of CON each time the power is employed. The Pendant of the Steloloi constantly whispers with a sibilant, indecipherable voice when worn.

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