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BoL at NTRPGCon 2017

Update: I’ve dropped the Saturday night BoL game in favor of running an improvised/emergent adventure with Troika! – more on that in another post.

I’ve got two one game of Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition, with a chunk of love from Honor + Intrigue) on the list for this year’s North Texas RPG Con, both set in my Clark Ashton Smith inspired, not-quite-Averoigne, medieval-ish, France-esque setting known as Plonesse:

  • The Parnassus Key (Friday 6/2, 6pm-11pm)
    The heist went bad. Very bad. And with a full moon shining brightly on the streets of Yllons, the best way to escape notice was to duck into the sewers. Unfortunately, the strange luminescent mist down here has disoriented you enough that you’re now lost beneath the city you call home. There’s bound to be a way out, though. But wait. What’s that sound coming from behind you? And in front of you? It’s a bad night for thieves in Yllons. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.

  • The Viridian Sybil (Saturday 6/3, 6pm-11pm)
    From her lichen-covered shrine deep within the Forest Malmogne, the Viridian Sybil revealed a prophecy: “Dark days approach! Plonesse is cursed anew! Vusseaux falls! Yllons overrun! Bathe in the waters! Speak the incantation! Ask of the skull!” Back in the village of L’Oenneu, a strange mound appears beside the well…

The links above will take you to page here at Strange Stones where I will (eventually) post the pregens that will be used as well as any other relevant info. More of that stuff soon!

In the meantime, here’s the one paragraph summary of Plonesse:

Plonesse is a hilly and densely-wooded region within Galiana, an analogue of medieval France. Vusseaux and Yllons are its two major cities. A road runs between them, traditionally watched over by the monks of the Abbey of St. Giles the Green. Numerous small villages dot the landscape. The River Voemonde – joined by the River L’Ud; just south of the Abbey – roughly parallels the road of St. Giles. And all around lies the Forest Malmogne, dark with sinister mystery.

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BoL: Pregens for The Beasts of Eternity

As noted previously, I’ll be running a couple of Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition) games at North Texas RPG Con. Below you’ll find the pregens for the first game, The Beasts of Eternity. If you’re planning on being at the con and playing, don’t commit these to memory as they may change a little bit. But for the most part, these will be the characters involved.

Jacques Bernat / Lifeblood 10 / Composure 3 / Hero Points 6 / Fate Points 2
Attributes: Strength 0 Agility 0 Mind 1 Appeal 3
Combat Abilities: Initiative 1 Melee 1 Ranged 1 Defense 1
Careers: Musician 0, Scholar 1, Brewer 1, Priest 2
Boons: Marked by the Gods, Keen Hearing
Flaws: Braggart
Languages: Galiesse, Ora Luccia, Alcázaran, Rheinig, Sigrun, Svata Jazyk
Equipment: Staff (d6), Dagger (d6L), Light Armor (d6-3)

Jacques is a priest of St. Xavier of the Kettle, the patron saint of brewers. His distinctive beers, based upon recipes from across the land, have earned him a small amount of notoriety. He knows that his life is blessed and cannot resist the urge to tell others of his great successes and accomplishments.

Maura Virieux / Lifeblood 10 / Composure 3 / Hero Points 5 / Craft Points 1
Attributes: Strength 0 Agility 1 Mind 3 Appeal 0
Combat Abilities: Initiative 0 Melee 1 Ranged 2 Defense 1
Careers: Healer 1, Alchemist 1, Architect 2, Artist 0
Boons: Healing Touch, Learned (Architecture)
Flaws: Unprepared
Languages: Galiesse, Ora Luccia, Alcázaran, Rheinig, Sigrun
Equipment: Crossbow (d6), Dagger (d6L), Light Armor (d6-3)
Alchemical Items: Potion of Shrinking, Potion of Growth

Maura is an architect and inventor from the city of Yllons. She has traveled to Vusseaux to petition the Duke of Plonesse for an investment in her research into the creation of flying machines. Or, perhaps, the development of weapons that can shoot fire across a distance. Or possibly for the construction of a Cathedral to St. Milos of the Hammer. Or maybe Ste. Alizenne of the Book.

