Echo Chamber News Flash: Astounding Adventures Available!

ASTOUNDING ADVENTURES Front CoverAstounding Adventures, the BRP Pulp supplement, is apparently now available for ordering from the Chaosium website. As their ad copy says:

Welcome to the heart-pounding, two-fisted, action-filled world of the Pulps! Throughout this book you will find Basic Roleplaying rules for new character types, skills, combat, magic, mad science, and a plethora of villains, henchmen and monsters.

Accompanying the text are several sidebars containing special, optional rules to help jack up the pulpiness of your campaign, and rules aimed specifically towards those who enjoy using miniatures and map grids in their games. How far you want to push the envelope is up to you—and you’ll find all the tools you need within these pages.

So strap on a rocket-pack, load up your .45, and get ready to take on a dozen Nazis single-handedly, while standing atop the ruins of a lost Aztec temple! Once you open up the Pulps you are in for the adventure of a lifetime!

I’ll no doubt be picking this up soon. At $20.95 it seems like a steal, and I do so very much love pulpy RPG goodness.

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