Oriabus Roubel / Lifeblood 12 / Composure 3 / Hero Points 5
Attributes: Strength 2 Agility 2 (1) Mind 0 Appeal 0
Combat Abilities: Initiative 0 Melee 2 Ranged 0 Defense 2
Careers: Soldier 2, Thief 0, Worker 0, Sailor 2
Boons: Mighty Fists, Brawler
Flaws: Infamous
Languages: Galiesse, Alcázaran
Equipment: Glaive (d6H+2), Sabre (d6+2), Medium Armor (d6-2)

Oriabus was a sergeant in the Duke’s guard until he was discharged for “cowardice.” He has recently returned to Vusseaux from three years at sea, hoping his infamy has been forgotten. It has not, despite his entreaties to St. Gaston Five-Spear and Ste. Galiana the Azure.

Olaria de Ibañez / Lifeblood 11 / Composure 3 / Hero Points 5
Attributes: Strength 1 Agility 2 Mind 0 Appeal 1
Combat Abilities: Initiative 0 Melee 3 Ranged 0 Defense 1
Careers: Hunter 1, Mercenary 1, Poet 2, Astrologer 0
Boons: Inspire, Attractive, Friends in High Places
Flaws: City Dweller, Fear of Rats
Languages: Alcázaran, Galiesse, Ora Luccia, Rheinig
Equipment: Foil (d6L+1), Dagger (d6L+1), Light Armor (d6-3)

Olaria is a former mercenary from Alcáz who now resides in Vusseaux via the patronage of the Duke’s nephew Othon, who is infatuated with her. Fiebras, the high priest of St. Baldewyn, is also taken with with the poet. Olaria dabbles in fortune-telling as a way of enhancing her mysterious and dangerous allure.

Arnaud Hanchard / Lifeblood 10 / Composure 3 / Hero Points 5
Attributes: Strength 0 Agility 0 Mind 2 Appeal 2
Combat Abilities: Initiative 1 Melee 0 Ranged 2 Defense 1
Careers: Urchin 1, Brigand 1, Servant 1, Spy 1
Boons: Alert, Master of Disguise, Silver Tongue
Flaws: Gullible, Young
Languages: Galiesse, Ora Luccia, Alcázaran, Rheinig, Svata Jazyk
Equipment: Crossbow (d6), Sabre (d6), Light Armor (d6-3)

Like his twin sister Clarisse, Arnaud grew up on the streets of Vusseaux as an orphan. His quick mind and charming ways served him well as he navigated the underside of the city. Though prone to believe the claims and stories of others, he himself is an inveterate liar. He now works for Albaño de Calixto, an Alcázaran merchant with a dubious reputation.

Clarisse Hanchard / Lifeblood 13 / Composure 3 / Hero Points 5
Attributes: Strength 3 Agility 1 (0) Mind 0 Appeal 0
Combat Abilities: Initiative 1 Melee 2 Ranged 0 Defense 1
Careers: Urchin 1, Brigand 2, Thief 1, Servant 0
Boons: Thick Skin, Fearless, Detect Deception
Flaws: Hot-headed, Young
Languages: Galiesse, Alcázaran
Equipment: Mace (d6+3), Dagger (d6L+3), Medium Armor (d6-2)

Like her twin brother Arnaud, Clarisse grew up on the streets of Vusseaux. Her strong back and fearless nature made her an excellent brigand. She easily sees through her brother’s lies, but had to admit that his plan to work for the Alcázaran merchant Albaño de Calixto was an easier way to make a living.

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BoL at NTRPG Con?

Update: It’s official! These two games are on the game list and everything. So go get registered for the con itself and then head back to their site around 4/15 to register for specific games.

Will there be Barbarians of Lemuria games at North Texas RPG Con this year? Well, if my proposals (submitted today) are accepted, then yes! I have no reason to believe they won’t be, so if you’re headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in June and are looking for games to play at the Con, give these Mythic Edition adventures some consideration…

Friday Night 6/3: The Beasts of Eternity

On the outskirts of Vusseaux, Brother Xelarius stubbornly maintains the flame at the now abandoned Abbey of St. Giles the Green. And though the monk does his best to protect the travelers and messengers who pass through his old order’s territory, brigands and stranger things have recently begun to stir in the shadows. Falsely accused of witchcraft, your small band is given the opportunity to travel to the Abbey in search of an answer to the increase in iniquity or face the guillotine.

Saturday Night 6/4: The Valley of the Ravenous

The wicked sorceress Zaana Dziriijla hurled one last hissing curse at you before she vanished. The world swam, colors swirled, and the ground went as soft as an empty belly below your feet. When your senses returned, you were no longer in her castle on the coast of Kel. Where once your skin was bitten by a frigid wind, it now prickles beneath the heat of an oppressive sun. Distant mountains rise to either side and the cries of unfamiliar birds echo across the skies. It may take some work to get back to Thaxos…

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